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Inspecting conflicting opinions on the 2017 NFL Draft

DEC 26 Independence Bowl - Tulsa v Virginia Tech
Photo by Steve Nurenberg/Icon Sportswire


Inspecting conflicting opinions on the 2017 NFL Draft

Deshaun Watson’s success can be linked to WR Mike Williams. WR Mike Williams can’t separate; meanwhile Virginia Tech’s Hodges is a future NFL star.

If you read the above and thought they were my actual opinions, then you can call this a classic “bait and switch.” My experiences from Division I football and hours of film review have led me to have the exact opposite opinion of the lead to this article. Allow me to explain.

Deshaun Watson

First, the notion that Watson was not a great passer, runner, or winner without Williams is asinine because two years ago he did just that. Remember when he led his team to face Alabama in their first championship matchup that turned out to be an epic shootout? That season, Watson converted 67.8% of his passes for over 4,000 yards.

If anything, having the added “weapon” of Williams may have hurt him because the next season he threw a worse completion rate, and although he threw for more yards, the assumed security of Williams forced his interceptions to skyrocket as well.

However, as we all know, correlation does not necessarily mean causation so we won’t totally put that on Williams. The next season, Watson traveled to the championship again but this time, showed the poise and leadership that can win a championship against what was at the time being called the best Alabama defense ever. That poise and leadership can lead an NFL franchise that is in rebuilding mode. Watson won the state championship in high school while at Gainesville, GA and he won a college championship.

Next stop? The NFL. His leadership can go a long way for a franchise like the New York Jets because he can quickly gain their respect and win over the locker room while consistently handling the intense media. That’s a face of a franchise trait; something the Jets desperately need. Oh yeah, here’s another buzzword: dual threat. Watson can not only read defenses and thread the ball through tight windows like these:

But Watson also forces defenses to respect his running game. He’s fully capable of winning as a runner and adding an extra blocker to the box:

Is Watson the next Cam Newton? No, but he sure acts like him by visually having fun with teammates and the fans.

This is how he leads and he does so naturally. As far as quarterbacks in the draft, the San Francisco 49ers have the first move in the order but the NY Jets are sitting pretty on the side, scoping out the scene. For their sake, I hope they make the right choice (and no, I’m not a Jets fan).

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Roger Dixon Jr

Roger is a native of Orlando, FL. After excelling in DII football his first 2 seasons, he fulfilled his lifelong dream of playing on the Florida Gators football team, where he was named Special Teams Player of the Year and Team Captain. He earned his degree in Economics from UF's Warrington College of Business. Roger brings a passion for football and unique perspective of what it takes to be successful in football at the highest level.

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