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Texas A&M Aggies vs Alabama Crimson Tide 10/22/2016

Ken Murray/Icon Sportswire

Scouting Notes

Texas A&M Aggies vs Alabama Crimson Tide 10/22/2016

Texas A & M Aggies @ Alabama Crimson Tide

Saturday, October 22, 2016 @ 3:30 p. m.

Bryant-Denny Stadium, Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Score: 14 Texas A&M – Alabama 33


Jalen Hurts, QB, Freshman #2 (6’2” 209 lbs)

He has a cool combination of mobility and passing skills. Although he is just a freshman, he doesn’t seem jittery in the pocket but always has a cool, calm demeanor. Even when something goes wrong in the game, he shows no emotion. He’ll get out of the pocket if needed and he definitely has the speed to outrun everyone on the defense. He was effective running. He side stepped a downhill safety to get a critical third down conversion. He sliced his way to the end zone on a long td run in which he had to cut back on several players. When he is flushed out of the pocket, he initially kept his eyes downfield to see if anyone became open. In this game, I feel that he made several mistakes while passing. Such as throwing an interception directly into the LB’s hands and on another play he under threw a wide open deep post route that forced the WR to slow down and out jump the defender. I like his upside potential. Stock: same; Draft’s bargain round: NA too young

Damien Harris, RB, Sophomore #34 (5’11” 214 lbs)

He has really good lower body strength and he runs through the holes downhill with authority. On one play after a DE hit him from the side, he dragged the DE for another 4 yds. after contact. He has a good mix of quickness to shuffle through the chaos at the los while still speedily running north/south.  He is not an elite juker but he will side step a defender. What makes him extremely dangerous is how fast he converts into a downhill runner after side stepping a defender.  He is another form of Nick Chubb, but Chubb has a little quicker feet than him. Stock: same; Draft’s bargain round: NA too young

Cam Robinson, T, Junior #74 (6’6” 310 lbs)

He battled against one of the best prospects in this draft class, Myles Garret, and I have to say that I was impressed with his effort and execution. All game, Robinson delivered powerful hits at the poa. I was most impressed by how low he consistently got during each hit; it really helped him deliver powerful blows at initial contact and take control of the block. I don’t know if it was the level of competition but he moved way faster than last week. He had no problem staying in front of each pass rusher, including Myles Garret, while in pass protection. His explosion out of his stance and into his kickback was tremendous, almost like he shot backwards out of a rocket. He was excellent in pass protection because he stayed low, kept a solid base, he shot his hands inside of the rusher’s, and he quickly shuffled to stay in front. I remember thinking, “now that is what an NFL offensive tackle is supposed to look like.” He had an amazing rep of pass protecting against Myles Garret that looked NFL worthy; he burst into a fast and deep first step and followed it with quick steps, stayed in a wide base throughout, had good strike at the poa, continued his fast shuffle after the strike to shadow the rusher, then he hit him again with his head and shoulder pads while running him wide behind the QB.  He followed through on his blocks with strong arms, especially on run plays, and absolutely dominated the series that Garrett wasn’t in the game. Throughout the game he was strong at the poa. During one pass play, he punched the LB to the ground, and on a run play he made the LB take 2 steps backward after striking him. After he would hit defenders, he drove his feet to move them as far away from the los and ball carrier as possible. He also used strategy to win on certain plays; when a QB draw was called, he acted like he was a step behind Garret and allowed him to rush up field because he knew the QB would run right underneath him. Cause for concern was sometimes, he would get to the spot against Garret, but was overpowered late into the play. The only time I didn’t see him get movement at the los was when he had to down block #88 (2 plays). Lastly, it is rumored that he causes a lot of headaches off the field; these allegations would need to be researched heavily before a team invested in him. Stock: up; Draft’s bargain round: 1st depending on character rumors

OJ Howard, TE, Senior #88 (6’6” 251 lbs)

He didn’t make a lot of grand plays but his play was consistent with my evaluation of him from last game. He is a good run blocker. He got up on the safety and shuffled his feet to stay in front of the defender. When he blocked a DE, he got his hips through to control the block. Although he couldn’t handle Myles Garret’s powerful strike, at least he struck back with great inside hand placement and gave great effort. I was impressed with his physical attitude running after the catch. When he caught a shuffle pass, he ran it for 15 yds. after trucking a defender and stepping out of another tackle. When he caught a pass at the 5 yd. line, he immediately turned up field and trucked the defender to get in for td. After he caught a pass in the flat, he turned up the side line and stiff armed a DB to gain another 8 yds. after contact. I know what I am getting with OJ Howard. Stock: up; Draft’s bargain round: 1st

Calvin Ridley, WR, Sophomore #3 (6’1” 188 lbs)

I wish that he could enter the NFL draft early because he is ready. He has an uncanny ability to quickly stop and start despite running full speed. During one play, he stopped on a dime at the top of an 8 yd. stop route., caught the ball, and then  stopped on a dime again to cut back against an oncoming tackler. The very next play, he did it again; he suddenly stopped and allowed the defender to fly past him. Accelerating and decelerating comes natural to him and this is a very important trait for a WR. After he caught a pass in the flat, he accelerated to out run everyone to the pylon and score. Even when he ran a shallow route, he gave 2-3 moves up field before he cut across the field. He has amazingly quick feet at the top of his routes which come in handy when stopping on come back routes or curls, etc. He is really dangerous because he has long speed; he beat the DB by 2-3 yds. on a post route. So DBs have to respect his deep threat which allows him to fully sell the go route with a giant burst of speed before suddenly chopping a few steps to decelerate and head back toward the QB which I believe is his specialty. Stock: up; Draft’s bargain round: 1st; NFL comparison; Amari Cooper


Myles Garrett, DE, Junior #15 (6’5” 270 lbs)

I feel the need to say that he was coming off of an injury this game so his cardio may not have been up to par for the magnitude of this game. However, he still had a pretty good game while going against one of the best offensive tackles in this draft class, Cam Robinson. I liked that he attacked Robinson with low pad level and physical blows. I saw him consistently snag Robinson away after his initial contact with Robinson where he aligned himself to defend his outside gap and he diagnosed where the play was going. He has a combination of speed and strength that is very difficult to block.  During one play, he shot his hands into Robinson’s chest to defend multiple gaps and moved Robinson out of the way to fill the hole the ball carrier was going to run into and made the tackle. Another example of his strength was on display when he used 1 arm to push the RB pass protector backwards while attacking the QB who was rolling out to his side. During that same play, he initially started rushing inside but quickly changed direction outside one he noticed the roll out; he has natural cod speed and functional strength. When the offense tried to single him out on a read option, he quickly diagnosed who had the ball and then burst outside to tackle the RB. He is an athletic rusher. He quickly regained control of his body after being cut blocked and landing on one foot. Twice in the game, a TE tried to come across the formation to block him, but he was too fast in penetration and tackled the RB as soon has he grabbed for the hand off. Another time the TE came across the formation to block him but he naturally used his hands to push him into the ground without ever taking his eyes off of the ball carrier. Against other blockers, he totally dominated. His functional strength allowed him to consistently bully his way into the backfield quickly. For instance, while on the goal line, he used his strength to blow past the guard and disrupt the sweep play. I saw him not track down from the backside a few times, but this may have been because of his lack of conditioning while on injury leave; more film is necessary to evaluate his overall effort. Lastly, I did not like that he did not attack Robinson with any pass rushing moves; he either tried to use his speed to run around him or bull rush him, neither of which worked. Stock: same; Draft’s bargain round: 1st

Daeshon Hall, DE, Senior #10 (6’6” 270 lbs)

He showed some good traits that could translate well to the NFL. He consistently moved toward the ball carrier despite blockers in his way. On one play he bounced off of 2 blockers to make the tackle. During another play, he defeated a block from OJ Howard and moved inside to make the tackle. He was also too physical for a WR crack block and easily moved through it to keep outside contain. He showed good technique when pass rushing. Such as when he clubbed two blocker’s shoulders, one after the other, and then closed fast on the QB to pressure him; it was almost like the bag drill D linemen do. During another pass, he smoothly knocked the tackle’s hands down while flipping his hips as he rushed around the blocker’s outside edge to force the QB up into the pocket. It didn’t seem like he was consistently violent with his arm chops against blockers forearms though. Sometimes he defended against the read option well and then other times he did not. Against one read option, he had good lateral explosion to tackle the QB, against another read option play he was not patient and crashed down on the RB while the QB kept the ball and ran outside for an explosive play, against another read option play he was hesitant on which player to take and flew off the RB’s back while trying to tackle him. Stock: same; Draft’s bargain round: 4th-6th depending on more film

Daylon Mack, DL, Sophomore #5 (6’1” 320 lbs)

When lining up, he gets as close to the ball as possible and then his burst at the snap is extremely fast. I was very impressed with the speed at which he burst off the ball. He was usually the first to hit the O lineman because his first step is electric. During one play, he was in the back field before the ball got to the QB, who was lined up in a shotgun, and then he tackled the RB to force a fumble. He sometimes combined his burst with a quick swim move to penetrate the backfield. Also, he has good speed to travel horizontally down the los against a sweep run. Stock: up; Draft’s bargain round: NA too young

Armani Watts, DB, Junior #23 (5’1” 200 lbs)

He had a very solid game. He ran down the RB during an explosive play and made a solid tackle by wrapping up his feet. During another explosive run, he butted down the RB, Damien Harris, who is 214 lbs. He sprinted to follow the TE, OJ Howard, all the way across the field and then as soon as he caught the pass he knifed him down for a minimal gain. I liked his attitude when he flew into the backfield to get in on the feeding frenzy of a RB. He used his hands to defeat a slot receiver’s block and then made a nice 1 on 1 tackle against OJ Howard. Two plays in a row, he ran up and knocked the QB out of bounds, one of which he had to defeat a block by Cam Robinson. I didn’t see him in pass coverage much so more film is needed to evaluate his coverage skills. Stock: same; Draft’s bargain round: NA more film needed


Jonathan Allen, DL, Senior #93 (6’3” 291 lbs)

I know that the rest of the world already had him pegged as a top 10 pick, but for my personal evaluation, in this game he solidified himself as a top pick. He was very efficient with his hands and feet, he was fast and quick, and he executed perfect hand swipes against the blockers. On one play, he got past the guard in 1 sec. During a 3rd and 14, he clubbed and swam around the guard while side stepping with his feet and then full length dove over the RB pass protector who tried to cut block him to sack the QB.  On other plays, as soon as his eyes deciphered where the RB was going, he had powerful hands to get rid of the blocker and meet the RB in the hole. He also had powerful hands to snag the blocker after his initial move to create late pressure on the QB. His snag is authoritative, natural, and set up by his good inside hand placement and arm extension. During one play, his arm extension literally sent the O lineman body backwards.  They used him in stunts a lot which is good because he now has experience executing, and I think that he is especially dangerous when he has momentum so he can flip his hips to the side at the poa. He also traveled down the los well against the run. On a 3rd and 5, he struck the blocker with his forearm and then speedily traveled to the opposite side of the line to lay a vicious hit to the side of the RB sprinting through the hole. He does not have great speed to squeeze down on the edge of the los and still run to the sideline to defend the outside runs. Therefore, I think he will be better suited as a DT in the NFL. To cap off the game, he scooped and scored on a fumble (his second of the season). I think that he will be dangerous in the NFL and a significant contributor. Stock: up; Draft’s bargain round: 1st

Dalvin Tomlinson, DT, Senior #54 (6’3” 305 lbs)

Strong rip through the blocker and sliced through the los to assist on a tackle for a loss. On another play he split the double team with a swim move and made the tackle on the RB.  He exerted good power at the poa to push back the O lineman which obstructed the outside lane and forced the RB to run more inside. During another play, he again showed great power and arm extension at the poa to push back the O lineman, control 2 gaps, and then shed to assist on the tackle. Stock: up; Draft’s bargain round: 4th-5th

Tim Williams, LB, Senior #56 (6’4” 252 lbs)

I really like him as a playmaker in the NFL. He is extremely explosive out of his loaded stance. During a read option, after he confirmed the QB handed the ball off, he exploded to the ball carrier running up the middle to make the tackle. He has good speed and hand fighting skills when rushing around the edge. On one play, he flew around the edge to make the QB step up and get out of the pocket. During a 3rd and 10 situation, he violently chopped down on the blocker’s arms trying to get around the edge but realized that the QB was stepping up in the pocket so he turned back and accelerated to tackle the scrambling QB. He is way too fast for scrambling QBs to avoid. During another play, he swiped the blockers’ hands away to get past and then continued to track the QB who was scrambling backwards and sacked him for a huge loss. He is extremely dangerous because he has the speed to rush up field and get around the tackle’s edge yet he also has the ability to suddenly stop and redirect underneath after initially rushing the tackle’s outside edge. When he does bull rush, he strikes with great inside hand placement so that he can control the situation. I can tell that he enjoys playing the game yet he is not too boastful after he makes a big play. Stock: up; Draft’s bargain round: 1st

Ryan Anderson, LB, Senior #22 (6’2” 253 lbs)

He is a player that does his job really well and then adds more components to his game as well which could make him a 1st round pick. He has the strength to always maintain outside leverage, and the speed to run down any ball carrier that dares to run outside of him. His burst up field once the ball carrier gets outside of the offensive tackle is so fast that he rarely misses the tackle. During a jet sweep, he was way too fast and explosive up field so he tackled the jet sweep runner before he even got to the hash marks. On another play, he fought through both an offensive tackle and lead blocker’s block around the edge to still contain the edge of the defense. He can also provide QB pressure. After diagnosing that the play wasn’t a run, he snagged the blocker while flipping his hips sideways so that he could bend the edge and get to the QB quickly. During another play, he burst off the snap and hit the RB as soon as he got the handoff to cause a fumble. He is so fast and athletic that Alabama actually lined him up as an MLB during one play. Just so happened, during that play he was tasked with covering the RB on a wheel route, yet he stayed right on him the whole way. I feel that he is a player that does his job really well but does not consistently look to make plays as much as he should which may take him out of the 1st round but he is still a heck of a player. Stock: up; Drafts’ bargain round: 1st-2nd

Reuben Foster, LB, Senior #10 (6’1” 236 lbs)

This was another amazing game for Foster. During a run up the middle he filled the hole and tackled the RB with great low form to perform an explosive tackle that made the crowd cheer. He has great speed to cover the width of the field on run plays. I couldn’t keep count how many times he lined up as the MLB and ran on his horizontal line to make the tackle on the RB at the sideline. Sometimes he had to avoid blockers while running to the sideline yet he still always made it in time to make the tackle. He even shuffled at first to cover the up middle run because he knew that he had the speed to redirect and cover the sweep run. They tasked him with spying the QB on a 3rd and long and he showed great quickness when reacting to the 3 juke moves the QB attempted on him. He also has a great feel for when to shoot the los to tackle the RB in the backfield. He runs with long strides so he is in the backfield in no time. When he blitzed up the middle, he forced an immediate roll out by the QB. During one sweep play, he quickly read the play and shot the gap to tackle the ball carrier for a loss of yards. He also has great upper body flexibility and gets really low to the ground when dipping his shoulder when bending the edge around a blocker; because of this he can be used in stunts with the D linemen or sent to rush off the edge. He is definitely one of the top LBs I have scouted this year. Stock: up; Draft’s bargain round: 1st

Ronnie Harrison, DB, Sophomore #15 (6’3” 216 lbs) for Bama

He is going to be a great player for the Alabama defense in the future. I presume he may even leave after his junior year. I was impressed with his lateral agility. When he covered a whip route, he stopped as soon as the WR broke down and then quickly moved to undercut the pass had it been thrown. He also has the speed to cover the width of the field from one high alignment. He also made some nice tackles. He ran up to make a solid 1 on 1 tackle against one of their best WRs, later in the game he fully wrapped up the RB during an explosive play where he was the last possible tackler, and on another play he flew up to the los to blow up the RB running up the middle. He still has some things to work on. When he defended a deep go route, I felt that he had close enough coverage and time to get his head around to locate the ball but he never did and thus the pass was completed for a touchdown. During a different pass play, he had his eyes in the backfield and lost sight of the wheel route runner which caused an explosive play. Stock: same; Draft’s bargain round: NA too young

Marlon Humphrey, DB, Sophomore #26 (6’1” 196 lbs)

He is another player that I can’t wait until he is draft eligible because I believe he is a top tier prospect. He is patient when in bump coverage; he wasn’t moving for fakes and waited for the WR to come to him.  He seemed comfortable in bump coverage because he didn’t jump at each juke and then he used his hands after 5 yds. if he was still square in front of the WR. When he didn’t stay in front of the WR’s release, he kept a high angle to cut off the WR’s go route and squeeze him to the sideline. During a play where he was in zone coverage, he read the QB eyes so he decided to drop deep to cover the corner route despite a flat route runner in front of him and ended up intercepting the pass; this play showed confidence and good instincts. He came downhill hard on two WR now screens and blew up the WR after he made the catch. Each time, the blocking WR gave a good initial push on him but he quickly used his hands to get around and then accelerated to close in on the tackle fast. Stock: up; Draft’s bargain round: 1st


Trevor Knight, QB, Senior #8 (6’1” 215 lbs)

He threw some accurate and on time passes. During a 2nd and 15, he threw an accurate out route despite a free edge Blitzer barreling in his face. He threw another accurate pass to the slot receiver running a curl route while rolling out to his right. He also threw a very accurate back shoulder throw to the back hip of the WR in the red zone to score a td. He threw an accurate over the shoulder pass to a WR on a go route to score a td. He also has some mobility. During a read option, he juked 1, 2 steps to leave the safety standing in his footprints. He quickly assessed a blitz and threw the ball to the wide open swing route runner for an explosive play. His bad plays were very evident. He kept his eyes fixated on a corner route runner and ended up not seeing the DB peeling back to intercept the pass. During a fake WR screen, no one became open so he ran backwards and ended up being sacked for a 15 yd. loss. I am extremely concerned with his competiveness, leadership, and character. I say this because of three things I saw. First, with his team down by only 6 points about to go into the 4th quarter, he fumbled the ball. Even worse, after he fumbled and the DT scooped up the ball, he half-heartedly dove at the DT’s feet with his shoulder pad (no attempted wrap up with his hands) to allow him to easily score a TD. A competitive player would have given more effort to stop the DT from scoring and give his defense a chance. Second, after a play where the ball slipped out of his hands as he tried to throw it, I saw him smiling at an Alabama player who was smiling and saying something to him; I would rather a QB be upset about the bad play, especially since at that point they were attempting a comeback while down by 2 scores and in the 4th quarter. Third, I saw another player on his team had to pull him aside and talk him up. I read the player’s lips and saw that he said, “your my brother…relax”;  I feel that the QB should be the leader of the team and keeping his teammates morale up, not the other way around. My leadership concerns about him are a big knock on his grade. Stock: down; Draft’s bargain round: 7th-undrafted

Avery Gennesy, LT, Senior #65 (6’5” 315 lbs)

He has extremely fast feet. In pass protection, he is fast enough in his back pedal to keep up with pass rushing specialist, Tim Williams and Ryan Anderson. Although he is fast enough to his feet in front of the rusher, he struggles with his hand punch power. In fact, one play I saw him not even attempt a hand strike while in pass protection. He has extremely fast feet in pass protection but he lays his hands on the rushers instead of striking with power. He also has issues with power when run blocking. He was thrown backwards during an attempted down block against Jonathan Allen. Stock: down; Draft’s bargain round: undrafted

Christian Kirk, WR, Sophomore #3 (5’1” 200 lbs)

He is another player that I can’t wait until he is draft eligible because he runs very fluent routes. When he ran a speed out, he was smooth at the top of the route, with no inefficient steps, and then he ran slightly downhill after he got his head around. During another route, he attacked the outside shoulder of the defender until the DBs hips turned (12 yds. downfield) and then he planted to cut across the DB’s body to make the DB turn all the way around while he ran back down hill on the curl route. The route was a piece of art. He caught a td on a go route after getting on top of the safety and concentrating on the over the shoulder catch. He has fast feet at the los vs bump coverage; they move like a machine gun. He also punt returns. Stock: up; Draft’s bargain round: NA too young

Ricky Seals-Jones, WR, Junior #9 (6’5” 240 lbs)

He was very physical at the top of a curl route against a safety. As soon as the safety tried to put a hand on him, at about 12 yds., he threw the DB by and stopped his own momentum to run downhill toward the QB. Later in the game, he ran a wheel route, and turned while high in the air to catch the pass with all hands while being aware of the sideline to get one foot in bounds. Stock: same; Draft’s bargain round: NA more film needed


Keith Ford, RB, Junior #7 (5’11” 215 lbs) for Texas AM

He has a good combination of quickness and power. During one run, he ran quick through the los and then got low to truck the safety to gain another 5 yds. He looks to truck defenders to gain extra yards and it is effective because he gets very low when he trucks defenders and he uses his momentum he built from his speed. His power was shown during plays where he ran through D lineman attempted tackles, one of which was Jonathan Allen’s. On another play, he quickly jump cut after he got the hand off to avoid a DT attempting to wrap his feet and then he burst to the sideline and up field before lowering his shoulder into two Alabama defenders, one of which went flying backwards. He has the speed to get to the edge of the defense. On one play he got outside and up field fast to gain 8 yds. and on another play he got outside of Ryan Anderson. He caught a wide open swing route for an explosive play but later in the game he dropped a wide open swing route. Stock: up; Draft’s bargain round: NA more film needed

Kingsley Keke, DL, Sophomore #88 (6’4” 310 lbs)

He flashed for a few plays. I was most impressed with his strength. He showed the strength to defeat multiple down blocks by Cam Robinson and then shed to make contact on the RB. His bull rush was consistently powerful to push back the O lineman and collapse the pocket. He executed a fast and high swim move on the blocker and then made the tackle on the QB who was about to run on draw. Stock: same; Draft’s bargain round: NA more film needed

Donovan Wilson, DB, Junior #6 (6’’1” 206 lbs)

He is an interesting player because he didn’t make any splash plays but I like the attitude and tone he brings to the game. He plays with a mean streak. Early in the game, he didn’t just submit and take Ridley’s block but struck Ridley in the face with two hands although the ball was run to the opposite side. I understand that this could have been a penalty, but I was more impressed by the tone it set for his style of play. Even when the QB was totally wrapped up, he still ran up and tried to strip the ball. He was extremely upset with the ref when he was picked on the goal line which resulted in a td. I believe him arguing at the ref after this play is a key reason why he was ejected after smashing Damien Harris (214 lbs) after an interception. He celebrated with his teammates after the hit which once again shows the tone he sets. I am going to watch him in the future because I like fiery DBs. Stock: same; Draft’s bargain round: more film needed

Da’ron Payne, DL, Sophomore # 94 (6’2” 319 lbs) for Bama

He has a commanding strike and arm extension at the poa against linemen. During one play, his power was too much for the lineman and he penetrated the los. On another play, he shot the inside gap to get a hand on the RB immediately after he got the handoff. When initiating contact against the linemen, his arm extension is automatic. He batted a pass down. Stock: same; Draft’s bargain round: NA too young

Mack Wilson, LB, Freshman #30 (6’2” 244 lbs) for Alabama

He flashed in the last game I evaluated of Alabama. Again in this game he flashed but in a new way. During this game, he laid 2 vicious hits on the kickoff returners. The hits de-cleated the returners and I was impressed by the effort and execution a freshman had to make plays consistently. Stock: up; Draft’s bargain round: NA too young


Reuben Foster, LB, Senior #10 (6’1” 236 lbs) for Alabama

Tim Williams, LB, Senior #56 (6’4” 252 lbs) for Alabama

Jonathan Allen, DL, Senior #93 (6’3” 291 lbs) for Alabama

Cam Robinson, T, Junior #74 (6’6” 310 lbs) for Alabama

Calvin Ridley, WR, Sophomore #3 (6’1” 188 lbs) for Alabama

Myles Garrett, DE, Junior #15 (6’5” 270 lbs) for Texas A & M


Ross Pierschbacher, LG, Sophomore #71 (6’4” 305 lbs) for Texas A & M

He did a good job getting up to the 2nd level and cut blocking the LB. However, on another play he got up to the 2nd level fast but he wasn’t physical with his hands on the LB so the defender easily slid off the block and made the tackle. I was most concerned with his slow punching strike because it allowed defenders to get into his chest. Myles Garret blew past him both times they battled; he could not handle his strength or his speed. Against other rushers he did pretty well. While run blocking, he attacked with good body lean and gave good strikes using his head. He also shuffled his feet fluently. On one play, he teamed up with Cam Robinson to drive a defender backwards onto their butt. Three times he went against one of their stronger rushers and lost; he lost his balance and fell backwards during one rep, the other two reps he was steadily hopping backwards trying to regain his balance while the rusher collapsed the pocket. During a down block, he totally missed a LB shooting the gap that disrupted the play. During another cross face block, he opened his hips too wide and the rusher penetrated the backfield. He has time to improve and I am sure he will in the Alabama offense. Stock: down; Draft’s bargain round: NA too young

Josh Reynolds, WR, Senior #11 (6’4” 193 lbs) for Texas A & M

Three times he tried to block the DB in front of a WR-now screen and three times he was beaten. When blocking, he gets a good initial push but fails to follow it with a break down and shuffle of his feet to stay in front; but rather he stays high and moves slow to react to the DBs avoidance. He also failed to get on top of a DB during a go route and allowed the DB to squeeze him to the sideline so he had little room to run. He show good hand eye coordination on a back shoulder throw that he caught for a td. Stock: down; Draft’s bargain round: NA more film needed

Justin Evans, DB, Senior #14 (6’1” 200 lbs) for Texas A & M

He showed that he has the capability to run up and make big hits on the RB at the los. However, he took a long time to react when he was juked by the RB who broke loose. Also, he tried to knock out a QB who was scrambling but was side stepped during a critical 3rd down. He was outrun to the pylon by Calvin Ridley although I feel that he had enough time to react to the development of the play. Also, he went up high to intercept a hail Mary pass with his hands, but I don’t understand why he didn’t just bat the ball straight down into the ground. Stock: down; Draft’s bargain round: NA

Speedy Noil, WR, Junior #2 (5’1” 200 lbs) for Texas A & M

Left the game with a hamstring injury

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