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Dixon l Georgia Bulldogs roll through Vols in shutout win

SEP 09 Georgia at Notre Dame
Photo by Zach Bolinger/Icon Sportswire

Scouting Notes

Dixon l Georgia Bulldogs roll through Vols in shutout win

#6 Georgia Bulldogs @ Tennessee Volunteers

Saturday, September 30, 2017, 3:30 p.m. ET

Neyland Stadium – Knoxville, TN

Georgia (41), Tennessee (0)

Georgia Bulldogs

Nick Chubb, RB #27 (Sr) His lower body strength to drag defenders after contact is noteworthy. When in the open field with DBs, he has the quickness and overall speed to make them miss and get up the sideline. He has the lower body explosion to stop, restart, and change directions within close confines. However, I did not see him jump cut to get into and out of holes amongst the trenches as much as I am prone to seeing from him. Stock: Same

Davin Bellamy, DL #17 (Sr) He has the strength and length to contain cut back lanes along the line on the backside of runs. He used his length as a pass rusher as well. During one play, he bull rushed the offensive tackle with one arm to create a short outside edge and gain the sack. I also noticed hustle from Bellamy as he retraced his steps and ran full speed to cover a RB screen. His arsenal of pass rushing moves may be somewhat limited. Stock: Same

Roquan Smith, LB #3 (Jr) He quickly became one of my favorite run stopping linebackers. He has a natural feel for scraping through the trenches and used an array of moves to get to the RB. He turned his shoulder pads to reduce the surface area for the linemen to block, he used his strength to throw linemen to the side, and he used his speed to run down RBs to the sideline. I liked his ability to take on the lead blocker in the hole and disengage in time to make the tackle for a minimum gain. Most importantly, he played with a mentality of hunting the ball carrier. Stock: Up

Christian Payne, FB #47 (Sr) I am continually impressed with his ability to lead through a hole full steam ahead. He led through the A gap and put the LB on his back. Another play, he ran full steam ahead through the defender’s legs to cut him down. His catching ability will be a big part of his evaluation Stock: Up

Isaiah Wynn, LT #77 (Sr) One of my top offensive linemen of this class. He played offensive tackle in this game but I believe he may be best as a guard. He is a brawler and powerful driver after contact. He attacked the rushers with violent hand jolts and then immediately transitioned into his drive phase. He has the mentality to drive the defender as far out of the hole as possible. He strained throughout run plays to gain and maintain leverage even when he did not initially have leverage. During one play, he blocked three defenders. His run blocking is refined and he competed well as a LT but I feel he will be even more dominant of a pass blocker within close confines as a guard. Stock: Up

Tennessee Volunteers

John Kelly, RB #4 (Jr) Kelly continues to impress by running with balance and a low center of gravity. He also continued to show that his soft hands can him make a weapon out of the backfield. Once in the open field, he has the balanced strength to run through the tackles of smaller DBs while outrunning the LBs and DL. He did not find much running room this game partly due to Georgia’s strong defensive effort but Kelly also missed several cut back lanes. We will have to further consider his vision and ability to swiftly jump cut to take advantage of creases and cutbacks along the line. Stock: Same

Brett Kendrick, LG #63 (R Sr) When pass blocking within the trenches, he pulled rushers close into his body to not allow them room to maneuver. He also handled the bull rush impressively by slowly giving up ground. His blocking prowess was enough to warrant a second look. Stock: Same

Jashon Robertson, C #75 (Sr) I saw hand power at the point of contact that allowed him to control the middle of the line. He also nicely turned his upper body at times to put himself between the ball carrier and the defender during runs. He made a huge mistake of snapping the ball low while the QB was in shotgun which created a turnover. His blocking prowess was enough to warrant a second look. Stock: Same

Rashaun Gaulden, DB #7 (Jr) His elite effort is on another level. He was always flying around the field pursuing the ball carrier. He did not stop when he was crack blocked by a WR, but rather, he contorted his body to get around the block before explosively pursuing the RB. He has a fast twitch side step that allows him to avoid blockers. In fact, despite his 6’1” 193 lb. frame, his cat like quickness enabled Tennessee to line him up in the box to defend the run among the O linemen because they could not keep up with his swiftness. Stock: Up

Justin Martin, DB #8 (Sr) Martin has not gotten a ton of playing time before his senior season but this game he showed some abilities that may make him NFL caliber. At times, he had nice reactionary skills to be nuisance when in press coverage. Also, he broke down in stride with WRs when they ran curls, etc. By consistently being within the WRs’ hips, he earned an interception when the QB overthrew a slant pass that fell into his lap. Stock: Same

Micah Abernathy, DB #22 (Jr) He was a reliable edge presence throughout the game. Showing an impressive ability to fly up to the line of scrimmage when he sensed run yet breaking down enough to complete a solid tackle. He tackled Nick Chubb in the open field by throwing himself through Chubb’s entire body. Stock: Up

Todd Kelly Jr., DB #24 (Sr) Did not play.


Other players who flashed

Tennessee’s Reginald McKenzie Jr, DL #99 (Jr) He showed impressive strength at the point of attack to maintain control of the block. Once the RB got to the line of scrimmage, he was in position to use his hands to disengage and make the tackle for limited gains. His hand usage and strength to defend multiple holes laterally along the line was consistent. Stock: Same

Georgia’s Tyrique McGhee, DB #26 (Soph) His play backed up the swagger and confidence he walked with. He made several defensive coverage stops. For instance, he stayed within the slot WR’s inside lower hip during a dig route and then fully extended his arm to deflect the pass out of his hands. He will be a player I watch more closely moving forward. Stock: Up

Best Players on the Field

Tennessee’s Rashaun Gaulden

Tennessee’s Marquez Callaway, WR #1 (Soph)

Tennessee’s Trey Smith, RG #73 (Fr)

Georgia’s Isaiah Wynn, LT #77 (Sr)

Georgia’s Roquan Smith, LB #3 (Jr)

Forgettable Performances

Tennessee’s Ethan Wolf, TE #82 (Sr)

Tennessee’s Kendal Vickers, DT #39 (R Sr)

Georgia’s Lorenzo Carter, DL #7 (Sr)

Georgia’s Sony Michel, RB #1 (Sr)

Roger Dixon Jr

Roger is a native of Orlando, FL. After excelling in DII football his first 2 seasons, he fulfilled his lifelong dream of playing on the Florida Gators football team, where he was named Special Teams Player of the Year and Team Captain. He earned his degree in Economics from UF's Warrington College of Business. Roger brings a passion for football and unique perspective of what it takes to be successful in football at the highest level.

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