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Stanford Cardinal vs N.D. Fighting Irish 10/15/2016

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Scouting Notes

Stanford Cardinal vs N.D. Fighting Irish 10/15/2016

Stanford Carndinal @ Notre Dame Fighting Irish

Notre Dame Stadium, South Bend, Indiana

Saturday, October 15, 2016 @ 7:30 p.m.

Score: 17 Stanford v Notre Dame 10

Notable Prospects Entering the Contest


 Johnny Caspers, RG, Senior #57 (6’4” 296 lbs)

  • He had a solid game and showed a lot of characteristics and abilities that prove him to be worthy of a look. He fights for inside hand placement and fights throughout the play even if it seems like he is going to lose at the beginning. Key things he did well while in pass protection were staying in an upright position, keeping a solid base, and striking with inside hand placement. When in pass pro, he kept his head on the swivel and picked up stunts very easily because he kept his feet moving throughout the play. He even sent their best D lineman falling sideways after a powerful strike. On third down and inches, in the jumbo package, he stayed very low when driving off the ball. I was impressed when he not only moved up to the second level but also moved with the LB’s side step, latched on with his hands and ran his feet to drive him away from the ball carrier. During another play, he found his way through the chaos of the 1st level and ran his LB assignment out of the play. There were a few plays that I didn’t like what I saw; especially when he had to pull block. During one pull, he put his head down so he couldn’t see the defender who made the tackle. Later in the game, he had a bad series where his man made the tackle 2 plays in a row. There were also several plays where he resorted to shielding the defender because he was not getting any push after contact. All in all he is worth a look. Stock: same; Draft’s bargain round: 6th-7th

 Casey Tucker, LT, Junior #77 (6’6” 296 lbs)

  • did not play in this game due to injury

Christian McCaffrey, RB, Junior #5 (6’0” 202 lbs)

  • did not play in this game due to injury

Dalton Schultz, TE, Junior #9 (6’6” 240 lbs)

  • He is an above average blocking TE who can also make plays in the passing game. What makes him a good blocker is that his effort is ferocious when run blocking and he will take the opportunity to use the defender’s momentum against their self and/or block them into the ground. He keeps his hands inside the defender’s chest plate while he shadows the defender who is trying to shake him off. During one run play, he blocked the other team’s best LB and put him into the ground. He looked like a lineman blocking when he helped on the 1st level and then moved up to 2nd. His awareness is great as well; he quickly assessed a LB who moved up to edge of the los before the snap. When a DB tried to blitz inside on a run play, he carried the DB’s momentum against him to the opposite side of the los and then continued to lie on top of him. On another run play, he used his strong upper body to thwart a DE’s attempt to throw him aside; he kept inside leverage and totally shielded him from the ball carrier. Stock: same; Draft’s bargain round: 3rd-4th

Trent Irwin, WR, Sophomore #2, (6’2” 199 lbs)

He powerfully planted at the top of a slant route and combined it with head fake and quick hips to get out of the break and create a lot of separation. While running a 5 yd. out route, he showed good route awareness by running downhill toward the QB after the break so that the DB could not undercut the pass. Later in the game, he also caught another 15 yd. dig route. I didn’t like when I saw him juke way too much at the top of a route against a LB defender. On another route, he dragged his back foot. Also, he blocked with a flipper arm. Stock: same; Draft’s bargain round: NA more film needed


 Issac Rochell, DE, Senior #90

Showed solid plays such as when he ripped inside through an O linemen’s arm to pressure the QB. He had some plays where he showed a fast explosion off the snap of the ball when pass rushing. He has enough upper body strength to never give up outside leverage even if he had to go against 2 blockers. On another play, he snagged the blocker away. Although he played well, he did not dominate like I would expect him to. Stock: same; Draft’s bargain round: 4th-5th

 Jerry Tillery, DT, Sophomore #99 for Notre Dame

  • I loved when I saw him attack the linemen with long arm extension and a forward body lean to maintain position at the los. From that position, it was easy for him to move to the ball carrier. He moved throughout the play even when he was going against a double team; he spun to get away. He has the power to bull rush and put O linemen on their backs. On one play, he did this while using only one arm extension. On 3rd and 9, he had a strong pass rush up the middle by pushing and then he shot his hand up into the QB’s face to try and swat the pass. I also saw him smoothly swim move while flipping his hips to get into the backfield and tackle the RB. During other pass rushes, he sometimes would just move side to side and not really go anywhere. Stock: same; Draft’s bargain round: NA too young

 Nyles Morgan, LB, Junior #5

I like that he is a physical LB that attacks the los when he senses run. During one play, he quickly attacked the los and used his hands to slip through the line and make the tackle for a minimal gain. He isn’t afraid to run straight into a blocker; he usually delivers a powerful thump when he does. He purposefully ran full speed into a blocker trying to blind side him and another lineman who was pulling toward him. He quickly shuffled while tracking the ball carrier sideways and then filled the hole to tackle him for a minimal gain. He did very well when he dropped into coverage. On one play he acknowledged the receiver’s hitch route and stuck to him like glue.  During another play, he got hands on and completely stopped the TE’s route and then tackled the QB once he scrambled out of the pocket. He causes me to pause for concern because, for some reason, he can’t consistently break blockers’ hands off of him. He was drove into the ground by a TE because he couldn’t get the blocker’s hands off of him yet he still tried to run away and their momentum together drove him into the ground. I like that he viciously attacks the blockers but he hasn’t learned how to convert that power into getting off of the blocks and making tackles. Stock: same; Draft’s bargain round: 4th-5th


 Deshone Kizer, QB, Junior #14

This was not his best game. He did some things really well such as gashing the defense on a 2 designed run plays; one of which he gained 50 yds. He ran a read option well and ran it in for a TD from 10 yds. out. He threw some accurate passes such as 12 yd. out route that he fit into a tight window while rolling to his right.  However, there were times when he seemed too jittery in the pocket, saw ghost rushers and took off too early; not giving his pocket a chance. Also, he threw several inaccurate passes. He threw two inaccurate passes to hitch routes, one of which was too high and the other too low. He threw a shallow route way too high, he threw a dig route that made the WR have to turn around to catch the ball, he threw a speed out on the opposite numbers too short, he threw a pass too far ahead of an out route while rolling to his left, he threw an interception because an edge blitzer got pressure in his face, and on another play he didn’t see the quick swing route that was wide open as a result of an edge blitz. Stock: down; Draft’s bargain round: NA hard to determine at this moment

 Tarean Folston, RB, Senior #25

For some reason, I did not see much of him but when I did, I liked what I saw. He lowered his shoulder as he went through the hole and ran through the arm tackle. He showed good acceleration when he saw the hole on an outside zone run. He had natural hands while catching a swing pass. After the catch he fluently and quickly moved into a 1 step juke to avoid an oncoming tackler approaching from his inside. During a 3rd and short situation, the line was initially stuffed but he kept moving forward and eventually found an opening that he pushed through to gain 8 yds. Stock: same; Draft’s bargain round: 4th-5th

 Quenton Nelson, LG, Junior #56

He also has solid abilities. He showed good ability to fire off the ball and drive D lineman away from the los and then move up to the 2nd level. However, he was a little off balance leaning forward once he got to the 2nd level defender. While in pass pro, he strikes early with a long arm extension which is powerful enough to knock rushers off their path. When run blocking, he fires out with great power at the poa to drive lineman off the ball and out of the gap. During a 3rd and short play, he exploded out and immediately hit the D lineman with his shoulder pad. After his long, quick, and sturdy arm extension, he does not have the quick feet to react to rusher’s movements. However, if he does stay in front of the rusher, he usually maintains control of the block.  He had slow reaction to a side step from DE stunting inside. In fact, I am worried about his quick arm extension because his feet shuffle in pass protection isn’t great, so if the rusher can swipe his hands away then it would most likely result in fast pressure on the QB. Stock: same; Draft’s bargain round; 4th-5th

Mike McGlinchey, T, Senior #68

  • I was very impressed with the fluency with which he dropped into pass protection. He seemed light on his feet and it seemed very easy for him to shuffle with the defender. He has very good feet when mirroring rushers in pass pro because he stays in good base and utilizes his fast feet.  He dominated in the run game; using fantastic technique of shooting his hips through the block to gain complete control of the defender. He swiftly moved from blocking on the 1st level and up to the 2nd He fired off the ball on a run play and continued to pancake the D lineman. Although he was used to double team D linemen a lot, he did it fast and smoothly. In result, the block was usually dramatically successful. However, he handled his own even when he had to go against 2 rushers. I saw him struggle a little to keep up with rushers who did moves on him like spins, etc. Stock: up; Draft’s bargain round: 1st

Durham Smythe, TE, Senior #80

When he was tasked with running across the los to block the DE, he did it with great technique of delivering a pop and blocking inside out to shield the defender away from the ball carrier. Multiple times he lead up through the hole, and each time he hit the LB with great power. He was another TE that looked like a lineman the way he smoothly helped on the 1st level and then moved up to the 2nd.  Stock: same; Draft’s bargain round: 6th

Equanimeous St. Brown, WR, Sophomore #6 (6’5” 205 lbs)

He showed a very fast stutter at the los vs bump coverage. He also had quick feet to stop at the top of his curl route. Along with his stutter, he effectively used his hands at the top of his slant route. He caught a first down completion after running a 12 yd. speed out. I did not like when I saw his DB intercept the pass because he drifted up field after cutting in on a dig route. Stock: same; Draft’s bargain round: NA too young


 Solomon Thomas, DE, Junior #90 (6‘3” 272 lbs)

  • He was the best defensive player on the field. He has an explosive first step combined with a motor that last throughout the play. During one play, he spun inside to tackle the RB for a loss. On 3rd and short he penetrated the los by firing off the snap and turning his body to the side. He gained another sack after stunting inside and then spinning back after he passed the QB. He’s physical enough to hold his positon along the los while tracking the ball carrier. During another 3rd and short, he pushed the O lineman back and then slid off the block to tackle the RB at the los. He had a fantastic play where he initially rushed to the right but then violently threw the lineman to stop his momentum and change direction to get to left and make the tackle on the RB. He is also fast when closing on the QB who is rolling out of the pocket. His explosion and light feet were on display when he jump cut to the next inside gap immediately after the snap. He spun and used his speed to cause pressure on the QB on several other plays. Each game I watch on Stanford, he is a disruptive force. Stock: up; Draft’s bargain round: 3rd

 Quenton Meeks, DB, Sophomore #24 (6’2” 192 lbs) for Stanford

He uses good technique during bump coverage; puts a long arm on the shoulder pad of the WR to ride him as far to the sideline as possible and then he runs in his hip pocket. He broke on a WR speed out and almost intercepted the pass. He undercut a speed in route and intercepted the pass then returned it for a td. However, he looked slow while trying to return the interception. He missed a few tackles on a swing pass catcher and on a RB who broke loose. Stock: same; Draft’s bargain round: NA too young


James Onwualu, LB, Senior #17 (6’1” 232 lbs) for Notre Dame

He is a captain of the team. I enjoyed watching his quick awareness of WR routes. He deciphered a snag route and ran out to deflect the pass. On 3rd and 9, he quickly reacted to a bunch of jukes by the receiver at the top of route and stayed on him like glue to cause an incomplete pass. He showed very good hustle when he initially started outside of the hash marks but made the tackle on the RB outside the opposite hash marks. He showed good speed again when he ran down the pitch man to the sideline. I saw good cod ability when he rushed the edge and got off the block to run down the scrambling QB. He is a tough, physical attacker when he rushes into the RB pass protector. I really like his coverage ability. Stock: up; Draft’s bargain round: NA more film needed

Daelin Hayes, DL, Freshman #9 (6’3” 240 lbs) for Notre Dame

He flashed because he fired off on the snap. While lined up as a LB, he shuffled across the los while stalking the RB and then made a solid tackle. He made a mistake when coming off the edge because he attacked the pulling linemen going towards him low and with his shoulder so he lost sight of the ball carrier which caused an explosive run. Stock: NA; Draft’s bargain round: NA too young

Cole Luke, DB, Senior #36 (5’11” 195 lbs) for Notre Dame

He had some good plays which showed solid coverage skills. On one play he covered the slot with inside leverage and flipped his head and hips quickly and intercepted the pass after the WR planted to run a dig route. He was extremely patient against a slant and go route; he never committed to the slant and stayed in a balance and explosive stance so that he could run to defend the long pass. Stock: same; Draft’s bargain round: 6th-7th

Jarron Jones, DL, Senior #94 (6’5” 315 lbs) for Notre Dame

Have seen him multiple times bull rush the center and continuously push him back while knocking the blocker’s hands off of him to collapse the pocket. Stock: same; draft’s bargain round: NA more film needed


Solomon Thomas, DE, Junior #90 (6‘3” 272 lbs)

Mike McGlinchey, T, Senior #68

Jerry Tillery, DT, Sophomore #99 for Notre Dame


Devin Studstill, S, Freshman #14 for Notre Dame

Missed several tackles.

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