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Marino | Frank Ragnow is smart, powerful and dominant in space

NOV 19 Arkansas at Mississippi State
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Scouting Notes

Marino | Frank Ragnow is smart, powerful and dominant in space

Center Frank Ragnow is among the most exciting senior offensive line prospects available for the 2018 NFL Draft. A darling of Pro Football Focus, Ragnow was honored as a first team All-American and All-SEC selection to go with Best Offensive Lineman and Best Run Blockern awards.

All of these clips are brought to you by Krossover, NDT Scouting’s film partner for the 2018 NFL Draft season.

Ragnow is one of the 99 seniors that Jon Ledyard, Kyle Crabbs and I are showcasing this summer as part of our NDT Scouting Premium services.

Ragnow’s full assessment is available for NDT Premium subscribers but as with all of our works at NDT Scouting, we hope to continue to be transparent in our process. Therefore, consider these my “notes” on Ragnow, particularly where he’s most successful and where he can improve this season.

Ragnow is a dominant blocker in space which is necessary in today’s NFL because centers are frequently tasked with climbing to the second level and sealing linebackers. In this rep, Ragnow takes a perfect angle and works his hips around to seal the backer and allow his running back to convert a 3rd and four.

There are multiple ways that Ragnow wins in space. In this rep, Ragnow is the lead blocker into the boundary and his assignment is to get into the d-gap and turn his head inside to cut off the first defensive player in pursuit that he sees. Ragnow wisely checks inside and notices there are no players in pursuit of concern and without hesitation looks forward to pickup the boundary corner and execute the block needed to convert a first down.

Ragnow is a smart and savvy player. Illustrating another element of how he wins in space, Ragnow perfectly sells the screen play and releases into space with perfect timing. Playing under control, Ragnow breaks down and makes contact appropriately to spring his back for another 10 yards.

Ragnow is an experienced and smart player that fully understands pass protection schemes. He knows how to find work when he is uncovered. The following rep is routine for him as he works inside out by first sealing the shade, keeping his head on a swivel and then working to the three technique to cut off his rush angle. This is Sunday stuff.

Ragnow is a powerful man. While there are some technique issues to improve upon with his hands, Ragnow has the power needed to move opponents against their will. Despite not winning this rep initially with his hands, Ragnow has enough power in his frame to win the drive block and uproot the defensive lineman out of his gap to create space for the 5-yard gain.

As I alluded to, Ragnow has some work to do with his hand technique. He must speed up his punch and become more deliberate with his hand placement to get into the chest plate of his opponent. This rep is a perfect example of how Ragnow’s lack of proper hand usage allows the defensive lineman to get into his pads and reset the line of scrimmage which impacts the pulling left guards ability to take a tight angle and create space on the playside.

On the positive side, this play highlights Ragnow’s competitive nature and how he competes through the whistle to finish blocks. When Ragnow is blocking, you can expect bodies to be on the ground.

Joe Marino

Marino began his career as the Assistant Editor for USA Today Digital Properties Draft Sites Network in 2011. A member of the FWAA, Marino writes about the NFL, College Football and NFL Draft for FanRag Sports.

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