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Nebraska Cornhuskers vs Wisconsin Badgers 10/29/2016

Dan Sanger/Icon Sportswire

Scouting Notes

Nebraska Cornhuskers vs Wisconsin Badgers 10/29/2016

Nebraska Cornhuskers @ Wisconsin Badgers

Camp Randall Stadium, Madison, Wisconsin

Saturday, October 29th @ 7:00 p.m.

17 Nebraska – Wisconsin 23


Dare Ogunbowale, RB, Senior #23 (5’11” 205 lbs)

He broke off several big runs in this game. Most impressive about him was the natural strength he has when he burst through the hole to not get tackled by defenders approaching from his side. He ran through  multiple tackles in the hole as he burst through the lane. He also showed short area agility. Such as when he took quick choppy steps to cut back on the defense once he broke through the line for another big run.  During one run, after he bounced to  the outside he rapidly 1,2 stepped juked the safety coming down hill on him. I liked his vision to identify the lane early and his burst to get through the lane. Stock: up; Draft’s bargain round: NA more film needed but as of now 6th-undrafted

[graphiq id=”lCtuwJRe6Al” title=”Wisconsin vs. Nebraska on October 29, 2016 7:00pm – Game Coverage” width=”800″ height=”797″ url=”https://w.graphiq.com/w/lCtuwJRe6Al” ]

Ryan Ramczyk, LT, Junior #65 (6’6” 314 lbs)

He showed great speed when running. He has the speed to get forward to the 2nd level and also the speed to get to his block when he pulled laterally.  When he had to pull up the middle with the RB behind him, he blasted the LB on the 2nd level. During multiple pulls to the outside, he latched onto his block, ran his feet throughout, and sprung the RB for a big gain. He showed physical down blocks.  He fluently shuffled to help his teammates in pass protection when no one rushed him. I did not like that he didn’t get much depth in his kickback because it forced the QB to not get depth in his drop which makes him vulnerable against a DT collapse up the middle. This was shown during a play where he didn’t get much depth in his kickback and the DT beat the guard up the middle to create pressure but because the DE wasn’t far up the field, the DE ended up creating more pressure and sacking the QB. Stock: up; Draft’s bargain round: NA need more film

Troy Fumagalli, TE, Junior #81 (6’6” 248 lbs)

I really like his game. He is an  above average blocker. He popped the DE with great punch at the poa and then turned his butt to the hole. During an outside zone run he hooked blocked the DE. When he had to cross face D linemen, he got his head and arm across and ripped through the block to gain leverage. On a 3rd and 10 play, when his offense was backed up in its own end zone, he powerfully down blocked the DE, instantly latched his hands and fought through the entire play, never giving up any ground. There were several run plays where he peeled up to physically block and stay in front of the other team’s best LB. I like that he breaks down at the top of his shorter routes such as out routes or curl routes. He tight turned to the outside when he ran a curl route and made himself available to the QB. He always caught the ball with all hands. During one 3rd down, he beat the safety to the spot on an out route and stretched out far to snag the pass with his hands and then immediately stretched the ball out to gain the first down. On another 3rd down play, he broke down at the top of the route, got his head around quickly, and snagged the heated pass with his hands to convert the first down. Although he is a little faster than the average TE, he doesn’t plant hard when he gives 1 step fakes at the top of deeper routes such corner routes, etc. Stock: up; Draft’s bargain round: 4th-6th


Kevin Maurice, DL, Senior #55 (6’3” 300 lbs)

He wasn’t dominate but he didn’t do badly either.  He didn’t  allow the backside cut block to get him on the ground and then he hustled to the ball carrier after he fully defeated the block. He did a good job of defeating the blocks in run game. Against one run play, he put his hand on the blocker’s shoulder in order to throw the blocker by as he swam and then he continued to stuff the hole and  tackle the RB. He showed the ability to hold up 2 blockers at the line and then split the blockers late to assist on the tackle. Later in the game he showed a step and swipe move to beat the guard and cause late pressure up middle for the sack. I did not like his closing speed. When the QB rolled out and he penetrated the line, I did not see a burst to close the gap between him and the QB but rather it seemed as if he began to jog. Against a RB screen, he looked lost after he got into the backfield.  Also, I am convinced that if his initial pass rush does not work, then he is going to stop trying for that play and shuffle his feet in front of the blocker. Stock: same; Draft’s bargain 7th-undrafted

Josh Banderas, LB, Senior #52 (6’3” 240 lbs)

I loved his game. He showed a knack for flowing to the ball and easily gliding through the hole until he viciously laid the hit on the RB. He seems natural when he fills the hole; there were countless plays in this game where he naturally flowed to the ball and then filled the hole to make a solid tackle. With 1:30 left in the game and on 3rd and 4, the offense ran a sweep and he flowed with the ball carrier, used his hands against the blocker and shed the block as soon as the RB was within arm’s reach to make the tackle. He attacks the lead blocker with a full head of steam and it looks almost like a highway collision. He is very physical with his hands and he has a strong upper body. During one run, he threw the lineman to the ground without exerting much effort. When the offense threw a bubble pass, he raced to the outside to assist on the tackle. Overall, I was very impressed with his aggression, strength and natural instincts. Stock: up; Draft’s bargain round: 4th

Michael Rose-Ivey, LB, Senior #15 (6’0” 230 lbs)

He also played a very good game. His strategy to defeat the run is to attack with a full head of steam and shoot the gap before the blocker can catch him. For instance, as soon as he sensed the run was approaching him, he flew up through the line so quickly that the lineman couldn’t peel off the original block to get him and in result he penetrated the backfield. During another run, he flew up on the edge, hit the blocker with his shoulder pad and then quickly regained his balance to burst forward and tackle the RB trying to get through hole inside of him. When the offense was in the red zone, he shot through the blocker’s shoulder who was trying to peel up to him and made the tackle on the RB. He showed amazing instincts during a play where, he initially attacked the edge but, before the ball carrier even committed to a hole, he suddenly decided to hop into the next gap inside; rightfully so because he ended up meeting the RB in the hole. It seemed as though he had good skills to drop into coverage. When he defended an over route, he kept up with the speed of the WR and then almost  intercepted the pass. Stock: up; Draft’s bargain round: 6th but need more film

Nate Gerry, S, Senior #25 (6’2” 220 lbs)

I was very impressed with his game. He plays with a subtle confidence and made several key plays in this game. He executed one of the most solid, form tackle I have ever seen when he flew up and smashed the ball carrier on a jet sweep. He continued to make solid tackles throughout the game. He attacked the los and stuffed the run play when the offense was backed up in their own end zone. He ran from the other side of the field  in order to tackle the ball carrier’s feet who broke through the line. During a draw play, he shot through everyone standing around to again make the tackle on the ball carrier’s legs. I also saw good coverage skills. Against a TE, he put hands on him after 5 yds. and then stuck very closely within the 10 yd. out route. Later in the game, he basically ran the route for the intended receiver  and almost intercepted the pass. He caught 2 interceptions in this game. One was because the QB over threw an over route and he was in position behind the receiver so the pass fell into his stomach. The 2nd interception was because he drove on the over route with a great angle and beat the receiver to the spot. He does have some things to work on in pass coverage. During a 3rd down, he put his eyes on the QB instead of his TE assignment and that is why he was late to drive on the out route  and not stop the 1st down conversion. Also, he did not have enough speed to run with the WR on an over route in the red zone which cost the team a td. Sometimes he gets hype calmly and other times he punches himself in the helmet or flexes his muscles. Stock: up; Draft’s bargain round: 5th-6th


Vince Biegel, LB, Senior #47 (6’4” 245 lbs)

He was a beast the entire game. They usually lined him up as a standup DE. He used his strength to constantly squeeze down on the edge of the line. He also did a very good job using his hands against blockers throughout the game.  When he rushed off the edge, he automatically attacked the FB with textbook technique: solid base, outstretched arms, and upright posture before shedding the block to make the tackle with one arm.  He executed several snag moves to get rid of the blocker in front of him. His snag moves were crisp, violent and sudden; I did not see one blocker handle his snag move. Also, he has a subtle quickness to him that he uses to shoot the inside gap.  When he wanted to rush the inside shoulder of the blocker, he quickly moved inside and then swiped and swam his way through the line; he caused constant pressure by shooting through the inside gap. Although his move was mechanical, technical, and he almost looked like a robot doing them, they were also quick and sudden and effective. His bull rush was strong; during one play he sent the o lineman flying backwards. He consistently kept his outside arm free so that he could maintain outside leverage on sweep plays. His speed may be a little suspect but he makes up for it with grit and fundamentals. Stock: up; Draft’s bargain round: 2-4

TJ Edwards, LB, Sophomore #53 (6’1” 244 lbs)

He was another very solid LB in this game. When he senses a run, he hauls ass toward the line and hits anyone in his way. A monster play that summarizes his game was shown during a goal line QB sweep. He raced to the outside as soon as he saw the play starting and then he fully attacked the leading blocker RB  and then immediately attacked the QB to stop him in his tracks because they were 1 yd. from the end zone. Twice when a RB pass protector tried to cut him, he lowered his shoulder and ran him right over.  On 3rd down, he flew up against a QB scramble and made a solid tackle. He moves laterally while filling the hole smoothly. During a pass play where he  dropped back in zone, he full length dived to try and deflect the pass. He is a very physical and very talented LB. Stock: up; Draft’s bargain round: 4th-5th

Sojourn Shelton, DB, Senior #8 (5’9” 168 lbs)

He plays with confidence and he has very quick feet to shadow a WR’s route. He is not going to get hands on at the los in bump coverage but rather he is going to stay patient and move his feet to shadow the WR’s movements. When the WR ran a 5 yd. hitch against him, he stopped as soon as the WR did. When they tried him with a stop and go, he trusted his quickness so he never fully committed and was on top of the WR when the QB threw the ball deep. Sometimes, he’ll start in press coverage and then bail out at the start of the play. He was right on the WR when he ran a comeback route and caused the incompletion. During a 3rd and 10 play, he sat right at the 10 yd. marker so that he could drive on any short routes and the QB took the bait; he drove on the short route and easily deflected the pass. Although he plays bigger than his size in coverage, he is not a very good tackler. When trying to tackle, he’ll dive at their legs, use his hands to hold them up until reinforcements come or throw his whole body into their upper body. Sometimes his tackle worked and other times it completely missed. Also, his size concerns me with getting off of WR blocks, which he didn’t do well with in this game, and against WR’s who run physical routes. During one physical route, he was thrown up field as the WR stopped to run back toward the QB on a curl route. Stock: up; Draft’s bargain round: 6th– undrafted

D’cota Dixon, S, Junior #14 (5’10” 197 lbs)

He showed the ability to play in the box and make solid tackles on the RB. Against a bubble route, he quickly closed the gap, broke down and then grabbed the ball carrier’s leg to secure the tackle very nicely. He may have enough speed to cover sideline to sideline in one high coverage. He quickly reacted to  a deflected pass that went high in the air and caught the interception. Although he dropped an interception in overtime, the next play he speedily ran to the sideline to deflect the pass thrown to a receiver running a go route. During this play,  he did well to turn his head to see the ball and turn his body while in the air. Stock: up; Draft’s bargain round: NA need more film


Jordan Westerkamp, WR, Senior #1 (6’0” 200 lbs)

He made several good catches in this game. After he caught one pass, he suddenly stopped to allow the DB to miss his feet and then continued forward for another  15 yds. He showed good concentration when he caught a couple more passes despite the DB being right on his back. Stock: same; Draft’s bargain round: NA more film needed


Derrick Tindal, DB, Junior #25 (5’11” 175 lbs) for Wisconsin

He did well to not get beat on a deep post route because he stayed with the receiver stride for stride and then jumped up to deflect the pass at the last second. There were several plays where he was right on the back of the pass catcher. Although I would like for those plays to turn into deflections or interceptions, it shows that he is in the right position. Eventually, he will gain that one extra step to deflect more passes. Such as in this game when he was right on the intended receiver and easily knocked down the pass. He drove on and tackled the TE who ran a 5 yd. hitch route on 3rd down. He made a very solid one on one tackle against a ball carrier on a jet sweep. Stock: same; Draft’s bargain round: NA more film needed

Conor Sheehy, DE, Junior #94 (6’4” 28 lbs) for Wisconsin

During one run play, he did a good job continuing to push through the inside gap and split the double team to crease through the line and tackle the RB in the backfield. During a pass play, he used a strong bull rush to collapse the pocket up the middle. Stock: same;  Draft’s bargain round: NA need more film but as of now, he needs to stay for another year

Garret Dooley, LB, Junior #5 (6’3” 247 lbs) for Wisconsin

He wasn’t the best LB on the team but he still made plenty of tackles. He did so by traveling to the ball and being physical at the poa. He did very well to squeeze down on the edge of the line during run plays up the  middle. During a QB draw, he attacked the offensive tackle and then used his hands to shed and tackle the QB one on one. He sniffed out the RB screen and made the tackle one on one. There were two plays in a row where he rushed the offensive tackle’s outside edge and hammered down on his forearm to flatten the edge; the second time he did so, he gained a sack. I liked his hustle throughout the game such as when he hustled to smash a WR who just caught a hitch route by the sideline.

Alec James, DE, Junior #57 (6’3” 266 lbs) for Wisconsin

I had to put him on the list as well because he made several tackles in this game. Partly because he hustles hard. Such as when he full speed hustled 30 yds. downfield to assist on the tackle of a WR. During a run play, he got good push back at the initial contact and then shed to assist on the tackle up the middle. He also deflected a pass high in the air to cause an interception. Stock: same; Draft’s bargain round: NA need more film

Stanley Morgan Jr., WR, Sophomore #8 (6’1” 200 lbs)

He didn’t make an impact until late in the game but each time he caught the ball he broke several tackles and looked to get as many YACs as possible. He also caught the ball with his hands. Stock: same; Draft’s bargain round: NA need more film


Vince Biegel, LB, Senior #47 (6’4” 245 lbs) for Wisconsin

TJ Edwards, LB, Sophomore #53 (6’1” 244 lbs) for Wisconsin

Nate Gerry, S, Senior #25 (6’2” 220 lbs) for Nebraska

Josh Banderas, LB, Senior #52 (6’3” 240 lbs) for Nebraska


Kevin Maurice, DL, Senior #55 (6’3” 300 lbs)

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