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Tennessee Volunteers vs Alabama Crimson Tide 10/15/2016

Matthew Visinsky/Icon Sportswire

Scouting Notes

Tennessee Volunteers vs Alabama Crimson Tide 10/15/2016

Alabama Crimson Tide @ Tennessee Volunteers

Neyland Stadium, Knoxville, Tennessee

Saturday, October 15, 2016 @ 3:30 p. m.

Score: 49 Alabama – Tennessee 10


Jalen Hurts, QB, Freshman #2

He is a dual threat quarterback because he threw multiple high velocity and accurate passes but he also has great speed. Multiple plays he broke loose on big runs by using his speed. He scored two rushing tds. in this game. I also liked when he blocked very hard on a reverse play and sprung his teammate for a td. Since he is only a freshman I assume his potential could be very high. Stock: same; Draft’s bargain round: N/A too young

Bo Scarbrough, RB, Sophomore #9 (6’2” 228 lbs)

Although he is not as big as Derrick Henry, he has the same body build and running style. He hits the hole very tough and with great lower body power. I saw a lot of defenders bouncing off of his legs when trying to tackle him. He also showed great speed, such as when he outran 2 DBs for an 85 td run. He is also young so his potential is high. Stock: same; Draft’s bargain round: N/A too young

OJ Howard, TE, Senior #88 (6’6” 251 lbs)

He doesn’t get the ball thrown his way much so his impact on the game is mostly done while his blocking. He is definitely an above average blocker. When he had to block Derek Barnett, he quickly gained leverage, struck with inside hand placement, and ran his feet to maintain control of the block. He showed quickness when moving with DB’s throughout his block. During one play, he was the lead blocker around the corner and swiftly cut down an oncoming defender to spring an explosive run.  Although he doesn’t gain many receptions, it seems as though it’s a big play every time he does. His combination of solid blocking and big play potential makes him a threat. Stock: up; Draft’s bargain round: 1st

Calvin Ridley, WR, Sophomore #3 (6’1” 188 lbs)

He is a fantastic WR because he can stop on a dime, he can swiftly change direction while running routes, and he has the speed to outrun a DB deep. He ran several post corners routes which showed his ability to flip his hips smoothly at the top of the route. He has the uncanny ability to run full speed and change direction without getting his feet stuck in the ground. He also had some great blocks. Although he absorbed the hit rather than delivering the hit, he showed courage to take on a LB when crack blocking. During another block against a DB, with a swing pass going in his direction, he struck the DB with inside hand placement and ran his feet to dominate the block for at least 5 seconds. He is not on Amari Cooper’s level when Cooper came out but Ridley is very close and will make an immediate impact on an NFL team. Stock: same; Draft’s bargain round: 1st


Derek Barnett, DE, Junior #9 (6’3” 265 lbs)

This was another good game for Barnett. He has proven that he can be a threat around the edge when pass rushing. When rushing around the edge, he gets really low and can dip his shoulder or violently swing his arm to get rid of the blocker’s leverage. In this game, I was most impressed by his quickness to cross face blockers and shoot gaps to get into the backfield. He almost tackled a jet sweep for a safety by shooting the gap before the blocker could get to him. On another run play, he crossed Cam Robinson’s face so quickly that he almost made the tackle on the RB who was running in the opposite direction. In addition, he has the strength to defeat blockers if they do get hands on him. He also focuses on arm extension to make defeating the block easier. My only criticism is that he gets so low when rushing the outside edge that it is easy for him to fall and consequently take himself out of the play. Stock: up; Draft’s bargain round: 1st

Rashaun Gaulden, DB, Sophomore #7 (6’1” 185 lbs)

He flashed in the last game I evaluated of Tennessee so I decided to pay attention to him in this game. In this game, he had another good game and showed several of the same characteristics I saw before. He moves fast to the ball and looks to finish the plays with tackles. When going against the very good blocking TE, OJ Howard, he maintained outside leverage and went under the block to tackle the RB’s legs. When a jet sweep came his way, he shot up field and ducked under the blocker’s arm to get a hand on the ball carrier. Against a read option, he shot up field to stop the jet sweep runner and then quickly changed direction and dove to tackle the ball carrier QB who pulled the ball to run up the middle. He attacked, with no hesitation, their speedy QB when he scrambled and then broke down to secure the sack. He attacked another jet sweep and then spun around against the blocker to secure the tackle once the ball carrier cut inside of the blocker.  Even when he missed a tackle on the initial try, he hustled to retrace the ball carrier, who was 20 yds. down field, to finish the tackle on the second try. Stock: up; Draft’s bargain round: N/A too young

Jaleen-Reves Maybin, LB, Senior #21 (6’0” 230 lbs)

He did not play in this game due to injury

Cameron Sutton, DB, Senior #23 (5’11” 186 lbs)

He did not play in this game due to injury


Jalen Hurd, RB, Junior #1 (6’4” 240 lbs)

I was impressed with his physical running. After contact, he continues to move forward and always gets the extra yards. I liked that he works hard for his teammates as evident when he was a physical lead blocker on a few run plays. During one lead block, he squared up the edge defender while running full speed and hit him hard enough to knock him off balance as the ball carrier ran past. When he ran check down routes, he was quick at the top of the route to create separation from fast LBs. Stock: up; Draft’s bargain round: 5th-6th


Jonathan Allen, DL, Senior #93 (6’3” 291 lbs)

He is a top tier prospect in this draft. My evaluation of his game is that he is an all-around solid D lineman. Throughout the game, he did all of the things that make a D linemen effective. When he bull rushed, he moved his hands throughout the rush to maintain inside hand placement and get rid of the blocker’s hands. This awareness and technique allowed his bull rush to be consistently effective all game. His technique combined with his functional power makes him a solid D lineman. prospect. He understands how the offensive wants to attack him in read options and he defeated it by being patient and playing textbook defense. During other plays, he showed that he has the functional power to swipe the blocker’s hands away, snag him away or bull rush. He changed his attack from play to play. His strength allowed him to get through multiple blockers within a single play to cause pressure or tackle the RB in the backfield. He is a solid D lineman that offenses have to account for each play. My only hesitation is the hype surrounding him. A lot of people are locking him as a top 5 pick and I would not rush to say that. I don’t see him dominating the NFL like Suh or Geno Atkins but I do see him as a vital piece in a total defense. Stock: up; Draft’s bargain round: 1st

Tim Williams, LB, Senior #56 (6’4” 252 lbs)

He is showing the ability to be a playmaker on defense. The first time he came into the game was on a 3rd and long and immediately on that play he recorded a sack. During that play, to sack the quarterback he rushed the tackle’s outside edge and then suddenly stopped while simultaneously swiping the tackle’s hands away and then ran underneath inside to grab and sling the QB to the ground. On this play, and several others, he showed great speed off the snap, power at the poa, and elite athleticism to start and stop. There were several plays that he shoved so much power into the blocker that they instantly reverted into a back pedal. I saw on one play, he only extended his inside arm into the chest of the blocker yet he still had enough power to push back the blocker as he attacked his outside edge and sacked the QB. On another play, he used a two handed strike to powerfully shock the blocker but then used his quickness to duck under the blocker’s arms and make the tackle on the RB in the backfield. His speed is great as well. For instance, during a play in which he attacked and initially defended up the middle he changed direction to run down the QB. Stock: up; Draft’s bargain round: 1st

Ryan Anderson, LB, Senior #22 (6’2” 253 lbs)

He is another great D lineman for the Bama defense. The key factors of his game are that he plays low, he has a great snag move to get rid of blockers and he has the athleticism to effectively drop in coverage. When he rushes a lineman, he attacks them from the ground up. His arms are usually shot into the chest of the blocker’s chest in an upward angle. Multiple times in the game he used the snag move to throw the blocker past himself. On one play, he set up the snag by having great arm extension and a low base; when the RB came close enough,, Anderson snagged the blocker in the opposite direction and made the tackle. His snag is violent and crisp and he makes it look too easy. He dropped into the flats to cover the swing pass. During one play he dropped into coverage, diagnosed and anticipated the slot receiver’s 5 yd. out and then flew over there to deflect the pass. I was impressive with his ability to drop into coverage; this can be a critical part of a defensive scheme. He can rush the passer, defend against the run, and drop in coverage. On two consecutive plays before halftime, he used quick hands to get the lineman off balance and then he proceeded to pressure the QB. Stock: up; Draft’s bargain round: 1st

Reuben Foster, LB, Senior #10 (6’1” 236 lbs)

Although he is listed at 6’1”, he seems taller on film and he runs with a smooth long stride that covers a lot of ground fast. His stride made him especially dangerous when he blitzed. Each time he blitzed, he would cause pressure in the QB face very quickly. Even when he blitzed on the edge, his upper body flexibility allowed him to bend the edge and then he converted to speed to close in on the sack of the QB. He used this same speed to flow to the ball carrier on outside runs such as outside zones or jet sweeps. I liked that when he did run down the ball carrier on wide runs, he would punish them with a solid hit of his shoulder pads at the juncture point. He definitely has the range and speed to cover the width of the field. Even when the ball was ran up the middle, he has natural instincts to shoot the creases in the los to tackle the RB in the backfield. An example of his natural ability to avoid blockers was shown on a play when I saw him jump back to avoid a lineman attacking from his side while keeping his eyes on the ball carrier. It seems like he can handle himself in coverage as well because he quickly closed down the separation after a good move by Hurd and he physically redirected a different shallow route before trailing him across the field. Stock: up; Draft’s bargain round: 1st

Marlon Humphrey, DB, Sophomore #26 (6’1” 196 lbs)

The other team did not throw his way much but I saw some great things from him. He has really quick feet to shadow and react to WRs’ moves. When defending a slant route, he maintained inside leverage to force an outside release but then he used his quick feet to stop as soon as the WR did. Then he had great ball awareness to swiftly flip his head around, locate the ball, and shoot his hands up to deflect the pass. His quick feet allow him to stay in front of the WR in bump coverage for a long time. I also saw play making ability from him such as when he attempted a very physical strip after wrapping up the ball carrier. Stock: up; Draft’s bargain round: NA too young but when he is draft eligible potential 1st round

Eddie Jackson, S, Senior #4 (6’0” 194 lbs)

He didn’t have many opportunities but he still showed solid play when he did have the opportunity. He ran downhill and violently tackled the RB in a full wrap up tackle. He ran up and made another solid 1 on 1 tackle on Jalen Hurd after he caught a swing pass. He showed a quick drop step on his drive to the WR route. He basically plays the same as Clinton Dix but he has better coverage skills. He also punt returns. In this game he returned one for a td during which, he showed great speed to get through a crease and then a sudden stop when he felt a defender approaching from his side to cut across his body. Stock: up; Draft’s bargain round: 1st; NFL comparison; Ha Ha Clinton-Dix


ArDarius Stewart, WR, Junior #12 (6’1” 204 lbs)

He was used several times on jet sweeps runs and he was also used to run a reverse which he took for a td. He converted a first down after running a 7 yd. sit route. During an over route, he caught a pass with all hands despite the threat of an oncoming defender coming across the field to smash him as the pass was in the air. Immediately after the catch, Stewart wisely and quickly moved to avoid the hit and minimize the damage. He also was killing one of Tennessee’s top defenders when run blocking. He could be a late round or undrafted valuable pick up. Stock: same; Draft’s bargain round: 5th-undrafted depending on team need

Mack Wilson, LB, Freshman #20 (6’2” 244 lbs) for Bama

Although he is only a freshman, he was a dominant force on the field.  On one play, he sprinted to the ball carrier on an outside running play during which he attacked a block head on but defeated the block and dove out to assist on the tackle. He plays aggressive throughout the play and throughout the entire game. He was constantly fighting through multiple blockers to get to ball carrier even if he had to split blockers and reach a hand through to tackle the ball carrier. He had good speed to close in on Hurd after he caught a swing pass and continued to tackle him for a loss of yards. He showed good speed again on an outside pitch play to tackle Jalen Hurd behind the loss. While in pass coverage, he moves well and quickly looked around to assess the WRs’ routes. Then he had great explosion when the pass was thrown. Stock: up; Draft’s bargain round: NA

Da’ron Payne, DL, Sophomore # 94 (6’2” 319 lbs) for Bama

He flashed on multiple plays. He had a monster bull rush vs the center and totally over powered him to collapse the pocket. He has a good motor. He also uses a quick swim move to get pass the O linemen. Most impressive was his power to handle 2 lineman blocks and still overwhelmingly maintain his spot on line. He showed the same strength again on another play when he took the attention of 2 blockers during a run up the middle which allowed the other D lineman and LBs to make the tackle. He was not allowing the O linemen to push him back which clogged up the los. He showed good speed when moving down the los and assisted on a RB tackle. Stock: up; Draft’s bargain round: more film needed

Christian Miller, DL, Sophomore #47 (6’4” 230 lbs) for Bama

He was only in rotation but he still got a lot of pressure on the QB. He has elite hand fighting techniques that he uses in pass rush. One of which is a violent hand swipe which he does after his explosive burst off the snap of the ball. He moves side to side well in conjunction with his hand movements. He is the next star in the long line of elite pass rusher that Alabama produces. Stock: up; Draft’s bargain round: NA more film needed

Ronnie Harrison, DB, Sophomore #15 (6’3” 216 lbs) for Bama

He was making plays by deflecting passes, coming up and making tackles, and overall flying around the field. On one play, he read and anticipated the RB screen and intercepted to take it back for a td. Stock: up; Draft’s bargain round: NA too young

Rashaan Evans, LB, Junior #32 (6’3’ 231 lbs) for Alabama

He used his hands to strike at the poa and pushed off to gain separation and then continued to assist on the tackle. He is physical at the poa. Throws the blocker off balance and then continues toward the ball carrier. On one play he slid with the line blocking an outside zone run and made a solid tackle in the hole on the RB. Stock: same; Draft’s bargain round: NA more film needed

Josh Malone, WR, Junior #3 (6’3” 200 lbs) for Tennessee

He ran a decent dig route vs cover 3 defense in which he had to dip his shoulder to get pass the DB and then decently rolled in at the top of the route. He did not have elite fluency at the top of his route but it was decent and made enough separation to be open. Later in the game, he had a great adjustment to a jump ball to grab the reception. Stock: same; Draft’s bargain round: 5th


Cam Robinson, T, Junior #74 (6’6” 310 lbs)

I see tremendous potential in him because he has elite athleticism and he runs very well when pulling. However, he stays too high when blocking on the run. Also, he did not show the quickness to move with DBs when they moved to avoid him. I don’t know if he didn’t understand the defensive front or if he couldn’t find his target amongst the chaos but sometimes, it seemed like he did not even know who he was supposed to block after pulling. Several plays he ran around trying to find a defender to block as if he did not have a pre-play plan.  When going against the elite talent of Derek Barnett in pass protection, he won some and lost others. On plays where he won, he had the speed to keep up with Barnett and he had the strength to control him on run plays. He has the athleticism to drop back fast but his technique needs improvement. He would open up his hips way too early and decrease the wide angle the edge rusher has to take to get to the QB. He gave up a sack to Barnett because he opened his hips too early and leaned forward at the poa. Robinson has the speed to stay in front of elite rushers but he usually won against Barnett by using his long arms to push Barnett’s back while Barnett was trying to turn the corner. He showed potential to be a dominant pass blocker when he controlled the block by staying up right and using his quick hands in conjunction with his feet. Sometimes he moved slowly, like when he allowed Barnett to cross his face despite having inside leverage when initially lining up. I saw him use a flipper when run blocking and didn’t maintain the block.  I saw him down block but he did not move up to 2nd level LB. While in pass protection, I saw him attack the rusher with wide arms and consequently was snagged 2 seconds into the block. Stock: down; Draft’s bargain round: more film needed due to great talent but lack of effort 

 Corey Vereen, DE, Senior #50 (6’2” 249 lbs) for Tennessee

Like I noticed in the last game I evaluated of Tennessee, I saw that he is very slow when retracing the ball carrier. Alabama must have seen this aspect of him as well because they attacked him and executed several explosive plays by isolating him on read option runs. Stock: down; Draft’s bargain round: undrafted


Derek Barnett, DE, Junior #9 (6’3” 265 lbs)

Reuben Foster, LB, Senior #10 (6’1” 236 lbs)

Tim Williams, LB, Senior #56 (6’4” 252 lbs)

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