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Crabbs | Ferguson outduels Rosen in thrilling shootout

Photo by Stephen Furst/Icon Sportswire

Scouting Notes

Crabbs | Ferguson outduels Rosen in thrilling shootout

#25 UCLA Bruins @ Memphis Tigers


Liberty Bowl Memorial Stadium – Memphis, TN

UCLA (45), Memphis (48)

UCLA Bruins

Josh Rosen, QB (Junior)

Pre-game team captain. Two on time 3 step darts to open drive and move the chains; both out of an empty set. Does well to bring the ball high on release point. Good composure on 3rd and 15 from redzone; does well to see over 2nd level and hit post slot for a first down; great velocity and trajectory on the throw. Very sharp in the pre-snap decision making in 1st QTR; knows when primary quick reads are available. Pressure flushes from the pocket on play action concept; scramble for 6 is effective but athleticism as a runner is not a strength here. 3rd and short on a heavy set; again on time with three step speed out to the open side of the field. Keys on shaded deep safety in order to look for a deep shot but does overthrow the play; good read, missed throw. Forced quick throw on 3rd and 5 inside the 20; has to throw away from squatting linebacker and incomplete. Play action passing on a deeper set; Rosen finds wheel route up the far sideline and is excellent with placement for a 50 yard gain. Next play is a boot, hits banana route in the flat for a walk in touchdown. 1st possession of 2nd QTR is a clinic on touch. Deep passing concept on come back route vs. off cover 3; well thrown strike. Climbs the ladder and does well to flush through interior gap vs. pressure package; but TE drops the football. Reckless throw off of back foot deep down the middle; should have been intercepted. Rosen rebounding very strong from poor pressured deep throw on previous possession. Quickly works Bruins down the length of the field with wide array of routes and throws: shallow cross, screen throw and comeback. Forces Tigers TO with dissection of defense. WONDERFUL touch on deep play action post; throw travels 50+ in the air for an in stride touchdown response after falling behind 34-24. Great feet and release on throw. Unforgivable throw late across the middle on 3rd and 19, play results in an interception and touchdown midway through the 3rd QTR. Terrific throw from own end zone to start 4th QTR, lofting corner route in tight man coverage to get out of shadow of goalposts. Trailing by 3 at time of throw. Threads tight man needle on skinny post before hitting wide open seam route for go ahead touchdown. Orchestrated 99 yard TD drive in 4th QTR to take the lead in just 6 plays. Throws a hot stop route to boundary on 3rd down in the red area, but receiver keeps going and ball is intercepted. Pass was accurate if receiver is on same page as Rosen. Poor decision to throw the football at receiver instead of throwing it away when pressured.

Stock: Same

Darren Andrews, WR (Redshirt Senior)

Has had good chemistry working in the slot as a chunk receiver. Shows good hands to extend and greet the football. Long TD reception comes courtesy of a good second gear, does well to turn on the jets and find the football in space; running away from 2 defenders to reach reception. Hit with a MOF crosser out of the slot, shows good toughness to get north and physically challenge up the sideline. Shows balance to collect after extending for catch on out route away from frame, does well to steal an extra few yards.

Stock: Up

Caleb Wilson, TE (Redshirt Sophomore)

Pre-game team captain. Looks up early on a tunnel screen; fails to bring in throw. Pass was slightly high and upfield as Rosen fades off of pressure. Excellent over the shoulder reception on 4th QTR vital possession. Good run and catch on banana route, long strider without high end short area wiggle. Does well to use body to shield ball and make available for Rosen during 2 minute drill.

Stock: Same

Memphis Tigers

Riley Ferguson, QB (Redshirt Senior)

Pre-game team captain. Impressive throw on the move from boot inside the 5; hitting TE on a leak route across the MOF and a score. Another rolling pocket; throws with good velocity on the move and put throw in place for receiver to make a play (incomplete). Good anticipation to release throw early looking for an uncovering wheel route; although placement is high and away (incomplete). Double clutches on a quick throw vs. off coverage; looked like perhaps a busted route but inaccurate throw results in tip and interception. Good grasp on vertical stems against zone coverage to create space underneath for out route, which was dropped but on target. Good touch over the middle of the field; lofts throw to TE in the MOF. Rushes next throw attempt on fresh 1st down; receiver loses footing but two defenders driving/squatting on the route. Inaccurate on a delay screen, influenced by rusher. Has gotten a ton of production out of the screen game; another long TD run effort centered around backs out of the backfield. Comes back from sack to put deep post throw perfectly on target to Miller as Tigers look to work down the field in final minute of the half. Had good touch going vertical on next throw for score for Tigers with 0:42 left in the half, open side of the field and a high arcing toss. Comes up short on wheel route, did not look to get weight into throw; causing pass to sail into MOF. Showing good chemistry with TE Magnifico; hitting tight window throw vs. man coverage on 3rd and long. Accurate throw on 5th TD pass of the game; again finding Miller. Has gotten more bold as the game has progressed to challenge man to man coverage. Hits Miller on a deep crosser to convert 2nd and forever. Loses footing on pass drop and makes a fun, albeit reckless lateral while in the grasp of defender to avoid a loss. Trusts eyes on reading hips of zone defender, threading ball opposite of defender’s momentum to gain a big chunk to Miller. Good spot in hole vs. zone coverage for touchdown to re-take lead with 9:56 remaining in the game, rolling to his left.

Stock: Up

Anthony Miller, WR (Redshirt Senior)

Pre-game team captain. Great hustle getting out in front of a long 80+ yard run from Henderson (RB #8). Unable to finish catch after a big hit at the catch point.  Catch on comeback route vs. off coverage; doesn’t show a lot of creativity in 1 on 1. More off coverage work on yet another comeback route. Carries on an end around, shows nice acceleration to get to the corner and draws facemask penalty after turning up the sideline. TREMENDOUS vertical reception on deep post route to move Tigers down the field in a 2 minute scenario: showed good acceleration off of the line, slight head fake outside and hard drive into the hashes. Great track of the football. Immediate play afterwards is a corner route to burn Bruins for long TD; nice job bowing route late to keep separation and finish the catch. In breaking TD route; good aggression reaching for the ball at the goal line before working body back across the plane. Great balance working up the sideline to gain additional 10-20 yards after the catch. Good weave through traffic on a post pattern, catches well in traffic and then transitions into effective RAC receiver. Worked some impressive magic to slip out of grasp of three tacklers on a screen throw, picks up vital 1st down late in the game.

Stock: Up

Other Players that Flashed 

Memphis’ Joey Magnifico, TE (Redshirt Sophomore)

Finished the game with 6 receptions for 83 yards and a touchdown. Was an effective contested catch receiver and showed some impressive versatility to make plays in the short and intermediate areas of the field. Good, strong hands when targeted to squeeze and finish the reception.

Best Players on the Field

Memphis WR Anthony Miller (Redshirt Senior)

UCLA QB Josh Rosen (Junior)

UCLA DE Jaelan Phillips (Freshman)

Memphis QB Riley Ferguson (Redshirt Senior)

Memphis TE Joey Magnifico (Redshirt Sophomore)

Forgettable Performances

UCLA Linebackers

UCLA WR Jordan Lasley (Redshirt Junior)

Kyle Crabbs

Kyle Crabbs is the founder/Director of Scouting of NDT Scouting Services, a member of the Football Writers Association of America (FWAA) and the lead NFL Draft analyst for the FanRag Sports Network.

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