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Ledyard | Mayfield shines on the road in Oklahoma’s big victory over Ohio State

Photo by Jason Mowry/Icon Sportswire

Scouting Notes

Ledyard | Mayfield shines on the road in Oklahoma’s big victory over Ohio State

Ohio State Buckeyes v Oklahoma Sooners

Saturday, September 9, 2017, 7:30 p.m. ET

Columbus Stadium/Columbus, OH

Oklahoma (31), Ohio State (16)

Notable Prospects Entering the Contest

Ohio State

J.T. Barrett, QB, Ohio State (RS Senior)

Analysis: Cannot make an anticipation throw to save his life. Incredibly slow mental processor who locks onto reads for far too long. Stared down two throws that both resulted in interceptions (one was incorrectly ruled incomplete on the field and not reviewed). Accuracy is spotty at best. I considered him essentially undraftable coming into the year, but for anyone who held out hope for Barrett’s stock, this was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Stock: Down

Mike Weber, RB, Ohio State (RS Sophomore)

Analysis: Showed good bounce to the outside on his first carry, but tweaked something and exited the game soon after. Stock: Same

Parris Campbell, WR, Ohio State (RS Junior)

Analysis: Did very little in the passing game, but a lot of that may have been on the quarterback. Has game-breaking speed, which was showcased on an explosive kick return. How polished is he as a receiver? I think his routes will need work, but the tools are interesting. Stock: Same

Jamarco Jones, OT, Ohio State (Senior)

Analysis: Didn’t generate the push in the run game that I hoped he would, but generally stayed on his assignment and sealed off inside lanes. Got absolutely whipped by Ogbonnia Okoronkwo on an inside rush move near the end of the game, tackling the defensive end to the ground. Wasn’t tested a whole lot by pass rushers, as Oklahoma often rushed three and typically played Okoronkwo on the other side. Stock: Down

Billy Price, OG, Ohio State (RS Senior)

Analysis: Tough technician who did work on the interior. Doesn’t generate a massive push, but works hard to stay on his assignments and scrap for positioning. Takes good angles to the second level and arrives under control. Reached linebacker easily on one zone run, resulting in a big gain. Mental processing to pick up a late blitzer on one play. Price looks natural at center after playing guard the past few years. Great chance that’s his best position moving forward.  Stock: Up

Marcus Baugh, TE, Ohio State (RS Senior)

Analysis: Had one catch late in the game on a scramble drill, which he did well to pull down despite a defender climbing his back. Wasn’t utilized frequently, and I didn’t notice him as a blocker. Stock: Same

Sam Hubbard, EDGE, Ohio State (RS Junior)

Analysis: Continues to show off excellent positional discipline, edge-setting and mental processing as a run defender. Physical player who makes things happen with effort and technique. I don’t think Hubbard is the type of athlete that will 1v1 frequently as a pass rusher off the edge, but he’s gonna get collegiate sacks due to motor and toughness, as he did in an unblocked situation tonight. Stock: Up

Jalyn Holmes, EDGE, Ohio State (Senior)

Analysis: Holmes was stoned on a couple interior rushes, but I did not notice him very often outside of that. Stock: Same

Tyquan Lewis, EDGE, Ohio State (RS Senior)

Analysis: Lewis was largely unsuccessful as a pass rusher tonight, and I still don’t think he has the elite traits to be a high draft pick next spring. He’s an assignment sound, solid run defender, but physically and athletically, Lewis leaves a lot to be desired. He did not record a statistic on the night, and seems to be forfeiting more playing time to Bosa, as it should be. Stock: Down

Robert Landers, DL, Ohio State (RS Sophomore)

Analysis: With Ohio State running a heavy rotation up front, Landers was a guy I didn’t notice much. He definitely has the squatty powerful frame to eat up blocks on the inside, but he often came off the field on pass rush downs, which could leave that aspect of his game underdeveloped. Stock: Same

Dre’mont Jones, DL, Ohio State (RS Sophomore)

Analysis: Must do a better job of getting off blocks at the point of attack. Double teams ate him up. Good when he can shoot or move gaps directly post-snap. Clearly worked on pass rush counters in the offseason, but he’ll rush them at times. Slow spin move. Has the athleticism and range to be a good one, but I think he needs to get stronger and better at block recognition. Jumped offsides once as well. Stock: Down

Tracy Sprinkle, DL, Ohio State (RS Senior)

Analysis: I didn’t notice Sprinkle a lot, but he made a great play to slant to the opposite A-gap early in the game, taking the runner down for a loss. His powerful build and surprising quickness made me want to take a closer look at him after the big defensive lineman missed last season with an injury. Stock: Up

Jerome Baker, LB, Ohio State (Junior)

Analysis: Baker’s issues with processing speed were made visibly evident tonight. He didn’t attack his windows to beat blockers to spots, and really struggled to work off of contact at the second level. Baker was manipulated out of position by backfield motion or play-action far too easily, as the Sooners took advantage of Ohio State’s lack of discipline at linebacker across the board. Baker was also beaten in coverage by running back Trey Sermon for a touchdown later in the game. Was dragged for a first down on a key Oklahoma fourth down conversion. Stock: Down

Chris Worley, LB, Ohio State (RS Senior)

Analysis: Packs a punch and showed pretty decent range tonight. Forced a fumble by getting low and arriving with force. Mental processing and positional discipline are definite concerns. I had no expectation of Worley coming in, and tonight had some good and some bad. Stock: Same


Damon Webb, S, Ohio State (Senior)

Analysis: Sure tackling all night, arrived with good closing speed, wrapped and finished ball carriers. Takes strong, sure angles to fill in run support. Didn’t notice any overwhelming issues in coverage, but he can’t get caught face-guarding as he did on Andrews early in the game. It was a bad call, but pass interference is often flagged in those situations. I think he can close more quickly on vertical throws in front of him from deep coverage. Stock: Same

Denzel Ward, CB, Ohio State (Junior)

Analysis: Played through the receiver’s hands at the catch point, but seemed to struggle with getting head around to make plays on the ball. Physical at the line of scrimmage and pressed receivers to the sideline with force. Stayed in phase vertically and forced receivers into tough catches without committing penalties. Stock: Up


Baker Mayfield, QB, Oklahoma (RS Senior)

Analysis: Made several off-platform throws from unnatural arm angles that dropped my jaw. Situational awareness, pocket presence and mental processing are outstanding. Feels pressure well in the pocket and maneuvered efficiently despite cramping. Incredibly tough and will stand in and take a shot to make a play. Through the ball with zip in the short-intermediate areas of the field, and didn’t lose pace when off-platform. Terrific ball-handling and eye-shoulder manipulation of defenders to open up throwing windows. Worked progressions and didn’t get overly skittish in clean pockets when first read was covered. Deep ball accuracy needs to improve, badly underthrew one vertical shot and missed a couple others deep, especially down the sideline. Arm strength for distance might be a question mark. Terrific poise under pressure and managed tough situations (backed up under own goalposts on one drive with crazy crowd noise) and overcame several early game mishaps to emerge victorious and successful offensively in the second half. Leadership and moxie will attract NFL scouts. Stock: Up

Mark Andrews, TE, Oklahoma (RS Junior)

Analysis: Ideal move tight end with a great size/athleticism combination, but was injured on a slip screen early in the game and did not return. Stock: Same

Orlando Brown, OT, Oklahoma (RS Junior)

Analysis: Nick Bosa clowned Brown around the edge with some hand work and a shape corner. Drive-catch can use more explosiveness to establish half-man relationship against rushers quickly. Got great movement as a down blocker, and hustled into space to make second level blocks. Locked down Sam Hubbard on a couple rushes, but was really challenged by the more explosive edge defender in Bosa. A good night for Brown overall, but seeing him against an elite edge generated some questions. Stock: Same

Ogbonnia Okoronkwo, EDGE, Oklahoma (RS Senior)

Analysis: Absolutely dominant performance. Two sacks and another tackle-for-loss, as well as an outstanding goal-go-go ankle tackle on J.T. Barrett out in space. Beat both Ohio State tackles with strong inside moves, showing off his quick feet and active hands to swat free of contact. Jamarco Jones was forced to tackle him to prevent a sack. Beat Ohio State right tackle Isaiah Prince later in the game with an outside spin, then kept his balance despite contact up the arc and cornered to chase down Barrett as the quarterback stepped up. Athleticism to play in space and advanced variety as a pass rusher were clear tonight. Needs to detail his work a little better, and point-of-attack concerns might still be valid because of his size, but this was one of the best defensive performances of the young college football season for the Oklahoma edge rusher. Stock: Up

Jordan Thomas, CB, Oklahoma (Senior)

Analysis: Let a receiver behind him on a post pattern, but did well to compete at the catch point and not allow his opponent a clean look at the ball. Thomas was active run support, but was rarely tested down the field in an Ohio State offense that couldn’t get going vertically. Stock: Same


Other Players that Flashed

J.K. Dobbins, RB, Ohio State

Trey Sermon, RB, Oklahoma

Jeff Badet, WR, Oklahoma

Dimitri Flowers, FB, Oklahoma

Best Players on the Field 

Baker Mayfield, QB, Oklahoma

Ogbonnia Okoronkwo, EDGE, Oklahoma

Nick Bosa, EDGE, Ohio State

Forgettable Performances

J.T. Barrett, QB, Ohio State

Isaiah Prince, RT, Ohio State

Jerome Baker, LB, Ohio State

Jon Ledyard

Jon Ledyard has been writing about the NFL draft for several years now, and is thrilled to be bringing creative content and unique analysis to NDT Scouting. He lives with his wife Brittany and four-month old daughter Caylee in mid-western Pennsylvania. Jon is also the host of the Locked on NFL Draft and Breaking the Plane podcasts, while covering the Steelers for scout.com. The Office, LOST, weightlifting, ultimate frisbee, grilling, Duke basketball, and all Pittsburgh pro sports teams are his greatest passions.

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1 Comment

  1. Dean Kindig

    September 10, 2017 at 4:02 am

    Excellent summary. Jamarico Jones looked like he could get to second level and wall off pretty well, then Okoronkwo just abused him.

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