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Tennessee Volunteers vs Georgia Bulldogs 10/01/2016

Jeffrey Vest/Icon Sportswire

Scouting Notes

Tennessee Volunteers vs Georgia Bulldogs 10/01/2016

Tennessee Volunteers @ Georgia Bulldogs

Sanford Stadium, Athens, Georgia

Saturday, October 01, 2016 @ 3:30 p. m.

Score: 34 Tennessee – Georgia 31

Notable Prospects Entering the Contest


 Joshua Dobbs, QB, Senior #11 (6’3” 210 lbs)

His best asset is his running ability. He runs with strength and yet has the speed to out run defenders as well. An example of his running ability was shown during a play when he rolled out and made 2 defenders miss. On another play, he outran a LB that had a clear path to him. It seemed like he always had the capability to gain 5-6 yds. when running because of the strength of his lunge after contact and/or stiff arm. What made him dangerous was that he also kept his eyes downfield when initially scrambling; he threw several passes after initially scrambling. However, I am not in love with his overall game because he is not consistently accurate. He was inaccurate on an over route that was thrown behind the receiver on 3rd down, he threw a pass too high on a RB screen, he threw a dig route that was thrown high, a flat route on the goal line that should have been a td but was thrown too low, and on a wheel route that was thrown short and consequently intercepted. His passes did not have high velocity on them and a lot of them were wobbly. His running ability is a weapon but his lack of throwing accuracy is a huge detriment. Stock: same; Draft’s bargain round: 7th-undrafted

Jalen Hurd, RB, Junior #1 (6’4” 240 lbs)

Hurd ran with a physicality and toughness that makes NFL personnel very interested. On a 3rd and 3, he delivered a tough blow to a tackler, kept his legs driving, and gained the first down. During a sweep run, he patiently pressed the los before bouncing it outside and then one step juked the safety and exploded forward once they made contact to continue for another 4 yds. During each run, he continues to move forward 2-4 yds. after contact and at the end of the game, those yards add up. He dragged Lorenzo Carter for 5 yards after contact. He has the speed to get to the edge but he doesn’t show a lot of burst or change of speed throughout his runs. The same physicality he shows in his running he brings to his pass protection. It is combined with great blocking technique by keeping his hands inside and maintaining a balanced stance. Lastly, he has natural hands to catch the ball even within traffic if necessary. He doesn’t make too many defenders miss by juking or side stepping but he will get the tough yards each play. Stock: up; Draft’s bargain round 6th 

Alvin Kamara, RB, Junior #6 (5’10” 215lbs)

He runs more like a 100 yd. sprinter with firm acceleration after his cuts and speed to get through the hole. I think of him more as a straight line runner; likes to use his speed to get to the edge. There is some hype around him and some people want to compare him to Darren Sproles but I don’t like the comparison. Although Kamara has elite straight line speed and quick cuts that can be utilized as a matchup against LBs in the pass game, he doesn’t consistently break tackles when running between the tackles like Sproles does. Kamara doesn’t have great lower body strength in the trenches to power through tackles. Rather I see his strength as route running against LBs, forcing them to cover and tackle him in space. Stock: same; draft’s bargain round: 7th

Josh Malone, WR, Junior #3 (6’3” 200 lbs)

I see potential in Malone. He uses his tall frame to shield defenders from the ball. He showed elite quickness at the los vs bump and then speed to get over the top on a post route. Stock: same; Draft’s bargain round; stay another year but if not 4th-5th

 Jauan Jennings, WR, Sophomore #15 (6’3” 205 lbs)

He had a solid game as well. He had efficient feet work on a whip route (goes in like a slant and then pivots out). He also showed great physicality during a slant route when he chopped down on the DBs forearms to gain inside position, caught the ball, slung the DB off of him, and then moved to immediately juke the safety. I loved when I saw him peel back to smash a defender after another teammate caught the ball. Finally, his vertical is great. This was evident when he caught the Hail Mary pass to win the game. Stock: same; Draft’s bargain round: N/A too young


 Davin Bellamy, DE, Junior #17 (6’5” 240 lbs)

He usually maintains his spot on the D line by using his strength and arm extension. During this game, he showed to be a good run stopper in the DT position because he has good upper body strength and extension at the poa. He does not utilize pass rushing moves but rather tries to bullrush. He does not have great cod to run after the QB scrambling. He is a one trick pony that is mainly used for run stopping and gradually collapsing the pocket. Stock: down; Draft’s bargain round: 7th-undrafted

 Lorenzo Carter, OLB, Junior #7 (6’6” 242 lbs)

He must have been hurt because he didn’t provide any pass rush throughout the game. He was really slow off the snap of the ball and hesitant during the plays. For instance, instead of attacking the RB when he was blocking him 1 on 1, he casually went up to him and laid his hands on him. Another play, he didn’t chop down on the tackle’s forearms when rushing but rather just allowed the O lineman to obstruct his path. When he tackled Hurd, he was dragged for another 5 yards after contact because he didn’t put any shoulder power into the tackle (feet literally dragged on the ground behind him while he hung onto Hurd’s back). Twice when he fell to the ground, he took a long time to get up and re-track the ball carrier. He depended on his bull rush which wasn’t effective instead relying on his athleticism and a consistent pass rushing move that he can refer back to. Stock: down; Draft’s bargain round: N/A more film needed because last game I evaluated showed an entirely different player

Natrez Patrick, LB, Sophomore #6 (6’3” 238 lbs)

He sprinted to the ball even when it was on opposite side of him. He showed good speed to close in on WR bubble passes and RB swing passes. He delivered powerful tackles with his pads. I thought he gave the QB a concussion when he hit him before he stepped out of bounds. He needs to improve his WR awareness while in zone coverage because he ended up in “no man land” (not covering a WR and not rushing the QB, just standing in space waiting for something to happen) during a crucial td pass. Stock: same; Draft’s bargain round: N/A too young 

Malcolm Parrish, CB, Junior #14 (5’10” 185 lbs)

He has good reaction abilities to shadow a receiver’s route. He uses his quickness to get him in position to make plays. He has fluent hips and upper body flexibility to trail a receiver’s route and then attempt to undercut the pass. His size makes him a liability against bigger receivers because they outmuscle him within the route and when catching the ball. Multiple times he was right on the WR but the pass was still completed because he was shielded away and couldn’t get to the ball. Stock: same; Draft’s bargain round: stay another year

 Maurice Smith, DB, Senior #2 (6’0” 195 lbs)

He is proving to be a solid DB. He has great experience after spending 4 years at Alabama and now he transferred for his final season with Kirby Smart. In this game he used long arm extension and a strong base to take on blockers and then got rid of them as the ball carriers came within reach. He made several tackles this game on WR screens, on the RB, and the QB. He also covered well. He closely trailed an over route by the slot receiver and almost intercepted it. Later in the game, he wasn’t fooled by a wheel route, stayed on the receiver’s hip, flipped his head around and intercepted the ball. He had two plays of good coverage on the goal line, one of which he showed great hand fight to get the ball out of the receiver’s hand at the last second. On another play he secured the tackle and then powerfully stripped the ball and then recovered it. He looks to make plays. Stock: up; Drafts’ bargain round: 3rd


 Derek Barnett, DE, Junior #9 (6’3” 265 lbs)

He has started since his freshman season and in two years he has amassed 33 tackles for losses, including 20 career sacks. He’s already No. 8 on UT’s all-time sacks list and could match or break Reggie White’s school record of 32 this year. When he attacks around the edge, he uses a swipe move and then dips really low to avoid the tackle’s hands. He is good at this move because he has good upper body flexibility to bend the edge and lower body balance to withstand the awkward position. His hand swiping and fight is automatic within his rush. For example, when the offense was backed up in its own end zone, he rushed the edge, swiped the TE’s hands away and sacked the QB. Multiple times he uses a quick swipe with his outside arm that  knocks the o lineman hand down while simultaneously dipping with his inside shoulder and consequently and ends up right on line toward the QB for the sack. When he decides to switch up and rush inside, he powerfully chops down on the O lineman forearms’.  On running plays, he uses his strength to hold the end of the los and force plays inside. If needed, he’ll powerfully push down on the end man of the los to clog the middle. Although he has the natural upper body strength to move toward the ball carrier without much resistance, he needs to improve consistently maintaining his gap integrity during run plays because multiple times he allowed the RB to go right past him as he shot the inside gap or attacked the blocker with his shoulder. He does not have good speed to track down a ball carrier so he has to keep the plays in front of him. Stock: up; Draft’s bargain round: 1st

 Corey Vereen, DE, Senior #50 (6’2” 249 lbs)

He has a very fast and explosive first step off the snap of the ball and he’ll use that quickness to shoot the inside gap and make tackles in the backfield. However, he does not convert that speed and momentum into power at the poa once the linemen are able to get hands on him. When going against blockers, he moves quickly. For example, to avoid a crack block by a WR, he spun and then made the tackle on a toss sweep play. On another play, he swiftly spun and followed it with a vicious club swipe after his initial rush was deterred. Although he has a quick get off, he showed slower speed when tracking down the ball carrier to the sideline on sweep plays (there is a difference between quickness and speed). His lack of speed was even more evident because he lost outside contain several times and allowed the blocker to hook him inside.  Lastly, I question his upper body strength because he was knocked to the ground on several run plays and repeatedly struggled to disengage from blockers once the ball carrier was within reach. Stock: same; Draft’s bargain round: 6th

 Jaleen-Reves Maybin, LB, Senior #21 (6’0” 230 lbs)

He did not play in this game due to injury

 Cameron Sutton, DB, Senior #23 (5’11” 186 lbs)

He did not play in this game due to injury


 Jacob Eason, QB, Freshman #10 (6’5” 235 lbs)

He has an obvious cannon for an arm. He also showed the ability to accurately place the ball within tight windows. His youngness shows when the defense blitz. For instance, he didn’t see a wide open WR when the defense blitzed the nickel corner. Against another blitz, he was impatient to throw a wheel route to the RB early when if he had waited a second longer, the play would have likely gone for a big gain. Stock: N/A; Draft’s bargain round: N/A too young

Nick Chubb, RB, Junior, #24 (5’10” 228 lbs)

He did not play in this game due to injury

 Sony Michel, RB, Junior, #1 (5’11” 222 lbs)

He is my favorite sleeper back. I almost don’t want to call him a sleeper because I absolutely see his potential. I think that he has the ability to start for an NFL team but he does not get enough attention because he backs up Nick Chubb. He has elite change of direction quickness combined with great vision; during one play he made 4 different cuts. Multiple times he saw oncoming tacklers approaching from his side and stopped at the last second to cut across them. He is explosive when decelerating and accelerating. Although his jump cut is not as rapid as Chubb’s, it is still elite level and he combines it with great speed to get to the edge. He showed good toughness to power for the first down on 4th and 1 and handle the load on the goal line. He’ll run with patience if the hole is not immediately there and explode through the hole once it does. He is most dangerous once he gets into the second level because his cod skills allow him to cut back on any oncoming tackler. He also pass protects well; as evident on three plays, two of which were against Barnett, when he cut block the edge rushers and sent them hurdling into the air. When pass protection on another play, he easily assessed and picked up the corner blitz. He has all the traits I look for in a RB: quick cod ability, toughness, and good catching ability. Stock: up; Draft’s bargain round: 2nd

 Christian Payne, FB, Junior #47 (6’1” 242 lbs)

Although there aren’t many fullbacks in the NFL any longer, I think he could be an asset to the right team because of hi blocking style. Every time I see him, he is blocking through the whistle and driving back a defender as far away from the ball carrier as possible. He attacks his blocks full speed and does a great job swiftly cutting the defenders. Stock: same; Draft’s bargain round: depends on team needs but he is a worthy blocker

 Isaiah Wynn, G, Junior #77 (6’2” 280 lbs)

They move him interchangeably from guard to tackle. When run blocking, he automatically moves to gain leverage by attacking the shoulder of the D linemen to the side where the ball is going. I like his hustle; when he didn’t have anyone to block in pass protection, he ran behind the QB to help his teammate block a rusher who was rushing the outside edge and trying to turn the corner. He had good speed to get out on the RB screen and then had fluid feet to stay in front of the DB and then drove him into the ground; afterwards he got up talking smack to him. He showed above average running ability again when he got to the 2nd level and cut the LB. He understands the importance of leverage because he automatically flips his hips after his hand strike to attain it. He maintains a good base with long, yet strong arm extension in pass protection. He has tremendous power when run blocking and continuously created obvious movement up front because he uses inside hand placement and drove his legs after contact. He pancaked his rusher during one run play this game. When they switched him to tackle to go against Barnett, he used his long arms to push Barnett’s shoulder up field after he tried to dip. At the echo of the whistle, Wynn sent Barnett a message by knocking him into the ground. It seemed as though he began to get tired in the 4th quarter because he wasn’t running with the same speed.  Stock: up; Draft’s bargain round: 2nd

Brandon Kublanow, C, Senior #54 (6’3” 293 lbs)

I like his short area movement and use of short, choppy steps to cover his ground. He runs well in the run game when pulling, cross-facing rushers, and getting to the 2nd level. For instance, he was fast enough to initially help his guard block the DT and then he moved up to the LB and allowed the RB to run right behind him.  He was always looking for someone to block when he pulled even if no one was in his path initially; he continued to move until he found someone. He needs to improve his arm extension in pass protection and lower body strength. In pass protection, he was never totally bull dozed and usually regained his balance after the initial strike but he was consistently pushed back and I suspect that his lack of strength will collapse the pocket in the NFL. Stock: same; Draft’s bargain round: 5th

Other Players that Flashed

 Rashaun Gaulden, DB, Sophomore #7 (6’1” 185 lbs) for Tennessee

He was flying all over the field making tackles throughout the game. It seemed like he was one of the few players that ran full speed each and every play. No matter if the ball carrier was on the opposite side of him, he would run full speed to get in on the play and usually he ended up making the tackle. He didn’t always wrap up but he would throw his body into the ball carrier after gaining momentum by running to him full speed. His speed was shown when he ran down a sweep play from behind the los. He has natural ability to avoid blockers; as evident when he dodged 2 linemen during a draw play and still wrapped the ball carrier’s legs. Also, showed great recovery coverage skills when he shot his arm up as the WR put his hands up to catch the ball on a seam route and fortunately for Gaulden the ball hit his arm before reaching the WRs hands. He may be a player to watch down the road. Stock: up; Draft’s bargain round: N/A too young, more film needed

Issac Nauta, TE, Freshman #18 (6’4” 246 lbs) for Georgia

Last season he was 5 star recruit. This game he caught a few good passes to make him flash. He caught a td after running a post route, he ran another good dig route that forced the DB to pass interference him, and he quickly replaced the nickel corner blitzer and caught another pass. Stock: up; Draft’s bargain round: N/A too young

Best Players on the Field

Derek Barnett

Sony Michel

Isaiah Wynn

Forgettable Performances

 Greg Pyke, T, Senior #73 (6‘6” 325 lbs) for Georgia

He seemed awkward and off balance when dropping back in pass protection. It didn’t seem like his feet were too close together or anything but for some reason his drop back is not fluent. He was not fast enough to contain Vereen rushing his edge on 3rd down to cause a sack. When running blocking, he usually had bad hand placement by grabbing onto the defender’s shoulder pad. Once he latched onto a defender he could use his strength to get movement but still his hands had bad placement which hindered his overall strength and control. Stock: down; Draft’s bargain round: 7th undrafted

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