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Bischoff | Wisconsin outruns Cougars to big win over BYU

Photo by Dan Sanger/Icon Sportswire

Scouting Notes

Bischoff | Wisconsin outruns Cougars to big win over BYU

#9 Wisconsin Badgers at BYU Cougars


LaVell Edwards Stadium – Provo, Utah

Score:  Wisconsin 40, BYU 6

Wisconsin Badgers

Troy Fumagalli, TE (Redshirt Senior)

Fumagalli showed very good route running ability and displayed excellent footwork to create separation down the field. He used his body as a shield to box out defenders and is a very strong red zone weapon. He can run and has enough speed and quickness to hurt defenses in the middle of the field. He ran wide open on a deep crossing route and displayed natural hands to secure the catch. Fumagalli is a sound blocker and can function to help in the running game, but he could use some refinement to help stay on his blocks as he tends to fall off at times. Stock: Same

Garret Dooley, EDGE (Redshirt Senior)

Dooley is very quick to react to plays happening in front of him, and that showed his natural athleticism, speed, and quickness. He attacked a RPO to blow up the running back right as the running back was going to get the ball, forcing the quarterback to run with the ball. Dooley has good hips and looks very fluid on the move. He is very good at setting the edge with his hands above his eyes and that allows him to peek and find the ball. He uses his long arms to play with excellent leverage and power, and he sheds blockers fairly easily to make plays on the ball carrier. Stock: Up

D’Cota Dixon, S (Redshirt Senior)

Dixon plays a very aggressive brand of football and attacks coming forward in a flash. There were multiple instances of him diagnosing the run from inside the box, and attacking the gap to halt the runner in his tracks. Because of the style of the BYU offense, it was tough to evaluate him in coverage as he spent the majority of the day playing the run. Dixon is a short safety (listed at 5’10”) and will have to continue to excel against the run moving forward. Stock: Same

BYU Cougars

Tejan Koroma, OC (Senior)

Koroma is very interesting to watch and I can see him rising in the draft process. He displayed a multitude of NFL caliber traits playing center for the Cougars on Saturday. He plays with a great base and shows very good power and surprising movement skills to go along with that power. Koroma’s short-area quickness is impressive and BYU asks him to pull from the center of the offensive line plenty, and he is more than up to that task. He generates movement in the running game with his strong hands and delivers a noticeable jolt to the defender. Koroma also displays and a great anchor and does a great job of sinking his hips and redirecting the defender through contact. He is also very patient and times his movements well to keep himself balanced and under control as a pass protector and in the running game. Stock: Up

Fred Warner, OLB (Senior)

Warner displayed excellent agility and movement skills against Wisconsin on Saturday. He looks very smooth and fluid on the move and his ability to chase the ball across the formation is impressive. Warner can flip his hips and drop into coverage and looks very comfortable doing so, and his versatility is impressive. He did a nice job of reading his keys and reacting to plays happening in front of him and showed the ability to set the edge to defend the run against the Badgers. Warner stacked a tight end and was able to shed him with ease to make a tackle on a running back. Warner made a fantastic play coming from the weak side and running to the other side of the formation to stop what would have been a long run. He took the perfect angle and dragged the ball carrier to the ground, and showed a lot of next level traits in pursuit. Stock: Up

Micah Hanneman, S (Senior)

Hanneman moves well and covers a lot of ground in coverage. He shows very good long speed and moves with excellent fluidity. He was active in both phases and could be seen attacking the box to defend the run, and deep in the middle of the field in coverage. He looks to have sound instincts and takes good angles in coverage. Stock: Same

Other Players Who Flashed

Wisconsin QB Alex Hornibrook (sophomore): Hornibrook throws the football with great touch and anticipation. He is accurate and showed good ball placement throughout the game against BYU. He has a strange motion of throwing the ball as he looks to snap his head/upper body to generate torque to make throws and that gives me pause concerning his arm strength. It is hard to argue with the results though as he delivers the ball in the right spot and on time.

Wisconsin RB Jonathan Taylor (freshman): Taylor made multiple runs that grabbed my full attention in this game. He runs at an advanced level for a young player and has an incredibly bright future. He runs behind his pads with fantastic power and was very hard to bring down, sometimes dragging defenders multiple yards. He runs through arm tackles with ease and showed great feet and vision on a consistent basis. He also showed outstanding quickness and speed and is going to be a very special running back at Wisconsin.

Wisconsin WR Quintez Cephus (sophomore): Cephus ran routes with precise footwork and showed outstanding speed and quickness on Saturday. He is a handful at the line of scrimmage and showed an advanced understanding of route concepts as he released inside on slants and was too quick for the defender to catch up. He scored twice in the game, both coming on slant routes where he showed excellent burst out of his break to create separation. Cephus is also a deep threat and he did a nice job of shielding defenders with his body.

Wisconsin WR Danny Davis (freshman): Davis is fast and that showed up multiple times in the game versus BYU. He caught a long pass as he got behind a BYU safety deep down the field. He also showed good concentration coming across the middle as he bobbled a pass but was able to bring it in, even in traffic.

Best Players on the Field

Alex Hornibrook, QB, Wisconsin (sophomore)

Jonathan Taylor, RB, Wisconsin (freshman)

Quintez Cephus, WR, Wisconsin (sophomore)

Tejan Koroma, OC, BYU (Senior)

Scott Bischoff

Scott Bischoff has appeared on ESPN radio satellites, podcasts and other media outlets and is a member of the Pro Football Writers Association of America, the Football Writers Association of America and the Fantasy Sports Writers Association. Bischoff is an analyst at Draft Breakdown. Bischoff has written for the Bleacher Report, going through their writing internship in the summer of 2012. He was a Featured Columnist for the Detroit Lions and the NFL draft. While taking a scouting class through the National Football Post in 2012, he approached Russ Lande at GM Junior Scouting about joining his staff and was brought on, joining the crew at the 2012 Senior Bowl. Bischoff now brings his keen eye for the game to NDT Scouting as of February 2017.

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