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Arkansas Razorbacks vs Auburn Tigers 10/22/2016

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Scouting Notes

Arkansas Razorbacks vs Auburn Tigers 10/22/2016

Arkansas Razorbacks @ Auburn Tigers

Saturday, October 22, 2016 @ 6:00 pm

Jordan-Hare Stadium, Auburn, Alabama

Score: 3 Arkansas – Auburn 56


Kamryn Pettway, RB, Sophomore #36 (6’0’ 240 lbs)

I am not sure if he is NFL running back material. He is really big for a RB and he runs with a big boy attitude. I liken his running style to the juggernaut. He liked to bull doze his way forward and he was so big that defenders had second thoughts about taking him on. He got really low during a head up collision vs a LB and trucked him forward. During another play, he ran over the safety to get into the end zone. His running style worked well in the Auburn offense in this game because he was usually one on one with a defender that had a bad angle and was hesitant on who had the ball, him or the quarterback. I was surprised to see he had decently quick feet to shuffle and jump cut through the line.  Stock: same; Draft’s bargain round: NA more film needed

Tony Stevens, WR, Senior #8 (6’4” 212 lbs)

He didn’t get a lot of passes thrown his way but I will say, coming from an offense that runs as much as Auburn does, he will be used to hustling throughout a block in the NFL. During a play where a jet sweep ran toward him, he ran inside to meet the safety and delivered a powerful blow with his shoulder pad to the defender. His block allowed the runner to go right off his butt to score. During another play that the RB broke loose, he kept moving and blocking up field until the play was completely over. Stock: same; Draft’s bargain round: NA need more film


Deatrich Wise Jr., DL, Senior #48 (6’5” 271 lbs)

He did not make a lot of plays this game but he still showed the same traits I saw before in the last game I assessed. He has strong hands and upper body to snag blockers. He uses his snag to provide late pressure to the QB on pass plays or to shed the block and make the tackle on the ball carrier. Stock: same; Draft’s bargain round: 5th


Montravius Adams, DT, Senior #1 (6’4” 309 lbs)

He is a monster up the middle. He explodes off the snap with great lean and then he continues his bull rush with a lot of strength at the poa. He also has a fast swim move that he can attack the blocker with. He explodes off the ball and transitions to so much power that he demolished several pull blockers. It was hard for his blocker to pull because each time, he would quickly attack, bull rush, and disrupt the ball carrier’s path. Even when a blocker tried to down block on his teammate, he smashed the blocker and demolished the entire run play. He has enough lower body strength to take on two blockers and still hold his ground.  During a pass rush he executed a violent club move to the blocker’s shoulder to get past him and then powered through the center to collapse the pocket before shooting his hands up to bat the pass. He was a constant force up the middle. During another pass play, he powered through the guard’s outside shoulder to quickly get into the QB’s face. Although he is incredibly strong, he also showed lateral quickness. In the NFL, he could be a force up the middle, especially if he works with edge rushers that will force the QB to step up into the pocket. Stock: up; Draft’s bargain round: 2nd-3rd

Carl Lawson, DE, Junior #55 (6’2” 253 lbs)

My initial reaction to him was “oh my god, did he really move that fast?” His hands are lighting quick when hand fighting, so no matter how hard the blocker tried, the blocker could not get hands on him. He swipes the blockers hands away so fast that they had no chance to block him the entire game. It seemed like he could get the edge whenever he wanted to. I saw him execute a multitude of pass rushing moves; the high bar, rip move, spin move, hand swipe, etc. During one play he flew around the  edge after ripping through the blocker’s arm to make the QB step up in the pocket. During the first series of the game, he already had 2 pressures and 1 sack. His hand efficiency was incredible; he had extremely quick hands at the poa and the speed to quickly close in on the QB. Against the run, he was equally effective. He attacks the blockers with a low base and long strong arm extensions to control the block. On one play, he plowed the blocker with his shoulder and powered through to tackle the ball carrier.  His explosion off the snap allows him to get in position against the blocker where he can use his quick hands to get off and get moving toward ball carrier. He even blitzed once from the LB position, which was very successful because his momentum made him even more unstoppable. He had a tenacious pursuit toward the QB; on one play, I saw him slide on his knee and put his hand on the ground to keep him up after he dipped around the blocker’s edge. I get a sense that he has the ‘IT’ factor. I am interested to see if and how he will match up against Cameron Robinson from Alabama. At this point, I see him as one of the best in this year’s draft. Stock: up; Draft’s bargain round: 1st

Tre’ Williams, LB, Junior #30 (6’2” 240 lbs)

He was another force on the Auburn defense. He consistently flowed to the ball and flew up to fill the hole and make solid tackles on the ball carrier. Each time he made a tackle, he landed with some “oomph” behind it. On one play, he flowed with the outside zone run and then wrapped up the RB with a vicious tackle from the side. He plays the game with a certain tenacity LBs are supposed to have. During one play, he flew up to plow the lead blocker in the hole. When a TE tried to block him on the 2nd level, he attacked the blocker with his hands and defended both sides of the block to make the tackle on the ball carrier. He showed good speed and hustle when he tracked down a jet sweep runner going to the opposite side. On another play, he tracked down a RB screen pass catcher. He also showed good coverage on a TE corner; he didn’t go for the fake and stayed right in the TE’s hip. I liked his hustle, tenacity, and solid tackling. Stock: up; Draft’s bargain round: NA need more film but as of now I feel that he is 2nd-3rd round potential.

Carlton Davis, DB, Sophomore #6 (6’1” 195 lbs)

He was physical against the blocking WRs during bubble passes. He ran up and sent the blocking WR into a backpedal to disrupt the pass catchers path after the catch. However, I doubt his coverage skills. I saw a WR gain 3 yds. of separation against him when running a 10 yd. speed out despite him being in off coverage to see the developing route and drive on it. His drive includes a slow drop step and stiff hips. During a different play where he was in bump coverage, he took too high of an angle after the WR released outside so the WR was able to break down and cross his body to go inside at the top of the dig route. When the WR crossed his face, his hips did not instantly react so the WR created 1-2 yds. of separation.  I think that he needs to continue to refine his coverage skills in the years to come but he has a good foundation to be successful because of his good size and strength. Stock: same; Draft’s bargain round: NA too young

Johnathan Ford, S, Senior #23 (6’0” 204 lbs)

He did very well in pass coverage. He always stayed in the hip of the route runner. I was mainly impressed with his hip fluency to smoothly move with the WR’s cuts. During one play where he had bump coverage vs a WR running a dig route, he stuck in his hip pocket until the WR made his move and he fluently flipped his hips to play the ball. He lined up against slot receivers a lot in this game which is good because it shows the coaches have confidence in his coverage ability. He closed fast on bubble pass catchers and was physical at the juncture point. He had a very solid game and checked all the boxes. Good coverage and came up to make physical/solid tackles. Stock: up; Draft’s bargain round: NA more film needed


Austin Allen, QB, Junior #8 (6’1” 209 lbs)

I liked that he delivered some good passes down the middle of the field. However, I think that the D line pressure got to his head and made him a little jittery in the pocket. His O line did not handle the D line very well, but still he should have had a faster clock in his head to avoid some of the pressures and sacks. He began to step up too far into the pocket because of the heavy edge pressure. Also, the pressure made him throw off of his back foot. Throwing off balance hindered his accuracy and velocity to the far numbers. Stock; down; Draft’s bargain round: stay another year

 Dan Skipper, LT, Senior #70 (6’10” 319 lbs)

He is a big O lineman who uses his long arms and strength to his advantage. He automatically works to gain leverage after contact. Immediately after contact, he would flip his hips or sling the rusher with his hands. He has good enough low body strength to handle the rushers’ leg drive. In pass protection, he got hands on and stayed in front of the rushers well. He struggles to make blocks in space. During one play where he had to move up to the 2nd level, the LB juked him out of his shoes. Stock: same; draft’s bargain round: 5th-7th

Drew Morgan, WR, Senior #80 (6’0” 193 lbs)

He had nice hands on a third down. However, he did not show much YAC speed after the catch. During a bubble pass, he showed a nifty move to tip toe the sideline while getting up field for the first down. There is a reason that he has the most first down receptions of any pass catcher in the SEC. Later in the game, he caught another pass after releasing outside vs bump coverage and then breaking down at the top of the route to cross the DB face and create separation before the catch. He could provide depth to an NFL team. Stock: same; Draft’s bargain round: 5th

Other Players that Flashed

Jeff Holland, LB, Sophomore #4 (6’2” 250 lbs) for Auburn

He flashed because he showed some good plays. When a TE tried to pass block him one on one, he attacked him with inside hand placement and drove the TE into a backpedal to collapse the pocket. During another pass rush, he put an O lineman on his butt despite using only 1 arm throughout his bull rush. Stock: same; Draft’s bargain round: NA too young

Stanton Truitt, RB, Sophomore #10 (5’9” 185 lbs) for Auburn

He has extremely fast acceleration through the holes. He is quick and plants his foot powerfully into the ground when shakes an oncoming tackler. Later in the game, he caught a wheel route and showed his incredible speed again. Stock: same; Draft’s bargain round: NA

Chandler Cox, FB, Sophomore #27 (6’1” 236 lbs) for Auburn

I liked when I saw him travel across the formation after the snap and attack the LB with a great base and powerful blow. His strike shocked the LB and allowed the RB to run right off his butt.  He runs just as fast as the RB when leading around on a jet sweep play. Stock; same; Draft’s bargain round: NA need more film.

Henre’ Toliver, DB, Junior #5 (6’1” 185 lbs) for Arkansas

When in zone coverage, he read a slant route and jumped it to almost intercept it. Later in the game, he ran up on the edge to execute a leg tackle for no gain against a jet sweep ball carrier that was one of the fastest on the other team.  He also showed great coverage vs a post route when he reached from behind the WR to knock the ball down. Stock: same; Draft’s bargain round: NA more film needed


Montravius Adams, DT, Senior #1 (6’4” 309 lbs)

Carl Lawson, DE, Junior #55 (6’2” 253 lbs)


Jeremy Sprinkle, TE, Senior #83 (6’6” 256 lbs) for Arkansas

He ran decently when running routes and he has above average hands. However, I was extremely unimpressed with his blocking this game. He could not get his hands on Carl Lawson when in 1 on 1 pass protection. He was drove backwards by a LB while in 1 on 1 pass protection. His problem was that he could never latch his hands onto the rusher. He didn’t have enough power to down block Carl Lawson during a different run play. Later in the game, he was thrown on his butt by a LB during another run play. Stock: down; Stock’s bargain round: 6th-7th

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