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Crabbs | Pesky Hokies spoil coming out party for Will Grier

Photo by Mark Goldman/Icon Sportswire

Scouting Notes

Crabbs | Pesky Hokies spoil coming out party for Will Grier

#22 West Virginia Mountaineers vs #21 Virginia Tech Hokies


FedEx Field, Landover, MD

Score:  West Virginia (24), Virginia Tech (31)

Notable Prospects Entering the Contest

West Virginia Mountaineers

Will Grier, QB (Redshirt Junior)

Good mobility to roll on opening play and flip open shoulders to get out a deeper throw, although arm strength was compromised notably and fails to drive dagger post effectively. Showing great chemistry with WR Sills, consistently hitting in stride on short routes. Good athleticism on zone read to pull and gain a big chunk as DE sucks down inside. Good body awareness to feel clean pocket and convert a 3rd and 8 on stick route. Continuing to show comfort in the pocket, willing to stand in and converts another 3rd and long (11). Too quick to pull trigger on throw short of the sticks on same drive. INT to kill drive comes on pre-designed throw back. Poor throw none the less. Overthrow out of the slot on timing drop, shuffled the feet and appeared to lose weight transfer on throw. Touch over the MOF to float overtop of flowing LB to get inside the 15. Good location on TD through to Sills for lead on 3rd down (13 yards); put ball away from both CB and flowing Safety. Nice job riding zone read and pulling on RPO; good lead to put ball in belly of WR. Short swing comes out too hot, resulting in a backwards pass that lost yardage. Has gotten into a nice comfort level with RPO and quick decisions. Loose mechanics but good touch to fit a throw far up the right sideline on a Cover 2 beater. Tough running over the middle, lays out for first down. Game tying drive in the 3rd QTR was just masterful. Good composure in the pocket, throwing with confidence and touch. Great job processing a 1 on 1 pre-snap, taking a deep shot in effort to answer VT touchdown: good touch and another long gain. Has continued to get better throughout the game. Comfortable pushing the ball further down the field, dicing up Tech between the hashes with good velocity and accuracy on 60 yd TD pass to Jennings. Showed excellent poise down the stretch, especially in final 2 minute offense. Was able to flush the pocket multiple times and threw the ball well, although placement on potential game tying catch in endzone was just off with seconds left.

Stock: Up

Justin Crawford, RB (JUCO Senior) 

Minimal leg drive in effort to work up into A-gap. Falls forward, but fails to establish balance on contact. Speed to hit outside the tackle on quick cut action. Has good juice to get north/south and gain big yardage. Explosive play vs. thin box, shows great acceleration to get up into the second level and follow fullback vs. plugging linebacker. Was caught from behind, however. Runs into back of own blocker, losing footing and missing a big cut. Good creativity when afforded space! Steep cuts to break angles in the backfield.

Stock:  Same

Ka’Raun White, WR (Redshirt Senior)

Nice separation on a deep post across the field on opening play design. Benefited from stretched Safety play but fails to finish diving reception. Hot throw on the boundary slips through hands. Did well to work back to the football but eyes appear to look back inside prior to completing the catch. Uses body to shield on slant route and convert, capitalized on poor challenge at LOS. Great diving reception up the middle of the field. Long developing route and did well to create separation in a 1 on 1 scenario; sight adjustment to press vertical and into space.

Stock:  Same

Kyle Bosch, OG (Redshirt Senior): 

False start on essential 2nd and 8 inside the 15 midway through 2nd QTR. Physically dominating when tasked with blocking down and washing out. Great pull late in game to create a crease; establishing hand fit and staying balanced on defender.

Stock: Same

Dravon Askew-Henry, SAF (Redshirt Junior)

Nice effort to step up and fill on stretch run. Did well to cut low and take on bigger back in McMillain down low. Quickness and acceleration visible on chunk run; pursuit came from the far side of the field.

Stock: Same

Kyzir White, SPUR (Senior)

Very explosive finish on a scrape from the back side. Good speed to carry across formation and deliver big bl0w. Extremely active. Rolling down into the box, shedding blocks from OL at the point of attack.  Steps up to play pitch man on speed option and delivers another explosive hit, good discipline to not overrun play. Excellent job transitioning out of coverage on check down to step up and make clean tackle in space for minimal gain. Fails to correctly address football on a diving 3rd and long play that was converted for 1st down inside the 5; would have liked to see better ball skills. Good awareness on reverse pass to stay sticky and flip eyes to locate the football. Great elevation on post route (RPO) to get big gain.

Stock: Up

Virginia Tech Hokies

Cam Phillips, WR (Senior)

Easy break against off coverage, rolls quickly for quick hitting gain of 5. Grossly misplays a busted coverage on play action fake down inside the 5. Leaping grab with no bodies around, loses footing and falls short of the end zone. Taking advantage of uncontested releases, but cannot scoop out a low throw. Winning again vs. off coverage; this time bail technique to allow for a clean inside break on post route. GREAT concentration on a 50-50 ball to beat Daniels for big chunk gain. Simply out-muscled at catch point. Huge play on a coverage bust; nice RAC effort to finish.

Stock: Same

Travon McMillian, RB (Redshirt Junior)

Failing to find a lot of room to work vs. 3-3-5 defensive front. Doesn’t look to have foot quickness to plant and force a miss in the alley. Simply lacks gear to gain yardage when pressing for the edge. Caught from behind on screen pass, failing to pull out of an ankle wrap. Nice job tucking up inside of B-gap on goal line run for late go ahead touchdown. Leg drive present in the pile. Shows plus vision on an immediate cut back against the grain for 13 yards, although not much creativity in space.

Stock: Down

Tremaine Edmunds, LB (Junior) 

Shows great acceleration to work against wheel route vs. Crawford; did very well to work up the sideline and stay in phase. Struggles to shed off a climbing block on the second level, needed to utilize hands with more force to shuck. Shows great range to peel off of coverage and work down to challenge Grier at the sticks on a third down scramble. Impressive movement skills for defender of his size.

Stock: Up

Brandon Facyson, CB (Redshirt Senior) 

Notably listed with the second team on the pre-game two deep. Slippery effort as a tackler, nearly slides off of boundary attempt. Great job working from the hip pocket vertically against White; extends tall to high point football.

Stock: Same

Adonis Alexander, CB (Junior)

Length is immediately evident. Huge wingspan is impressive and causes a large area of influence at the LOS. Big time cut tackle in the open field after peeling back and off of a zone stem. Another high point rep to utilize frame when challenged vertically down the field. Just misses interception opportunity after White turns into a defender and works back to challenge the football on a nine route. Has done well to buckle down on White in the second half; another combative PBU on comeback route.

Stock: Same

Other Players that Flashed 

Terrell Edmunds, Safety (Virginia Tech Redshirt Junior) 

Great job working in phase on drag route across the middle to extend and break through the hands of receiver, forcing third down incompletion.

Mike Daniels Jr, Cornerback (West Virginia Redshirt Senior) 

Quick feet! Does a great job in press vs. Cam Phillips to mirror and stay square to the receiver until filtering into the boundary for an up field release. Bumps Phillips on a press rep, does well to work head around and reach to challenge and extend for the ball after short contact window. Touchdown saving tackle to peel into field of play on delayed run off right tackle. Great click and close on third down slant to explode and extend for PBU. Offered minimal separation on slant pattern. Good extension to stay in position and break up pass.

David Sills V, Wide Receiver (West Virginia Redshirt Junior)

Has clearly established rapport with Grier, was favorite target early on. Dominated a lot of timing reps and effective winning in breaking routes consistently. Soft hands! Cleanly getting both hands on ball and comfortable catching away from body. Good control to contort and twist back to football for TD in 2nd QTR. Winning again on inside breaks; provides a good target and clean area to throw. 1st down quick throw, on same page with Grier for hot throw vs. off coverage.

Xavier Preston, Linebacker (West Virginia Senior)

Has been very active in between the tackles and inside of 5 yards to step up. Booming hit to force third down midway through 2nd QTR. Nice job stepping up to reset LOS. Not afraid to execute and force a bubble before locating football. Great effort on a wrap up to force a fumble after teammates had established control of ball carrier. Violent rip. Referees call it a non-call, but are wrong in doing so. Sniffed out a potentially game breaking screen pass and got a hand on McMillain’s ankle to save a huge gain. Good instinct on the play.

Best Players on the Field 

QB Will Grier, West Virginia

LB Tremaine Edmunds, Virginia Tech

SAF Kyzir White, West Virginia

WR Cam Phillips, Virginia Tech

WR Gary Jennings Jr, West Virginia

Adonis Alexander, Virginia Tech

Forgettable Performances

RB Travon McMillian, Virginia Tech

CB Elijah Battle, West Virginia

DL Reese Donahue, West Virginia

Kyle Crabbs

Kyle Crabbs is the founder/Director of Scouting of NDT Scouting Services, a member of the Football Writers Association of America (FWAA) and the lead NFL Draft analyst for the FanRag Sports Network.

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