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Dixon l LSU edges out slugfest win at Florida

NOV 24 LSU at Texas A&M
Photo by Ken Murray/Icon Sportswire

Scouting Notes

Dixon l LSU edges out slugfest win at Florida

Louisiana State Tigers @ #21 Florida Gators


Ben Hill Griffin Stadium, Gainesville, FL

LSU Tigers (17), Florida Gators (16)

Derrius Guice, RB #5 (Jr) He may not be a 100% healthy because I didn’t see the lateral burst and explosion that I am prone to seeing. However, he did show amazing lower body power and leg turnover after contact to be a goal line and short yardage back. As a pass protector, he throws his shoulder into the rushers which stuns them. However, this pass protection technique is not sustainable during longer pass plays. As a player engaging other players, he seems to be energetic and well liked because of his high enthusiasm. Stock: Same

Arden Key, DE #49 (Jr)   His extremely long arms are his greatest asset against the run. He has powerful hands on contact with blockers, he consistently shoots his hands inside at contact, and he fully extends his arms to give himself space to diagnose the run and disengage when necessary. He is a lethal edge defender against the run because of his arm length and attention to technique, like using the rip move to disengage with blockers. He is still on a snap count watch because of his late return this season but he showed consistent hustle and speed to track down RB screens and runs from the backside. Finally, he is still showing the amazing bend around the edge that makes him a pass rushing nightmare. Stock: Same (but high)

Kevin Tolliver, DB #2 (Jr) He was extremely patient while in press coverage. He has nice length and used that to squeeze WRs to the sideline if they took an outside release. His patience at the line and ability to stay within the WRs hips gave him multiple pass breakups this game. Twice when tackling the RB, he went low and sliced through the RB’s legs. Stock: Up

Donte Jackson, DB #1 (Jr) He was a very effective tackler along the edge of the line to assist against the run game when used as a nickel DB/ in the box DB. He routinely either used his quickness to sidestep blockers or used his competitive physicality to run straight through the blockers. During the offense’s last play of the game, he blitzed and lowered his shoulder through the RB’s chest to disrupt the QB’s pass. He was beat twice on slant routes by the slot receiver: once he was hesitant in his reaction/drop step, and the second rep he was too early and was flagged for pass interference. During a different play when he was in zone covering the curl zone, he read the QB’s eyes and tipped the pass intended to the outside receiver running a curl route. Stock: Same

Will Clapp, C #64 (Jr) This game, he showed great upper body torque to turn his body immediately after contact. He routinely put himself between the ball carrier and the rusher with this technique. Although it doesn’t generate movement downhill, it is effective to create minor holes for the RB. Stock: Same

Florida Gators

Duke Dawson, DB #7 (Sr) Dawson continues to show impressive man and zone cover abilities.  He had the opportunity to intercept 3 passes this game, unfortunately he could not capitalize on any of them. While in zone coverage he sat and diagnosed the offensive scheme quickly to break on the pass to the flats and missed the pick 6 by 6 inches. Another rep while in zone coverage, he read the shallow route and deflected the pass. Against a go route while in man coverage he almost intercepted another pass but allowed the pass to drop in his bucket rather than going up for it which allowed the WR to battle him to the ground for possession. He has put himself in position to make game changing plays, now, he must finish them. Stock: Same

Martez Ivey, LT #73 (Jr) He showed active and powerful hands while in pass protection. He also has decent athleticism and speed to run rushers around his outside edge. His time spent playing guard has most likely stunted his footwork growth as a tackle. He routinely did not get into a kickback during pass plays, but rather he got hands on the rusher early and used his speed to keep inside half man leverage on the block. However, when going against elite speed of Arden Key, this technique cannot keep up. Stock: Same

Brandon Powell, WR #4 (Sr) He is a quick twitch route runner and juker after the catch. He exploded up field after a screen pass to break Arden Key’s tackle and gain a first down. He is best used in space because his 5’8” frame limits his catch radius. Stock: Same

Taven Bryan, DL #93 (R Jr) His tremendous power was on display consistently throughout the game. Especially during goal line or short yardage situations. He pushed and bullied his way into the backfield and collapsed the pocket up the middle. He needs to work on diagnosing the play quicker so that he can finish tackles. He seemed to be late recognizing the plays and was a step behind making a huge impact. Stock: Same

Jordan Sherit, DE #17 (R-Sr) He showed brute strength to bull rush a blocker back into the QB. He also was a strong presence to squeeze from the edge of the los against the run. Lastly, he hustled and dove to tackle RBs while tracking them from behind. He has been hurt the last couple of years but he is making the most of his reps now. Stock: Up

Fred Johnson, RG #74 (Jr) He has extremely long arms and uses his length to maintain his block for as long as possible. He has gotten a lot better bending at the knees to have low pad level upon contact. With his tall 6’6” frame, if he gets caught leaning forward then he is susceptible to being off-balance at the POA.  Stock: Up

Best Players on the Field

LSU’s Devin White, LB #40 (Soph) He is going to be a top LB going into next year’s class. He is urgent and explosive while searching laterally for the RB. His speed and explosion allows him to cover sideline to sideline and multiple holes within the box of the offensive tackles. He violently took on blockers with low pad level to stuff multiple runs. Also, he sounds to be a leader when he called out his teammates to “hit the books” and learn their assignments.

David Reese, LB #33 (Soph) He has great closing speed once he eyes are locked onto the ball carrier. He also has fantastic thump at the poa to make the ball carrier lose momentum.

Chauncey Gardner, Jr, Safety #23 (Soph) He was extremely reliable as a tackler and was used as an in the box safety at times. He took the head off some RBs during his tackles.

Flash Players

LSU’s Grant Delpit, Safety #9 (Fr) Anytime a freshman starts, it causes for a double look. He was extremely deliberate and violent coming downhill. During several plays he ran straight through blockers to disrupt the play.

UF’s Jawaan Taylor, RT #65 (Soph) As a two-year starter, he is going to be one of the top offensive tackles going into next year’s class. He is powerful during the initial contact phase, and then he runs his feet with equal distribution of weight and choppy steps. He has great drive after contact to gain movement within the run game. He also showed speed to get to the edge during screen passes.

UF’s Jabari Zuniga, DL #92 (R-Soph)

Jachai Polite, DL #99 (Soph)

Forgettable Performances

LSU’s Danny Etling, QB #16 (Sr) He did grit out the win on the road but it didn’t seem like the coaches trusted him to attack with a consistent passing attack. He was inaccurate on a few easy passes and didn’t maneuver the pocket well.

LSU’s Donnie Alexander, LB #48 (Sr) He made a few plays but in large, he was not as effective as a senior LB should be.

LSU’s DJ Chark, WR #7 (Sr) Had a nice few runs and was targeted a few times but did not make a big impact on the game. Rather he seemed to jaw at defenders and complain a lot.

LSU’s Christian LaCouture, DE #18 (Sr) He established low pad level and forward body lean at the point of attack but he was not effective disengaging with blocks nor provided much of a pass rush.

UF’s CeCe Jefferson, DL #96 (Jr) He has the body type that is versatile so he can play as an edge and interior rusher. In this game, his reps were few and far between, possibly because he was hurt or is getting passed on the depth chart. He didn’t make any impactful plays nor did he show any pass rushing specialty moves as an edge rusher.

UF’s DeAndre Goolsby, TE #30 (Sr)

Roger Dixon Jr

Roger is a native of Orlando, FL. After excelling in DII football his first 2 seasons, he fulfilled his lifelong dream of playing on the Florida Gators football team, where he was named Special Teams Player of the Year and Team Captain. He earned his degree in Economics from UF's Warrington College of Business. Roger brings a passion for football and unique perspective of what it takes to be successful in football at the highest level.

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