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Solak | Toliver and Williams showcased in Aggies win over Arkansas

Photo by Andrew Dieb/Icon Sportswire

Scouting Notes

Solak | Toliver and Williams showcased in Aggies win over Arkansas

Texas A&M Aggies v Arkansas Razorbacks


AT&T Stadium – Arlington, TX

Score:  Texas A&M 50, Arkansas 43 (OT)


Notable Prospects Entering the Contest

Texas A&M Aggies

Keith Ford, RB, Senior:  Bruiser that looks for contact. Has nice patience picking through traffic and running behind pullers. Illustrated nice burst and excellent straight-line speed on one TD; had a nice jump cut and decent speed on another. Despite physical play style, doesn’t break many tackles and failed to shed some arm tackles. Could get pads lower into contact. Lateral agility is only pedestrian. Improved contact balance and tackling breaking necessary to increase incidence of chunk runs. Stock:  Same

Christian Kirk, WR, Junior:  Fluid and has excellent long speed. Showed consistent hands and a willingness to lower pads into contact. Burst is solid for frame. Had multiple 70+ yard TDs (one kickoff return, one busted coverage). 3rd TD came on nice, clean route. Not as quick-twitch as you’d like. More reps with contest at the catch point, or with tackles to break, are desired to complete the picture. Stock:  Same

Daylon Mack, DL, Junior:  Incredibly quick off the line. Regularly reset line of scrimmage or won a gap with first-step explosiveness and snap anticipation. Can forklift and generate interior pressure, but without consistency. Too often falls into idle after initial get-off. Gets tied up in the trenches far too often, in both run and pass situations. Got walked back multiple times by #72 (Ragnow) due to inferior hand placement and leverage. Must add more to his game to capitalize on excellent first-step skill. Stock:  Down

Zaycoven Henderson, DL, Senior:  Has natural power and regularly generates good push. Can shoot gaps with solid quickness. Generated pressure on stunts multiple times, flashing power in hands and good agility. Worked long-arm pass rush multiple times with success. Lost leverage battle regularly and gave up interior hand placement too easily in running reps. Failed to disengage into gaps far too often. Motor seemed to die on long drives/late in game. Has physical tools, but doesn’t seem to have it all together–at least, not for four quarters. Stock:  Up

Armani Watts, S, Senior:  Played aggressive and was willing to lay the wood. Disruptive force coming downhill. Showed excellent closing speed and ball skills on difficult, game-sealing INT. Had a bad miss on an easy breakdown in backfield. Seemed lost in deep look, losing leverage and turning head late, giving up TD. Didn’t see many opportunities during game. Stock:  Same

Arkansas Razorbacks

Austin Allen, QB, Senior:  Demonstrated excellent touch and velocity to the sideline. Placed ball well on crossers, maximizing YAC. Has a natural feel for the pocket and creates throwing windows/buys time. Showed fantastic placement on deep balls. Has the arm to reach 50+ yards downfield. Showed excellent toughness in the face of pressure all day. Poised in back-and-forth fourth quarter. Slow through reads and panicked under pressure. Processes slow and holds onto ball, often locking on first read. Struggled to escape the pocket due to limited athleticism. Failed to create outside of scheme. Feet became frantic and throwing motion hastier throughout game, as pressure got to him. Disregarded establishing platform on multiple throws, when time and space were available. Forced a throw to a pre-snap read on game-sealing INT. Must progress through reads faster in NFL-esque offense, though his accuracy and placement impressed today. Stock:  Up

David Williams, RB, Redshirt Senior:  Has a nice blend of burst and power, as well as a penchant for picking up dirty yardage. Excellent pad level and patience. Shows some lateral elusiveness, especially when dealing with backfield penetration. Nice catch through contact on back shoulder wheel route. Looks for work and punishes in pass protection. Had a bobble on easy catch. Labors to change direction and quickness is average. Williams is quietly putting out good film in a crowded backfield.  Stock:  Up

Jared Cornelius, WR, Senior:  Adept at sideline work, with good body control and hands. Showed some crispness through routes. Achilles injury in second half unfortunately ends his 2017 season and adds to a significant injury history. Stock:  Down

Frank Ragnow, C, Senior:  All-around excellent center. Regularly took two for one when doubling, then climbing to the next level. Often wins leverage at second level with quick hips and impressively powerful hands. Relentless when driving through defender, staying low and generating significant lower body power. Looks to finish and does with frequency. Generates easy torque on reach blocks and pulls–hips are exceptionally loose. Has a great hit rate in space and looks great on the hoof. Struggled a touch with massive bodies on opposing DL, but rarely surrendered ground. More movement in goal line situations would be welcome. Overall, unquestionably a top interior OL talent. Stock:  Up

Henre’ Toliver, CB, Senior:  Brought in an interception with excellent anticipation, zone overlap, and closing burst. Has ideal length and height. Closes quick on plays in front of him. Was avoided for majority of game, despite covering premier WR Christian Kirk. Failed to disengage quickly from blocks in run game. Has impressed over multiple games; more reps in contested catch situations would be welcomed.  Stock:  Up

Santos Ramirez, S, Redshirt Junior:  Played near the line of scrimmage and over the tight end in the slot for most of game. Competed well down the field, turning his head and disrupting the catch point. Did well to close on running plays and lay the wood. Shows solid closing burst. Has a nose for the football, dislodging ball near the goal line that was nearly fumbled. Will miss tackles, coming in too hot and aiming low. Lack of long speed exposed in coverage and in pursuit of breakaway runs. Was mismatched against WR Christian Kirk in slot on go-ahead TD in overtime, lacking the quickness to affect catch point. Disruptive and powerful, but lack of quicks may destine Ramirez for special teams relegation. Stock:  Down

Other Players that Flashed 

Arkansas’ Dre Greenlaw, LB, Junior:  Had an excellent game, shooting gaps with excellent burst and tackling with great form and consistency. Saw it quick and often beat blockers to the hole. Can hit with authority. Did well keeping himself clean from climbers/pullers, given lack of size. Had an early PBU from short zone, modeling excellent read and flow with QB’s eyes. Size (6’0, 225 lbs) is certainly a concern for NFL translation.

Arkansas’ Chase Hayden, RB, Freshman:  Showed excellent burst and lateral quickness. Fluid athlete who can slalom through traffic. Flashed good power and leg drive through contact as well. Vision and desire to create can betray him occasionally, though increased experience may assuage these concerns. Deceleration takes a beat.

Texas A&M’s Trayveon Williams, RB, Sophomore:  Explosive athlete with great vision and instincts. Has field awareness to manipulate second level defenders. Creates in space with excellent agility. Regularly falls forward through contact and can break tackles.

Texas A&M’s Landis Durham, DE, Junior:  Won the edge against struggling tackles in a variety of ways. Flashed good hand usage (club, arm over) and bull rush. Has sufficient bend to corner and close on quarterback. Only pedestrian stoutness in the run game.

Best Players on the Field 

Henre’ Toliver, CB, Arkansas

Frank Ragnow, C, Arkansas

Trayveon Williams, RB, Texas A&M

Christian Kirk, WR, Texas A&M

Forgettable Performances

Santos Ramirez, S, Arkansas

Daylon Mack, DT, Texas A&M

Benjamin Solak

Ben Solak has been a football fan and film junkie for all of his life, and has the pleasure of serving as a National Scout for NDT Scouting. He also covers the Philadelphia Eagles for Bleeding Green Nation and co-hosts the Locked On Eagles podcast. Ben takes many things far too seriously, including fishing, Captain America, grammar, and Game Of Thrones.

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