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Marino | Mike McGlinchey has makings of franchise left tackle

OCT 01 Notre Dame v Syracuse
Photo by Rich Graessle/Icon Sportswire

Scouting Notes

Marino | Mike McGlinchey has makings of franchise left tackle

In all likelihood, Notre Dame left tackle Mike McGlinchey would have challenged to be the first offensive tackle drafted and first round selection in the 2017 NFL Draft if he declared. He returns to South Bend as a standout blocker with considerable polish and refinement to his game. Assuming he stays healthy, McGlinchey has the skill set, physical attributes and experience to hear his name called early in the 2018 Draft.

All of these clips are brought to you by Krossover, NDT Scouting’s film partner for the 2018 NFL Draft season.

McGlinchey is one of the 99 seniors that Jon Ledyard, Kyle Crabbs and I are showcasing this summer as part of our NDT Scouting Premium services.

His full assessment is available but as with all of our works at NDT Scouting, we hope to continue to be transparent in our process.

Let’s examine what specific traits indicate why McGlinchey has the skills of a franchise left tackle in the NFL. The following clips/scouting notes highlight those areas.

McGlinchey is a smooth pass protector with quick feet, a consistent base and good posture. He also plays with precise timing and location with his punch. On this rep, you can see McGlinchey illustrate a blend of patience to square up and mirror the rusher but also a degree of aggression with his punch to stymie the rushers surge. He is a polished pass blocker.

NFL left tackles must be able to handle speed off the edge and this rep provides evidence that McGlinchey can shut it down. On this rep, McGlinchey takes away the rushers landmark by taking a good angle and not allowing him to corner the edge. From there, it’s all about his punch timing and length to steer him past the quarterback.

McGlinchey has strong mental processing skills and football intelligence which can be seen on this rep. McGlinchey quickly recognizes the defensive lines stunt and that his outside rusher was working inside. McGlinchey works inside with a quick punch to secure the b-gap while positioning himself to work back outside if a rusher shows. He is in under control and comfortable in this situation.

McGlinchey is a successful blocker in space. He takes good angles to the second level and anticipates defensive flow. Playing under control, McGlinchey squares up his man and initiates contact with good timing so that he rarely comes up empty. When he gets his hands on linebackers, it’s game over.

McGlinchey has no problems working in a phone booth and creating movement in the run game. This rep is a good example of how McGlinchey’s power stems from his lower half and how his punch and hip roll work together to uproot opponents. He also plays with impressive leverage for a 6-foot-8 lineman which can be seen here.

McGlinchey and left guard Quenton Nelson pair to form a devastating duo of blockers on the left side of the Irish offensive line. When they collaborate on combo blocks, it’s a tall order for defensive lineman to handle. This rep illustrates how effective they are but also how quickly McGlinchey can combo and then generate power to create more movement at the second level.

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Marino began his career as the Assistant Editor for USA Today Digital Properties Draft Sites Network in 2011. A member of the FWAA, Marino writes about the NFL, College Football and NFL Draft for FanRag Sports.

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