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NOW AVAILABLE: Joe Marino’s 2017 NFL Draft Scouting Portfolio

NFL Draft

NOW AVAILABLE: Joe Marino’s 2017 NFL Draft Scouting Portfolio

I’ve been looking forward to this day.

After a 10-month process to evaluate the 2017 NFL Draft class, my scouting portfolio is available for your reading pleasure.

Your purchase of a NDT Scouting Premium Subscription gets you my 2017 NFL Draft Scouting Portfolio, Kyle Crabbs’ 2017 NFL Draft Prospectus and a 12-month calendar of premium content that takes you through our scouting journey. We aim to be as transparent as possible with our scouting process and this subscription takes you a long for the ride!


2017 marks the first crop of prospects that I evaluated under my numerical grading system All positions are graded in five areas, which are weighted differently per position:  Film, Athleticism, Size, Production and Resume

  • Film:  Weighted grade dedicated to position-specific traits relative to each position.
  • Athleticism:  Weighted grade dedicated to athletic testing results that consider baseline measurements relevant to optimal NFL position/role.
  • Production:  Weighted grade dedicated to the on-field production of the prospect that considers sustained statistical achievement.
  • Size:  Weighted grade dedicated to the frame and measurements of the prospect relevant to optimal NFL position/role.
  • Resume:  Weighted grade dedicated to considering the accolades, injuries and off-field issues regarding the prospect.

I cannot stress enough that my evaluations are not predictive in how I think the prospects will get drafted. It’s my personal evaluation of the player and how I stack them based on best chance for NFL success and how the prospect should be valued based solely on my preferences.

Whether you’re a casual fan looking for more information on the upcoming NFL players, someone new to player evaluation or a seasoned draftnik looking for additional resources, our premium subscription provides content for all levels of interest in the football scouting world.

The NFL Draft scouting cycle is a year-round process and your subscription brings you along for the ride with exclusive content from Kyle Crabbs (NDT Scouting’s Founder and Director of Scouting) and Joe Marino (NDT Scouting’s Assistant Director of Scouting).

Here is EXACTLY what you’re getting across a year-long subscription:

      • IMMEDIATELY:  My 2017 NFL Draft Scouting Portfolio, Kyle Crabbs 2017 NFL Draft Prospectus. That’s 300 full scouting reports from BOTH Kyle and I on the 2017 prospect.
      • May:  Kyle Crabbs and Joe Marino will spend the month releasing analysis on each team’s 2017 draft class and how the value of its picks compare with their individual boards. A new team’s recap is released EACH day for the entire month where Kyle and Joe will provided side-by-side analysis offering their unique perspectives on each team’s draft.
      • June-August:  It’s time to get ready for the 2018 NFL Draft with a preview of the upcoming Senior Class! In the style of the Preseason Senior Outlook, Kyle Crabbs and Joe Marino will provide scouting overviews of the top 90-100 senior prospects. Roughly ten new advance reports will be released on a weekly basis starting on June 2, 2017 with side-by-side analysis from Kyle and Joe. You will be ready to watch college football in 2017 with an eye towards the 2018 NFL Draft by the time the season kicks off in September.
      • September-January:  A weekly scouting newsletter from either Kyle Crabbs or Joe Marino (alternating weeks) discussing efforts in scouting, recapping our scouting trips to universities and different standout items and nuggets that we encounter.
      • February:  The content will be focused on analytics where Kyle Crabbs and Joe Marino offer insight into different analytical data that is used for their prospect evaluation.

Your annual subscription of $20 provides you professional, unique, year-round coverage of the NFL Draft scouting process and final evaluations.

In total, it equates to over 1,400 pieces of NFL Draft content over the course of 12 months at your disposal!

Join us for the ride and experience the NFL Draft scouting journey!


Joe Marino

Marino began his career as the Assistant Editor for USA Today Digital Properties Draft Sites Network in 2011. A member of the FWAA, Marino writes about the NFL, College Football and NFL Draft for FanRag Sports.

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