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Oklahoma State Cowboys vs Baylor Bears 9/24/2016

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Scouting Notes

Oklahoma State Cowboys vs Baylor Bears 9/24/2016

Oklahoma St Cowboys @ Baylor Bears

McLane Stadium, Waco, Texas

Saturday, September 24, 2016 @ 7:30 p.m.

Score: 24 Oklahoma St @ Baylor 35

Notable Prospects Entering the Contest

Oklahoma St. Offense

Justice Hill, RB, Freshman #27 (5’10” 171 lbs)

He flashed because had good speed, explosion, vision, and ran downhill with authority when necessary. He was shifty in the hole and he had quick feet to jump cut side to side within the trenches. I liked his running style because it seemed as though he made it his mission to not go down without a fight. On one play he broke 3 tackles. Unfortunately, he had a costly fumble at the end of the game. Stock: same; Draft’s bargain round: N/A too young

James Washington, WR, Junior #28 (6’0” 205 lbs)

He was the best wide receiver for the Oklahoma St. offense. He was so dynamic in previous games that the defense double teamed him most of the night. He still was able to catch a curl route, dig routes, 2 comeback routes, and more. He had soft but powerful hands to snag the passes away from his frame. He also continued to fight for the whole game, even when it was obvious the game was lost. Stock: up; Draft’s bargain round: more film needed but as of now 4th

Jalen McCleskey, WR, Sophomore 5’10” 170 lbs)

I liked how hard he works when blocking; always running full speed to the defender and then blocking through the whistle. He has natural elusiveness after the catch and it seems like he has above average speed on him. He focused on the ball all the way through the catch; he caught a low seam pass with an oncoming safety and a very difficult all hands catch where he had to stretch his body as long as possible to get to. I did not like when I saw that he didn’t get any separation vs a LB who was in man bump coverage against him. Stock: same; Draft’s bargain round: N/A more film

Baylor Defense

KJ Smith, DE, Junior #56 (6’2” 260 lbs)

He does a fantastic job converting power to speed and then exploding through the tackle. Multiple times he ran laterally down the los to tackle the ball carrier on the sideline or outside the numbers. What made it more impressive was that he had to hold off the O linemen that were trying to cut him off the entire time he was running laterally down the los. He has great arm strength to hold the linemen off with one fully extended arm while running. He always made sure he took care of his blocker first, for example, he used his hands to shove the O linemen trying to cut him into the ground before he turned and ran toward the ball carrier. He created constant pressure on the QB by using his hands to swipe away the O linemen hands. His swipe isn’t extremely fast and I would not classify him as a natural pass rusher but his swipe move was done efficiently enough to work multiple times. On one play he even spun inside after using his arm extension to push back the blocker a little to flush the QB outside of the pocket. I did not like that he got washed down 2 gaps on the goal line when a tackle down blocked him. I also did not like on a different play when he took the easy way out and threw his shoulder into a blocker and lost sight of the ball carrier instead of using his powerful extension to keep the blocker away from his frame. Stock: up; Draft’s bargain round: 4th   

Taylor Young, LB, Junior #1 (5’10” 225 lbs)

He is a compact, powerful LB that runs well enough to defend the run from sideline to sideline. He showed good skill to avoid the O linemen within the trenches and he showed multiple way to do it. He would either split the linemen, use his hands to shed them or run around them. He made multiple tackles on the sideline after tracking the ball carrier laterally down the los. He didn’t have an immense impact on the game but he was solid enough to warrant a second look. Stock: same; Draft’s bargain round 7th

Travon Blanchard, LB, Junior #48 (6’2” 205 lbs)

He is the type of player that GM’s and scouts have to watch out for. All game, he made plays all over the field and had multiple tackles for loss. He understands leverage extremely well. He keep his outside arm free when keeping outside contain on the los, he sprinted to the outside shoulder of the WR trying to block when closing on RB catching a swing pass. Most impressive was his ability to convert his strength from holding off blockers to exploding into the tackle with great technique; multiple times he lifted the ball carrier off of their feet. He has tremendous speed to run down sweep plays going to the opposite side for a tackle for a loss; he did this multiple times in the game. His speed is good enough that a RB is not going to out run him to the sideline and he can cover a WR one on one with bump coverage. The reason why NFL personnel have to be hesitant with him is because he gives horrible effort once he is out of the play; if a blocker gets leverage on him or if the play goes in the opposite direction and he has minimal chance of running it down. He was even content with being crack blocked by a small WR and gave no effort to get around or through the block. During a play action where the QB rolled out and threw it to the TE in the flat, he completely stopped moving after he was fooled by the run fake and his man was the TE catching the ball. He made a lot of splash plays and has the athletic ability to continue making those plays but his lack of consistent effort is a problem. Stock: same; Draft’s bargain round: 5th

Patrick Levels, DB, Senior #21 (5’11” 195 lbs)

I was very impressed with his overall game. He was physical, quick, explosive, and gave consistent effort on each play. He doesn’t look big but Baylor used him in the box like a LB or DE and he had to go against O linemen all game. On one play, he worked hard to get through 2-3 O linemen blocks to assist on the tackle. On another play, he used great technique to keep his outside arm free and held off the O linemen with his inside arm while staying in a low balanced stance and then exploded to tackle the ball carrier when he decided to run outside. He is a smart player who understands the importance of maintaining outside leverage and yet he had the athleticism to shed and make the tackle on the ball carrier that tried to run inside of the blocker. Also showed he is smart when he avoided the roughing the passer penalty by slowing up before hitting the QB when the QB let the ball go right before he was hit. Although that seems like a small detail, a lot of players get selfish and take the opportunity to smash the QB regardless of the potential penalty. I saw good zone coverage quickness and change of direction ability. He made several physical tackles and was arguably the best defensive player on their team. Stock: up; Draft’s bargain round: 3rd dependent on further evaluation of coverage skills

Oklahoma St. Defense

Jordan Sterns, S, Senior #13 (6’0” 200 lbs)

He was a very interesting prospect to me. I liked his running stride and it seems that he has the speed to cover the width of the field vs the deep pass and run down ball carriers that break loose. He made two saving tackles on the TE and wasn’t afraid to tackle him high to make sure he finished the tackle. He drove on quick routes fast and was there as soon as the receivers made the catch. He didn’t drop back too fast vs slot receivers and was able to drop step and drive on the player’s dig route to deflect the pass. More film is needed but he is worth a second look. Stock: same; Draft’s bargain round: N/A

Baylor Offense

Jordan Feuer, TE, Junior #85 (6’4” 265 lbs)

He has good power at the point of attack when he blocks. They used him a lot to lead up through the hole. He used his big body effectively and drove the defenders backward out of the hole. Also caught several passes in the game but he was usually wide open and didn’t have the speed or elusiveness to get many YACs. Stock: same; Draft’s bargain round: 6th for a power running offense

Kyle Fuller, C, Senior #55 (6’5” 315 lbs)

He has strong hand power vs a rusher. On one play, he waited for the rusher to get to him and then he threw him to the side. I like his pass blocking technique; he strikes the rushers with one hand and then quickly follows with another punch with the opposite hand. His pass protection technique is almost like boxing and goes to the rhythm of “pop, pop.” In the middle of his “boxing”, he shuffles his feet well. He picked up a stunt by the D line quickly and easily because he moves his feet laterally well. Although he got contact with the 2nd level LB, he didn’t keep his hands latched onto him once the LB began to move away. I also have a problem with the offensive technique they teach to allow penetration on run plays so that the RB can run right past the D linemen because in the NFL penetration creates chaos. Stock: same; Draft’s bargain round: 5th 

Ishmael Zimora, WR, Sophomore #8 (6’4” 214 lbs)

He has great athleticism to go after the ball and strong hands to pluck the ball out of the air. He went up high to catch a simple slant pass, he caught a shallow route with his hands when a DB was on his back, he plucked the ball out of the air with his strong hands on a bang post route with the DB on his back, and he caught a deep jump ball for a td. He showed very good vertical and fight to catch the ball. My concern on him was that he was suspended before this game. Then during the game, he taunted and pointed at an oncoming tackler before he ran into the end zone. Although, he is a good athlete he probably needs to mature more. Stock: up; Draft’s bargain round: N/A too young but 2nd round talent

KD Cannon, WR, Junior #9 (6’0” 180 lbs)

He got hurt in the game so he there wasn’t much film on him. His game is all about speed. He has the blow by speed that can take the top off of the defense. What makes him even more dangerous is that he runs smoothly enough to change direction while running full speed so a safety can be completely turned around by him. Stock: same; Draft’s bargain round: N/A more film needed

Other Players that Flashed

Devante Averette, LB, Senior #40 (5’11” 230 lbs) from Oklahoma St.

He flashed by making multiple fundamental, explosive tackles. He was quick to drive on WR routes. He timed the plays well and shot the gaps and made big hits on the RBs in the backfield. He flew up to the los and blew up the lineman and stuffed the run on another play. It seemed that every time he made the tackle, it was a violent, explosive, loud cracking hit. Although he hit the ball carrier with vengeance, he did not have much force or power at the point of attack vs O linemen. He needs to develop more power at the point of attack vs O linemen when he doesn’t have running momentum behind him. Stock: same; Draft’s bargain round: N/A more film needed 

Bravvion Roy, DT, Freshman #95 (6’2” 320 lbs) for Baylor

Although he is a freshman, he flashed because he already has great lower body power and arm extension power. The O linemen were not able to contain his strength. He also ran laterally down the los well enough to assist tackle on a jet sweep play. However, he needs to work on his pad level because he stands up too high at the snap of the ball; also stood straight up on 4th and short which killed his penetration opportunity. Stock: up; draft’s bargain round: N/A too young

Best Players on the Field

Ishmael Zimora, WR, Sophomore #8 (6’4” 214 lbs) for Baylor

Patrick Levels, DB, Senior #21 (5’11” 195 lbs) for Baylor

Forgettable Performances

Seth Russell, QB, Senior #17 (6’3” 220 lbs) from Baylor

He has the speed to break off big runs on option runs. He also has the ability to throw accurately, especially because his offense is based on quick throws where the WR catches the ball close to oncoming defenders. However, his accuracy was inconsistent throughout the game. Especially when throwing shallow crossing routes to WRs, he missed open WRs multiple times; throwing high and low. When he threw deep routes, it seems as though he just threw the ball high without much accuracy and within the WR’s vicinity to allow them to make the play. Stock: down; Draft’s bargain round: undrafted

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