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Solak | Kyle Hicks powers TCU as Horned Frogs outmuscle Razorbacks

Photo by Matthew Pearce/Icon Sportswire

Scouting Notes

Solak | Kyle Hicks powers TCU as Horned Frogs outmuscle Razorbacks

#23 TCU Horned Frogs v Arkansas Razorbacks


Razorback Stadium, Fayetteville, Arkansas

Score:  TCU (28), Arkansas (7)


Notable Prospects Entering the Contest

TCU Horned Frogs

#27 Kyle Hicks, RB, Senior:  Markedly explosive and loves to get north and south. Has a natural feel of timing and cadence with the blockers in front of him. Rarely gets into a rhythm due to RB rotation. Lateral agility is uninspiring. Caught the ball well out of the backfield. Willing in PP, where his natural mass and leverage come in handy. Stock:  Same

#51 Austin Schlottmann, OG, Senior: Was moved from LG to RG and showed sufficiency at both positions. Generated consistent movement in the run game, especially when down blocking. Received free releases to the second level regularly, given 3-man front of Arkansas, and did well tagging bodies in space. Overall agility is a concern. Dropped a sufficient anchor in pass protection. Particularly impressed with stance and leverage, generating power from ground up through the hips. Clearly outclassed his competition. Stock:  Up

#68 Joseph Noteboom, OT, Senior:  Was asked to reach block often from LT alignment, with spotty success. Overall quickness off the line did not inspire faith in his NFL transition. Handled twists and stunts well. Dropped a nice anchor in pass protection, though occasionally got low and outside with his punch. Gained only average ground on his kick slide and could have fallen victim to speed on the edge. Clearly outclassed his competition. Stock:  Same

#32 Travin Howard, LB, Senior: Regularly made quick reads and played fast. Showed a willingness to fill downhill and meet pulling linemen, though a lack of ideal mass limited his ability to close creases. Excellent range and mirroring quickness when tracking ball-carriers/receivers in space. Plays with patience at the second level when diagnosing misdirection. Instinctive nature led to occasionally incorrect guesses wrong. Struggle handling blocks due to lack of size. Undercut climbers and ran himself out of play. More mass is necessary to even consider a 4-3 WILL placement. Likely best considered a S/LB hybrid moving forward. Stock:  Up

#11 Ranthony Texada, CB, Senior: Long and physical. Did well to stay connected on multiple downfield routes, including a switch route in the end zone that forced a throwaway. Physical nature did lead to a DPI penalty: arrived too early and failed to turn his head. Unwillingness to turn head and play the football/quarterback is concerning.  Stock:  Up

Arkansas Razorbacks

#8 Austin Allen, QB, Senior: Showed excellent placement in the short to intermediate range. Could throw with zip when necessary. Accurate from multiple release points and platforms. Accuracy was, however, wildly inconsistent, especially in the deeper range. Deep ball regularly fell short and lagged in the air. Would panic under pressure and attempt risky throws. Showed nice scramble ability and a willingness to take tough hits. Improved consistency is a must moving forward. Stock: Down

#1 Jared Cornelius, WR, Senior:  Very quiet day. Had an egregious drop on first target of game. Only reception came on a screen, during which he was unable to shake defender in space. Regularly failed to separate against 1-on-1 coverage. Stock:  Down

#72 Frank Ragnow, C, Senior:  Elite lower body power. Regularly turned opposing DL with torsion strength in the run game. Showed a particular affinity for violently burying his target early. Excellent movement skills for size, showing a proficiency for pulling and tagging a LB in space. Agility is passable but could improve. Grip strength and upper body power are greatest traits. Stonewalled interior pressure regularly on passing downs. Dropped anchor with ease. Stock:  Up

#5 Henre’ Toliver, CB, Senior:  Ideal length; utilizes it well. Shows a satisfactory degree of physicality down the field and at the line in limited press reps. Showed a sufficient click and close, decreasing his reaction time by reading the QB well. Showed sufficient anticipation in zone coverage and the ability to overlap zones, nearly reeling in an INT. Change of direction was laborious. Could have done better getting head around with urgency and locating the football. Stock: Up

Other Players that Flashed 

Arkansas David Williams, RB, Redshirt Senior: Low rider with significant power. Runs with good patience and has decent burst to attack the hole when he sees it. Delivers a shot when contact arrives and regularly falls forward. Shiftiness given size impresses, but overall isn’t noteworthy. Has potential as a short yardage back at the next level.

Arkansas Santos Ramirez, S, Redshirt Junior: Very active closing against the run. Good downhill player with instincts. Looks for the big hit and doesn’t come to balance well, but tackles with surprising consistency. Forced a fumble with powerful punch. Broke up one pass and intercepted another with ideal length. Has an “attack-ball” mindset. Limited range precludes him from FS consideration, but size and play style project to SS regardless.

TCU Matt Pryor, OG, Senior: Washed defenders away on multiple occasions when down blocking. Played with violence and looked for work. Fired a particularly effective punch. Struggled to anchor in the pass game. Regularly was walked back by power.

Best Players on the Field 

Frank Ragnow, C, Arkansas

Santos Gonzalez, S, Arkansas

Austin Schlottman, OG, TCU

Travin Howard, LB, TCU

Forgettable Performances

Austin Allen, QB, Arkansas

Jared Cornelius, WR, Arkansas

Benjamin Solak

Ben Solak has been a football fan and film junkie for all of his life, and has the pleasure of serving as a National Scout for NDT Scouting. He also covers the Philadelphia Eagles for Bleeding Green Nation and co-hosts the Locked On Eagles podcast. Ben takes many things far too seriously, including fishing, Captain America, grammar, and Game Of Thrones.

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