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Oklahoma sooners vs Texas Longhorns 10/08/2016

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Scouting Notes

Oklahoma sooners vs Texas Longhorns 10/08/2016

Oklahoma Sooners @ Texas Longhorns

Cotton Bowl, Dallas, Texas

Saturday, October 8, 2016 @ 12:00 p.m.

Score: 45 Oklahoma – Texas 40

Notable Prospects Entering the Contest


Baker Mayfield, QB, Junior #6 (6’1” 212 lbs)

Mayfield is not the best QB prospect in this draft but he absolutely has skills that make him dangerous. He showed that he can issue patience and step up in the pocket to deliver accurate passes. Most importantly, a lot of his accurate passes were on 3rd down to continue drives. He is a very competitive player; we can tell how passionate he is when he goes running around the field and screaming his head off after td passes. Like the last game I evaluated of him, he was inaccurate multiple times throwing the “over route.” He has a great arch on his deep passes to not allow the safety in the mof to have time to disrupt the pass. Not only does he have the ability to run for a chunk of yards, he showed that he also can scan the entire width of the field as he buys time. Multiple times in this game, he just moved to the side to give his receivers more time to get open. Then he would throw a heated pass to get the ball through a small hole. I think his game compares to Manziel’s but with less improvisation and off course off field problems. Stock: up; Draft’s bargain round: 4th

Samaje Perine, RB, Junior #32 (5’10” 235 lbs)

I see his running style as a slasher. He is going to slash his way through the line and 2nd level defenders by being patient until the hole opens and then slash through. His arsenal of moves that he uses such as the jump cut, stiff arm, and spin combined with his elite vision makes him a dangerous runner. He has good breakaway speed so it isn’t necessarily a bad thing that he runs with one speed. He protects the ball high and tight to his chest when running through the los. In this game, he continuously stepped out of attempted feet tackles and maintained balance on one foot after breaking a tackle. Because of his slasher run style, patient attitude, and elite vision I feel that the best way to utilize him is to put him in a zone running offense. Stock: up; Draft’s bargain round 2nd-3rd

Orlando Brown, LT, Sophomore #78 (6’8” 340 lbs)

He has great hand strength when blocking and long arms that he uses in perfect technique in pass protection. He was best and extremely dominate when pass protecting; always staying in front of his rusher by using his long arms to keep the rusher away from his body so that he had plenty of time for his feet to react. His size allows him to resist a bull rush and he has the upper body strength to sling D linemen around. He also had the awareness to pick up a well-designed blitz where his rusher acted like he was going to rush and then dropped into coverage as a LB blitzed through his gap. Although at times he will allow his laziness to get the better of him, he showed that he has the ability to drop down quick and cut block a defender. I say lazy because there were multiple plays where he didn’t block anyone. These plays were most apparent when he was pulling to lead block; when pulling, he runs high, slow and rarely found someone to block. He shows really good skills in pass protection but he needs to improve when pulling to solidify himself as a high draft pick. Stock: same; Draft’s bargain round: 3rd

Dede Westbrook, WR, Senior #11 (6’0” 176 lbs)

He was the most electric and dangerous offensive weapon on the field as evident by his 3 td game. He has the speed to take the top off of the defense and the elusiveness to catch a screen pass and take it the distance. An example of his smooth running came when he ran a speed in dig route on 3rd down to convert; never indicating that he was about to cut at the top of the route. He is a dangerous weapon because his can use his elusiveness to catch short passes and turn them into long gains or leave the DB in the dust with his route; like he did on a “slant and go” route that he caught for a td in this game. I also liked how easily he caught multiple over the shoulder deep passes. Stock: up; Draft’s bargain round: 1st-2nd


Poona Ford, DT, Junior #95 (5’11” 303 lbs)

He was the best defensive lineman in this game. On several plays he showed strength to push back the O linemen after getting his hands underneath their shoulder pads, albeit he didn’t do this move consistently enough throughout the game. At times, there was no pass rush and it seemed that he got tired a lot and had to be taken out of the game. He did show great effort when he was in the game; re-tracking the ball carrier wherever he was. On one play he tackled the RB 30 yds. downfield, and during another play he tracked down the ball carrier on the opposite hash of where he lined up. After tackling Mixon, he strongly ripped the ball out of his hands to create a fumble. Stock: same; Draft’s bargain round:

Paul Boyette, DT, Senior #93 (6’3” 317 lbs)

He is fluent with his swim move to cause penetration. However, he did not disengage with blocks to make tackles and he missed open opportunities to tackle the RB and QB. Stock: down; Draft’s bargain round: 6th

Malik Jefferson, LB, Sophomore #46 (6’3” 238 lbs)

He was successful on several plays using his quickness to shoot the gaps and/or quickly side step the blockers and disrupt the running play. He will track the ball carrier to make the tackle on the opposite side of his initial positioning. He did show that he has the strength to snag a lead blocker but on several plays he did not have the strength to stop the ball carrier with his outstretched arm when engaged with a blocker. He needs to work on attacking the los when defending the goal line because he backed up too far into the endzone and never attacked the los or the ball carrier both times his defense goal line defense. Stock: same; Draft’s bargain round: N/A too young


Ogbinnia Okoronkwo, LB, Junior #31 (6’2” 245 lbs)

I was very impressed with his quickness around the edge and his consistent effort throughout the game. He likes to juke when rushing the edge to get the tackle off balance but he also combines his jukes with fast hand swipes if the tackle does try to get hands on. He made several QB hurries/sacks in this game. One of his key moves was to act like he was going to attack the tackle’s outside edge and then suddenly stop and use his arm strength to throw the tackle past him and continue rushing the QB underneath. I can’t tell if his upper body strong but he plays the edge with an aggressiveness that allows him to throw blockers around when necessary. He also has fluent hips to redirect when in zone coverage.  I was thoroughly impressed with his overall play. Stock: up; Draft’s bargain round: 3rd-4th

Jordan Evans, LB, Senior #26 (6’2” 233 lbs)

He showed several plays of him shooting the open lane in the los to tackle the ball carrier. He also showed that he has the smooth instincts to avoid blockers when in pursuit of the ball carrier. I did not like that I saw a lack of physicality from him. I did not get the feel that he brought a physical presence to the LB position. Stock: same; Draft’s bargain round: 5th

Emmanuel Beal, LB, Junior #14 (6’0” 215 lbs)

Last game I evaluated of Oklahoma, I saw him flash for a few plays and so I wrote his name down. This game, he started the contest like his hair was on fire. He was violent against the blockers when he blitzed and used fast hands to swipe the blocker’s hands away if necessary. He made several tackles for a loss by creasing his way through the cracks of the los. He automatically was running to the ball carrier after the pass was thrown. I could tell the passion he plays with because he would become hype and encourage his teammates after he made a play. While evaluating this game, I thought that he is the closest LB to Jarrad Davis as far as running speed and attacking the ball carrier. Later in the game, about the 3rd quarter, I felt that he got tired because he wasn’t running around as fast as he was before. I feel that he is a better LB than Jordan Evans but he has to sustain that effort and passion through the entire game. Stock: up; Draft’s bargain round: 2nd

Jordan Thomas, DB, #7 (6’0” 190 lbs)

He was dominant in the first half defending passes and executing physical tackles. It was impressive when he stayed with the receiver during his entire “fly route” and jumped at the last second within mid-stride to knock the ball away. He played the deep ball very well like this several times and they were mainly against a WR that is a speedy track runner. Although he was called for a pass interference penalty during a physical jam, I liked it because it showed confidence, physicality, and an aggression that elite DBs need to have. Immediately after the jam he took a high angle to cut off the WR’s go route and squeeze him to the sideline as much as possible. He showed the same physicality when he was positioned behind the WR during a jump ball but shot his hands through the receiver’s hands to knock the ball away. He had no trouble tackling the WRs after they caught screen passes. On one play he stayed square and shoved the WR out of bounds for a minimal gain and another play he closed the cushion fast, knifed through the block and cut straight through the catcher’s legs to bring him down. He created cause for concern when he was beat deep multiple times in the game as well. When a receiver ran a post route, he committed to the go route too soon and had to 180 turn to try and catch up to the post route but stumbled. He allowed a wheel route to get behind him for a td because he had his eyes fixated on the QB too much. Then he was beat for another go route where he was in perfect position but misjudged the ball and which went right past his hand. He has shown that he has the skills to be a very good coverage corner but he also showed that he can have mental lapses and be beat for tds. Stock: same; Draft’s bargain round: 3rd


D’onta Foreman, RB, Junior #33 (6’1” 249 lbs)

He is a physical, downhill runner that likes to go through the predetermined hole. Very rarely will he deviate from the predetermined hole and will put his head down and try to run over anyone in his way. A few times, he found a small crease through the line and could slice his way for a 10 yd. gain. His physical running style was perfect for the goal line; he bounced off of a D lineman who had him wrapped up and scored a td. On another play he dragged a DT for 5 yds. after contact and later in the game he stepped through a tackle by a solid LB and continued for another 3 yds. He is the type of runner that grinds through the entire game and breaks off a few big chunks of yards. Stock: same; Draft’s bargain round: 6th-7th

Connor Williams, LT, Sophomore #55 (6‘6” 288 lbs)

I was thoroughly impressed with his game. He had quick feet to stay engaged with edge rushers. Most impressive was his power at the poa during run plays. His explosion out of the his stance allowed him to get push back on the defenders consistently. The initial strike he gives to defenders dazes them and he uses that moment to run his feet and gain more momentum by flipping his hips to gain ultimate leverage. After being beat by a rusher, he showed fight to block him long through the play until his helmet came off. Although, he was pushing getting a penalty, I like offensive linemen who have a mean streak and don’t accept defeat. The best way to describe his blocking is aggressive; he blocked through the entire whistle and burst into blocks. He showed good movement skills when he effectively got engaged with a defender on a screen pass and on another play he helped on the 1st level while keeping his eyes on his target on the 2nd level and when the LB began to move he peeled up to knock him on his butt. Stock: up; Draft’s bargain round: 1st-2nd

Kent Perkins, G, Senior #76 (6’5” 320  lbs)

He did pretty well in in pass protection keeping a good base and using powerful strikes one punch at a time. I saw cause for concern when he had to pull block because he was usually slow and late to the block. Also, he was beat multiple times against stronger rushers who rushed up field and then stopped to grab his shoulder and throw him past before rushing underneath. Stock: same; Draft’s bargain round: 6th-7th

Other Players that Flashed

Jason Hall, S, Junior #31 (6’3” 216 lbs) for Texas

He flashed in the last game I saw of Texas and in this game he flashed again because he made a good number of plays. Against a jet sweep, he held outside leverage and then grabbed Mixon’s jersey to throw him to the ground before making the tackle. He had a solid tackle in the open field on Perine; he ran full speed downhill tackled Westbrook after he caught a screen pass. When he blitzed on the edge he had good upper body flexibility to bend around a pulling lineman to make the tackle and on another blitz he used his speed to track down Perine from behind. Since he continues to flash in each game, he may be a good player to watch for the future Stock: same; Draft’s bargain round: N/A more film needed

DeShon Elliot, S, Sophomore #4 (6’1” 202 lbs) for Texas

He flashed when he made thundering hits on Mixon on two kickoff returns. He ran the field with speed, gained leverage and then executed solid tackles. He also made a big hit on Perine 2 yds. from the end zone that brought the RB to his knees. Stock: same; Draft’s bargain round: N/A more film needed


Samaje Perine, RB, Junior #32

Dede Westbrook, WR, Senior #11


Joe Mixon, RB, Sophomore #25 (6’1” 226 lbs) for Oklahoma

This wasn’t his best game because he made multiple mistakes that could have all been fatal. He was ripped of the ball on a run play, he dropped one punt return, he allowed a different punt return ball to bounce off the ground and hit him, and he dropped a pitch from the QB on an option run. Even though this was not his best game because of his multiple mistakes, he still showed key skills that make him a top tier running back. He combines power with speed and quickness. he can quickly jump cut mid-step of his running stride and explode through small holes. During one sweep play, he quickly juked a DB by going in-out-in and blew right past him. Stock: down; Draft’s bargain round:

John Burt, WR, Sophomore #1 for Texas

He didn’t make any splash plays in this game but I see the potential. He is a track runner and he uses that speed when running routes. He got behind the other team’s best DB on a go route. He also killed him on a post route by selling the go route and getting the DBs hips turned. However, he could track the ball on the deep post. He stopped quickly after a sudden burst at the top on a curl route but then he dropped the ball. He needs to clean up his finish but his speed could make him dangerous. Stock: down; Draft’s bargain round: N/A

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