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Penn State Nittany Lions vs Indiana Hoosiers 11/12/2016

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Scouting Notes

Penn State Nittany Lions vs Indiana Hoosiers 11/12/2016

Penn St. Nittany Lions @ Indiana Hoosiers

Memorial Stadium, Bloomington, Indiana

Saturday, November 12th @ 12:00 p.m.

45 Penn St. – Indiana 31


Saquon Barkley, RB, Sophomore #26 (5’11” 223 lbs)

He was contained most of the game, however, he still showed impressive lateral and forward burst during limited times there was a small hole. He runs with a smooth confidence and can quickly side step his way through the line. Also, he showed athletic ability as a pass catcher when he ran a wheel route and adjusted to a pass that was thrown behind him; he easily flipped his hips, caught the ball with his hands, and toed the sideline to make sure he was in bounds. He caught another acrobatic pass thrown to him in the flats when he jumped in the air to snag the pass that was high and behind him. After the catch, he landed on his feet and immediately went into juke phase.  Lastly, I liked his technique when pass protecting. He would break down and quickly shuffle to mirror the rusher. There were some downfalls of his game. He slowly got out of his breaks and did not get much separation when running ‘check down’ routes one-on-one vs LBs. Also, I did not see him break many tackles after contact. Although there wasn’t much room to run, he still did not make many first defenders miss. Stock: same; Draft’s bargain round: NA too young


Ralph Green III, DL, Senior #93 (6’5” 305 lbs)

He had a decent game and looked to be a decent depth player in the NFL. He showed short area agility during a 4th and 2 when he got pass the blocker, planted his feet and explosively changed direction to make the diving tackle on the QB’s feet running up the middle. I saw him be the first to strike with inside hand placement at the poa. From there, he showed the ability to quickly swim move and cause penetration. Several plays in this game, he used powerful swim and snag moves to get into the backfield and make the tackle on the RB.  I also liked that he continued to make the big play in critical situations such as on 3rd or 4th and short. His downgrade is due to his lack of consistent dominance. Also, he didn’t run laterally down the los particularly well in this game despite showing flashes of that ability in the last game I scouted vs Ohio St. Stock: same; Draft’s bargain round: 6th

Tegray Scales, LB, Junior #8 (6’0” 230 lbs)

He flashed in the last Indiana game I scouted and in this game he was the best player on the Indiana team. He moved to the ball carrier with good speed, instincts and then finished at the tackle point. He showed the ability to get in position, fill the hole and finish with solid tackles. Such as during a 3rd and 1 situation, he filled the hole and made the tackle for no gain. During a 4thand 1, he burst to the ball carrier that bounced outside and made the tackle for a loss. I liked his natural ability to defeat blocks while moving toward the ball carrier. Against one run, he quickly side stepped and dipped his shoulder into the blocker to maintain prime position for the tackle. He made several tackles against sweep runs because he perfectly shuffled with the flow of the play and burst through the hole with great timing to make solid tackles. I also liked when I saw him work with the D linemen to defeat the run. During one goal line stand, all of the D linemen crashed down inside, so he flowed in the opposite direction because he knew that is where the hole was going to open. Even when a blocker squared him up, he attacked with his hands and arm extension so that he could defend each side of the blocker. He was very active against the run; he was always around the play and showed that he has a feel for the game. When he was tasked with rushing the offensive tackle’s outside edge, he did it with good speed and shoulder dip to get around the corner and pressure the QB. His coverage skills are still an unknown. Also, despite his ability to run in the game, I don’t think he would time great if timed in the 40 yd. dash Stock: up; Draft’s bargain round: 5th

Rashard Fant, DB, Junior #16 (5’10” 175 lbs)

He had an up and down game. He had good coverage against a go route when he stayed in front of the receiver and jumped at the last second to get a hand on the ball. He also intercepted a jump ball from behind the WR when the WR bobbled the pass. However, he was also beat in this game on a deep pass because he never got his head around to defend the pass. I also did not like when he pulled up on the goal line against a runner going in for the score. Overall, he made some nice plays but his game as a whole left more to be desired. Stock: down; Draft’s bargain round: 7th– undrafted

A’shon Riggins, DB, Freshman #28 (6’0 185 lbs) for Indiana

He did some good things but most noticeably, I saw some tendencies that he needs to clean up. The positive things were that he quickly attacked ball carriers. When a pitch toss ran his way, he used his hands to defeat the block, stay on his feet, and quickly set the edge of the defense. He uses his hands well while in press coverage to initially disrupt the route. During one play, he got hands on at the los and then turned and ran to stay hip to hip with the WR’s go route and ultimately forced the WR to try and jump over his back to attempt the catch. He speedily ran up and wrapped the RB’s legs when the RB caught a pass in the flat. Despite the good plays, his deficiencies were more glaring. He gave up way too much room in coverage so he was easily beat by a slant route. When the offense was in a 3rd and 20 situation, he was in cover 3 but still inexcusably had his eyes in the backfield so he let the slot receiver’s corner route get behind him for the 1st down conversion. I also saw him consistently get handsy with WRs deep within the route.  When a WR beat him on a go route, he fully extended his arm to grab the WR’s pumping arm to slow him down; there was no flag called on the play but it was obvious pass interference. He did get called on a pass interference penalty later in the game when he bluntly pushed the TE while the pass was fluttering in the air. Lastly, he was outjumped on a fade to the end zone and misjudged the pass which was caught for a td. Stock: down; Stock: NA too young


Garrett Sickels, DE, Senior #90 (6’4” 260 lbs)

In this game, he showed a variety of moves while pass rushing and was the best defensive player for Penn St. I was most impressed with his bull rush because he gets underneath the offensive linemen shoulder pads and drives with great pad level. During a 3rd & 10 situation, he got underneath the offensive tackle’s pads, swiped his hands upwards to make the blocker’s hands fly outwards and then continued to sack the QB. He was even effective when he bull rushed with only one arm because he attacked with low pad level. He showed a fluent and natural snag while pass rushing the outside edge of the offensive tackle because the move took no extra time and was naturally within his rush. During a different rush, he showed that he knows how to grab the offensive tackle’s outside elbow and turn his body so that he can get around and flatten the edge as fast as possible. Later in the game, he showed a very powerful club move to get around the outside edge. During a zone run toward him, he quickly slid through the gap by flipping his upper body sideways and getting skinny before finishing the tackle. During a goal line stand, he got penetration against a sweep play and tracked the ball carrier from behind. Stock: up; Draft’s bargain round: 3th-4th


Nick Westbrook, WR, Sophomore #15 (6’3” 215 lbs)

I haven’t determined if he has great speed or if the defense just lost sight of him but he got behind the defense several times in this game. During one go route, he timed his jump and caught the jump ball at the high point with his hands despite the DB being draped over his back. Late in the game, he got behind the defense again and cradled the deep pass for an easy td. During another go route, he outran the DB but didn’t finish the over-the-shoulder catch. Later in the game, he got behind the DB on a post route but the pass was too far out of reach. He also showed that he can win at the los vs bump coverage with quick feet and swim moves. Stock: same; Draft’s bargain round: NA more film needed

Dan Feeney, RT, Senior #67 (6’4” 305 lbs)

He played offensive tackle in this game but I view him as an NFL offensive guard. As the outside offense tackle, he didn’t get deep during his kickback but he did show the speed to run the rusher deep pass the QB’s depth. However, I do not like that he is forced to resort to this technique a lot because I like when offensive tackles stay in an upright and balanced position for as long as possible. As a result of his lack of depth when kick backing, he had to consistently resort to slinging the rusher down and basically holding them. Other times, he leaned forward at the last second to make an attempt at the rusher that won around his outside edge. Overall, I say that he may be better as a guard in the NFL because of the abilities he did show. Such as his ability to get movement after contact when down blocking. When he down blocked, he got into the rushers’ pads and maintained a solid base. Also, he gets out of his stance quickly and has very good speed when pulling. His offense asked him to pull a lot so he will be very experienced with this technique at the next level. He also moved fast when cut blocking a backside rusher during a run play. When the rusher was right in front of him, he struck with great inside hand placement. Also, he showed good short area lateral agility to shadow the rusher’s pass rushing moves. He did whiff on a few blocks on the 2nd level when the LB moved to avoid him so that could be a concern that needs to be further investigated. Overall, he is a good prospect but I like him as a guard more than a tackle. Stock: same; Draft’s bargain round: NA more film needed


Chris Godwin, WR, Junior #12 (6’1” 205 lbs) for Penn St.

He flashed because he delivered when his opportunities arrived. When the offense was on the goal line, he patiently acted like he was going to block the LB and then slid to the back of the end zone to become wide open and catch the td pass. During another play in the red zone, he climbed the ladder to high point the jump pass and secure the td pass despite the DB’s hands grasping for the ball. Later in the game, he ran a corner route that created 5 yds. of separation from the DB and an easy catch. He made enough plays to warrant another look. Stock: up; Draft’s bargain round: NA more film needed

Jonathan Crawford, DB, Sophomore #9 (6’2” 198 lbs) for Indiana

He flashed because he drove on a comeback route and almost intercepted the pass by ripping it from the WR’s hands. Later in the game, he also drove on a pass to the flats and delivered a powerful blow to a big body TE as soon as he caught it. Stock: same; Draft’s bargain round: NA too young

Amani Oruwariye, DB, Sophomore #21 (6’1” 206 lbs) for Penn St.

He flashed when he didn’t fall for the fake bubble pass and stayed deep in his cover 3 before deflecting the pass.  I feel that he studied film well because later in the game he predetermined the play based on the formation and immediately attacked the bubble pass. Stock: same; Draft’s bargain round: NA too young

Jason Cabinda, LB, Junior #40 (6’1” 232 lbs) for Penn St.

He flashed because he constantly moved toward the ball with speed. During a RB screen, he sniffed the play out and hit the RB as soon as he caught it. Against an outside zone, he flowed with the ball carrier and then burst through the hole to make the tackle. He did this several times and should warrant more film study. Stock: same; Draft’s bargain round: more film needed


Tegray Scales, LB, Junior #8 (6’0” 230 lbs) for Indiana

Garrett Sickels, DE, Senior #90 (6’4” 260 lbs) for Penn St.

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