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Tuls | Analyzing the prospects in FSU’s draining defeat to Boston College

NOV 26 Florida at Florida State
Photo by Logan Stanford/Icon Sportswire

Scouting Notes

Tuls | Analyzing the prospects in FSU’s draining defeat to Boston College

Boston College Eagles vs Florida State Seminoles


Alumni Stadium – Chestnut Hill, MA

Score:  Boston College (35), Florida State (3)

1. Kamrin Moore continues his play as a top senior cornerback prospect.

Moore’s case to be in Mobile is only growing stronger with each performance. Whether it is against wide receivers like Auden Tate, or quarterbacks like Lamar Jackson, Moore has been a shutdown cornerback over the last couple of weeks. He plays mainly on the outside, but his best role may be inside considering his short-area reactionary quickness in Man, as well as his run support effectiveness.

This was on full display here, and although he is better underneath, he was able to showcase his ability to carry a receiver vertically down the sideline. More outings like this are going to put him on the radar of early round consideration.

 2. A forgettable and disastrous night for Tarvarus McFadden.

Oh boy. The one thing Florida State fans are going to remember about this game is how Tarvarus McFadden sank the ship. Whether it was drawing a couple of penalties in coverage or muffing a punt, McFadden was more than just “off his game.”

There was a point in the game where I thought to myself: “Is there something that cannot go wrong for McFadden tonight?” Not only was he fumbling away possession in the return game, but he was also giving up valuable field position. Combine this with his penalty-stricken performance in coverage. Burn the tape, Tarvarus.

 3. AJ Dillon is the real deal, deserving of freshman All-America honors.

Boston College’s engine on offense is freshman running back AJ Dillon. He is the reason why the Eagles have been so hard to beat over these last couple of weeks. His bell cow-like workload allows BC to control the time of possession and pound the rock for first downs. Dillon’s power was again on full display, as you may have guessed. He toted the rock 33 times for 149 yards and a touchdown.

Although he didn’t have a huge highlight play like he did against Louisville, he consistently gained a chunk of yards on each run. Some running backs get cute trying to find a crease, but Dillon runs north-south, getting upfield incredibly quick. Because of this, BC is going to be a tough out regardless of match-up going forward.


Jonah Tuls

Tuls is one of the lead NFL Draft analysts for Draftbreakdown.com and has been a key contributor to several other NFL Draft sites in recent years. At Draftbreakdown, Tuls provides macro-oriented NFL Draft coverage, including comprehensive player rankings, mock drafts and big boards for the site. Tuls has worked with some of the NDT Scouting staff previously before; he worked with National Scout Jon Ledyard to form the core of USA Today’s Draft Wire site for the 2016 NFL Draft season. His work there was centered around draft reports, with additional analysis and breaking news efforts as well.

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