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Crist | Reviewing the Jets draft: Drafting Two Safeties

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NFL Draft

Crist | Reviewing the Jets draft: Drafting Two Safeties

When you look at a team’s draft, it’s important to analyze not only the players picked, but also the goal of an organization and how those players fit in achieving that goal. The Jets had an expansion level roster coming into the draft, and three days later they still do.

By that logic the draft must have been a failure. But not so fast — there are aspects that make a great deal of sense, as well as things I would have done differently.

The first thing to address are the trade backs or lack thereof. The Jets held tight at six, instead of accepting the numerous trade back options they reportedly had to take the number one player on their board Jamal Adams.

While Adams is a fantastic player, a trade back could have netted the Jets another pick in the second round where the strength of this draft was. Instead, the Jets chose to trade down in the third and fourth rounds, filling in the back end of the roster later instead of getting an extra impact player.

A lot of fans wanted a quarterback, myself included, and they failed to get one. However, the thing I was adamant about was you take one of the top three guys in the first round or you pass all together.

Adding a Kaaya or Peterman late would have resulted in the same situation next year, looking for another quarterback at the top of the draft. Instead, the Jets added three pass catchers in the draft to develop either with Hackenberg or to be further along in their development for whomever the Jets quarterback is in 2018.

The Jets understood this is a two to three-year rebuilding process and that the team couldn’t be fixed overnight. They decided to strengthen position groups, drafting two safeties and two receivers in their first four picks. The Jets wanted to solidify the back end of their defense and add weapons for a young quarterback.

Before you can understand if the picks make sense, you have to understand how the pieces fit into the Jets game plan. In part one of a series I explore what the Jets like to do with their safeties and how Adams and Maye fit in.

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Eliot Crist

Eliot Crist is a National Scout for NDT Scouting Services. He also works for Pro Football Focus as an analyst. He has experience in draft breakdowns, tendency scouting reports, and player evaluations. Eliot is passionate about breaking down film, showing the good and bad of players explaining what he sees in a player. He frequently appears as a guest analyst on football podcasts.

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