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Marino | Ogbonnia Okoronkwo wins with twitch and finesse to pressure the quarterback

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Marino | Ogbonnia Okoronkwo wins with twitch and finesse to pressure the quarterback

With 71 tackles, 12 tackles for loss and 9 sacks, EDGE Ogbonnia Okoronkwo emerged as a playmaker for the Sooners’ defense in his junior season and is one of the most intriguing senior defensive players entering the 2017 college football season.

All of these clips are brought to you by Krossover, NDT Scouting’s film partner for the 2018 NFL Draft season.

Okoronkwo is one of the 99 seniors that Jon Ledyard, Kyle Crabbs and I are showcasing this summer as part of our NDT Scouting Premium services.

Okoronkwo’s full assessment is available but as with all of our works at NDT Scouting, we hope to continue to be transparent in our process.

Okoronkwo is a twitched-up, finesse style pass rusher – that’s “how he wins”. The following clips/scouting notes highlight specifically how he is able to pressure the quarterback.

This rep showcases how quick Okoronkwo is off the ball which stresses the offensive tackles feet to keep up with him around the edge track. You can see the tackles feet get sloppy by failing to drive off his second step from his inside foot to spring him to get depth. That enables Okoronkow to get hip-to-hip, reduce his surface area and execute a rip move to finish.

This rep illustrates Okoronkwo’s natural get off out of his stance and how quickly he can get depth. His speed off the edge forces the offensive tackle to open his hips and from there, Okoronkwo makes him look silly.When Okoronkwo gets parallel with the quarterback, he has the tackle completely off-balance. Then its a simple plant and work back inside to close and finish.

Pass rushing is comparable to a game of chess. All game long pass rushers set the blocker up to execute a particular move later in the game. That’s what we see here from Okoronkwo.

Okoronkwo’s go-to is winning with speed around the edge which was his plan for the first three quarters of this game. On this rep, Okoronkwo strings together a series of moves that showcase his twitch and change of direction skills. A jab step outside, then a jab step inside followed by a spine move back outside puts the offensive tackle on ice as Okoronkwo bursts by him for the sack.

Okoronkwo’s ability to win around the edge and with inside moves makes him a tall order for offensive tackles on an island. On this rep, the tackle is stunned as Okoronkwo executes a head fake that deadens the tackles feet and enables Okoronkwo to quickly burst around the edge, corner and finish.

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