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Dixon | Second half adjustments from Ohio State overcome Indiana

AUG 31 Ohio State at Indiana
Photo by Jeffrey Brown/Icon Sportswire

Scouting Notes

Dixon | Second half adjustments from Ohio State overcome Indiana

#2 Ohio St. Buckeyes v Indiana Hoosiers


Memorial Stadium/Bloomington, Indiana

Score:  Ohio State (49) vs Indiana (21)

Notable Prospects Entering the Contest

Ohio State Buckeyes

JT Barrett, QB (Sr) Barrett showed improvement from last season of patiently reading through his progressions. There were more examples of reading 3-man route combinations and dissecting the defense to discern the open crossing route. His leadership and poise kept Ohio St. calm during their fight in the first half. His deep ball accuracy can use improvement as he overthrew two wide open TDs and misfired on a curl route and over route. He also needs to improve his understanding of “scramble rules” to quickly throw a receiver open when he scrambles; there were several plays that could have become explosive but turned to “throw away” throws because Barrett didn’t pull the trigger. Stock: Neutral

Billy Price, C (Sr) He plays lower to the ground than his 6’4” frame would suggest which helps him hold a strong base in the middle. His opposite hand strikes the rusher simultaneously as he snaps which stops rushers’ momentum. Great understanding of angles and leverage. He is more of a blocker that uses his upper body torque to turn and shield off rushers from the hole rather than driving them straight out of the hole. He has great agility moving laterally in reaction to rusher’s moves and as a puller. Athletic enough to pull and break down to square up the defender head on. Noteworthy that every successful goal line run or 4th and short was ran right behind him. Stock: up

Marcus Baugh, TE (Sr) Had an amazing all-hands catch over the middle despite safety delivering a hard blow immediately after the catch. Seems like he has large hands; he uses them well when catching and blocking. He is decent as an inline blocker because he immediately puts his body between the defender and the runner but he needs to run his feet after contact especially when the run is designed to come behind him. Stock: Up

Parris Campbell, WR (Jr) He is dynamic after the catch. He was a handful to tackle on bubble screens and he took a 5-yard crossing route for a long TD. He is also the kickoff returner. I didn’t like his energy as a blocker nor his sense of urgency when the QB scrambled.   Stock:  Neutral

Sam Hubbard, DE (Jr) He is a solid D line prospect but the elite talent around him makes his talent seem marginal. He has strength to hold his gap. On a few plays, he used his power on inside stunts to put pressure in QB face. He needs to expand his arsenal of pass rushing moves as an edge rusher. I really like that he has the athleticism to drop into coverage. Stock: Down

Jalyn Holmes, DE (Sr) He showed a tight bend around the Offensive Tackle’s edge. He has speed to run down ball carriers that bounce outside. Used an array of moves like the swim, hand swipe, spin, and hustle. He also attempted to knock down multiple passes and got his hand on two. Stock: Up

Nick Bosa, DE (Soph) He looks like a future top-5 prospect with his dominate performance and relentless motor. He used all his 6’4” 270 lb. power to run through offensive tackles, pulling guards, and RBs in pass protection. He also has tremendous bend to flatten the edge while staying low to the ground. He can play as an outside or inside D lineman. His hand fighting technique is elite and natural to him.  Undeniably dominant. Stock: Up

Dre’Mont Jones, DT (RS Soph) He was another dominant performer. He attacked with pure power. Hands strike underneath the blockers pads and fought like a madman to collapse the pocket from the inside. He is very natural at the position with an array of pass rushing moves. I saw him swipe the blockers hands away, use the swim move, violently snag and pull, and even spin on the inside. His explosion off the snap made him consistently the first to make contact. He wreaked havoc on the line the entire game, never taking a play off. Stock: Up

Jerome Baker, LB (Jr) I can sense his natural athleticism to side step blockers and carry receivers in coverage. He stayed in the TE’s hip during two wheel routes. He needs to improve his effort when pursuing ball carriers. He did not show the tenacious pursuit of the ball carrier that would call for him to be the #1 LB of this draft class. Stock: Down


Indiana Hoosiers

Richard Lagow, QB (R-Sr) His tall frame allows him to scan the entire field while in the pocket. Lagow had some perfect ball placements on various fades and back shoulder throws. It’s questionable how extensive his passing tree can go because the coaches asked him to throw one on one routes toward the sideline the entire game. When the defense took those options away with zone coverage, Lagow responded with inaccurate ball placement and hesitant zone reading. Below average mobility and poise with pressure on him in the pocket.  He threw several throws up for grabs when pressure was in his face and he fumbled during a sack. Stock: Down

Simmie Cobbs, WR (R-Jr) He dominated the game with his 6’4” frame and elite body control to track and haul in jump passes. He showed immense concentration on the ball, following the passes all the way through the catch. He has the body control to twist his body midstride, which was very valuable during back shoulder throws. His hands are strong enough to snag a pass with all hands. If he keeps climbing the ladder for passes, he’ll be a hot commodity for the NFL. Stock: Up

Robert McCray III, DE (Sr). He understands his role in the defense and what gap he is supposed to defend then he attacks with a plan. Has great strength to lean his shoulder and immediately gain position in the gap he needs. He has a playmaker mentality; he’ll go for the strip sack if given opportunity. Physical handful when rushing off the edge because he can win with strength, hustle, and has shown he can dip and rip around edge. Stock: Neutral

Tegray Scales, LB (Sr) He can easily change direction in the short area which helps him be a solid tackler. Also, has a keen instinct to know when to patiently diagnose the play v when to run into the trenches for the tackle. Strength to knock blockers back. He plays with a nice mix of physicality and hustle. Wide receivers running shallow routes across him could expect a violent shove from him. Was disappointing to sense that his play diminished drastically once his team was too far behind to win.   Stock: Up

Rashard Fant, CB (R-Sr) He has the foot speed to play man to man press coverage. Also, uses his hands well at the line of scrimmage in press coverage. He is a little to handsy at the top of WR routes. Noteworthy that he made two critical mistakes which allowed two TDs. He was in zone coverage when everyone else on the defense was in man coverage and the other play he couldn’t get off a block as the ball carrier ran right past him for a TD. Stock: Neutral

Other Players that Flashed

Terry McLaurin, WR (Jr), Ohio St. He flashed for a few reasons. I liked his physicality at the top of a hitch route. He encouraged his teammate after the teammate dropped an easy touchdown. He immediately turned upfield to block the DB when his teammate WR broke loose. Blocks balanced, long arm length, and great arch in back during blocking.

Denzel Ward, CB (Jr), Ohio St. played press man coverage with a heavy shadow technique. Started off in a backward pedal at the beginning of the snap and didn’t ever attempt to get his hands on the WR. He had a great ability to feel when to shoot his hand into the WRs frame to dislodge the pass. Although only 5:10, his arms seemed longer because he was quickly deflect passes the entire game. Stayed in WRs hips. peeked back at QB while trailing WR seam route and turned to intercept pass.

Jashon Cornell, DT (RS Soph), Ohio St. Powerful hands to fight through blocks. Despite huge frame, he has quick lateral movement skills. Caused a QB fumble after powerfully splitting guard and tackle.

Chris Covington, LB (Sr), Indiana: Has incredible speed dropping into coverage. With his 6’2” 230 lb. frame, it looks like he is a big DB in coverage. His speed is the what NFL teams are looking for in LBs today. He ran down and tackled a WR on the sideline during a bubble pass. Also, was impressed he showed technical arm extension against blockers to get rid of them speedily. Am concerned that he doesn’t attack the line of scrimmage fast enough because he doesn’t trust his size, hence allowing the RB to gain 4 yards before he touches him. Stock: up

Donavan Hale, WR (Jr), Indiana: Flashed some agile ability to successfully snatch jump passes. Has foot fire speed to do multiple moves off the los but this game did not prove that he could consistently defeat press coverage. Had a few plays that he didn’t complete but were near highlights. Seems like he depends on his athleticism too much and needs to work on his route running.  Also, was a horrifically weak blocker on bubble screens.

Roger Dixon Jr

Roger is a native of Orlando, FL. After excelling in DII football his first 2 seasons, he fulfilled his lifelong dream of playing on the Florida Gators football team, where he was named Special Teams Player of the Year and Team Captain. He earned his degree in Economics from UF's Warrington College of Business. Roger brings a passion for football and unique perspective of what it takes to be successful in football at the highest level.

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