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Alabama Crimson Tide vs LSU Tigers 11/05/2016

Stephen Lew/Icon Sportswire

Scouting Notes

Alabama Crimson Tide vs LSU Tigers 11/05/2016

Alabama Crimson Tide @ LSU Tigers

Tiger Stadium, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Saturday, November 5th @ 8:00 p.m.

10 Alabama – LSU 0

Notable Players Entering the Contest


Cam Robinson, T, Junior #74 (6’6” 310 lbs.)

Again, I was quite impressed with his game. He showed great burst off of the ball and power at the poa. When he hit the D linemen, he had very low pad level and forward lean at the poa. Judging from the defenders reactions, I think that the defenders really feel it when he strikes them. When the offense was backed up in own end zone, he exploded off the ball with great forward lean forward and blew the D lineman off the ball. Sometimes though, his pad level and forward lean was so far that he would fall as he was pancaking the defender. For instance, on one run play, he exploded off the snap and lunged forward to push back the D lineman 5 yds. backwards, but he fell on his belly afterwards. Yet, I would consider that play a win for him because he got considerable push back at the los. He pancaked several players in this game. Also, he showed fantastic quickness and speed when he had to pull or gain outside leverage on a defender. On the first play of the game, although a premier DE had initial outside leverage on the play, he still quickly gained outside leverage and delivered a powerful blow with inside hand placement then flipped his hips and continued to pancake him inside. On screen plays, he has the sudden power to throw the D linemen into the ground behind him before sprinting to the outside with great speed. When he pulled up the middle, he automatically flipped his hips after contact to give the RB a lane. He is also very athletic in his kickback. Even when his initial back foot went forward at the beginning of his kickback, he just continued to backpedal like a DB to stay in front of the rusher. He has been the best tackle I have studied and he looks like a prime NFL prospect. His character concerns are still questionable. Stock: up; Draft’s bargain round: 1st depending on character concerns being answered

OJ Howard, TE, Senior #88 (6’6” 251 lbs.)

He didn’t make any plays in this game but I still like his potential as an NFL prospect. He did very well when run blocking and he also showed the ability to fluently run routes. During one sweep play to the outside, he flipped his hips after contact to allow the DE to go inside because he knew the run was going outside. On a 3rd down and backed up in his own end zone, he pulled across the backfield and threw his shoulder into the DE to open a little crease for the RB to burst through. Later in the game, he smoothly ran through at the top of the speed out route and got his head around quickly. Stock: same; Draft’s bargain round: 2nd

Ardarius Stewart, WR

He wasn’t consistently asked to make plays in this game but this is the second game that he made the most of his opportunities when they came. He showed enough skill to possibly be a sleeper wide receiver that could provide some quality depth. When he ran a corner route vs bump coverage, he was strong and swift at the top of his route to throw the DB by and create considerable separation. Later in the game, he showed very good long speed when he outran a DB to catch a deep post route. I even saw him tenaciously blocking down field for a teammate.  Stock: up; Draft’s bargain round: 3rd-4th


Arden Key, OLB, Sophomore #49 (6’6” 238 lbs.)

I have seen him play in several games this season so I know that he is a very good player. However, he came up small in this game, partially because he went up against one of the best offensive tackles in this class. During one run play, he was totally overpowered after contact and was pushed inside despite him having initial outside leverage. On 3rd down, with the offense backed up in its own end zone, he went against a TE who pulled across the formation to block him inside out but he didn’t bulldoze the block so the RB ran right inside of the block for a critical first down. He showed his athleticism on plays such as when he rushed off the edge and quickly jumped to minimally deflect the RB screen pass.Even when he executed a quick and crisp swim move to get inside of the blocker, the play ended up being a sweep so he ended up out of position. I noticed that although he is the outside man on the los, he gets sucked inside a lot and loses outside contain. He lost position again when he lost sight of the ball during a read option and the QB got outside of him as he rush inside of the blocker. Stock: down; Draft’s bargain round: 3rd

Kendell Beckwith, LB, Senior #52 (6’3” 247 lbs.)

This was the best game I saw him play. He flowed with the run plays and then met the ball carriers at the los. He was a perfect defender against the bigger Alabama RB’s because he squared them up at the poa to deliver physical hits so that he wasn’t driven backwards after contact. During another run play, he flew through the crease and made a solid tackle in the backfield. When they were on the goal line, he attacked the los instead of waiting for the play to come to him. I still do not view him as a starter LB in the NFL because he isn’t consistent play to play but I was more impressed with his game than previous games. Stock: up; Draft’s bargain round: 6th-undrafted

Tre’Davious White, CB, Senior #18 (6’0” 197 lbs.)

On a play where he had to cover Calvin Ridley on a deep go route, he stayed on top of the WR and squeezed him to the sideline and then quickly flipped his head around to locate the ball. I liked his aggression during tackling this game. When the QB scrambled and reversed field, he exploded laterally to jump sideways and finish the tackle for a big loss. When the QB tried to stiff arm him during a different run, he had the awareness to knock down the stiff arm before he made the tackle. Then he went back to his usual self when he had the opportunity to tackle the big RB Scarbrough but he softly attacked the tackle and let him keep running after contact. However, he showed no fear when punt returning because he tried to return each one no matter how close the defenders were before he caught the punt. I really like his route coverage and punt return skills but his lack of physicality when tackling concerns me. Stock: same; Draft’s bargain round: 3rd-4th

Donte Jackson, DB, Sophomore #1 (5’11” 173 lbs.)

He was very physical when attacking the ball carrier and finishing the tackle. Against a bubble pass, he very physically threw his shoulder into the blocking WR and continued forward to tackle the ball carrying WR on the sideline. During a sweep run, he showed no fear as he flew up and broke down before tackling the RB with 1 arm.  He executed another great one on one tackle against the QB who ran to the sideline during a read option run. Later in the game, he executed a solid wrap up tackle against a WR during a tunnel screen pass. He had a decent game in coverage but he was outran on a deep post route and he was physically thrown at the top of a corner route. Stock: same; Draft’s bargain round: NA more film needed

Jamal Adams, S, Junior #33 (6’1” 213 lbs.)

I was again very impressed with his game. He opened up the game with a fantastic interception in which he pre read the offensive formation so he jumped the WR’s route long before he ran it. He is a physical player. During a roll out pass, he made his presence felt when he threw his shoulder into the back of the TE to knock him into the ground despite the pass not going his way. Against a bubble pass, he flew downhill to assist on the tackle. There were a couple plays that he filled the hole and executed solid tackles with low pad level so that he wasn’t driven backwards after contact. On the goal line during a 4th down play, he rapidly rushed off the edge to get a hand on the QB and disrupt the play. I like his character because it is well known that he is the energy player at practice, the smartest player on the defense, and he makes many of the defensive calls. I feel that he could be an immediate difference maker for an NFL defense. Stock: same; Draft’s bargain round: 1st


Jonathan Allen, DL, Senior #93 (6’3” 291 lbs.)      

He showed many of the strong attributes that I saw last game I evaluated. On a 3rd down, he lined up as the DE and used his strength to throw the offensive tackle backwards before sacking the QB. Multiple plays in this game, he executed very strong snag moves, especially when he had to travel laterally down the los during a run play. During a run play where he was double teamed, he only had to use one arm to viciously snag one of the blockers and create a gap for him to get away. During a 3rd and 1, he got great push at the snap of the ball to create a crease inside so that he could slide inside and assist on the tackle. Although I am very impressed with his skills, I am hesitant against the hype some analysts have given him. I do not believe that he is a top 5 pick because I do not see him being as dominant as an Ndamukong Suh, Michael Bennet, or Geno Atkins. Stock: same; Draft’s bargain round: 1st

Dalvin Tomlinson, DT, Senior #54 (6’3” 305 lbs.)

His hands use great technique at the poa. Such as when he struck his hands inside the linemen’s chest and then violently chopped down on the blocker’s forearms to get pass. He struck with very long arms at the poa during a different run play so that he could easily diagnose the play. He used his hands to push the cut blocker into the ground and then tracked the ball carrier to make the tackle on the RB who tried to cut back across the defense. I feel that he could be a quality depth player for a defense. Stock: same; Draft’s bargain round: 4th

Tim Williams, LB, Senior #56 (6’4” 252 lbs.)

During the offense’s first 3rd down attempt, he rushed the offensive tackle with a bull rush and got underneath his pads to throw him backwards before sacking the QB. During another rush, he sensed a crease inside so he flipped his upper body to get through it. Sometimes he executes his pass rush almost too easily against the O linemen.  In the 3rd quarter, he swiftly swiped the blockers hands down, flattened the edge and creates very fast pressure on the QB. Against run plays, he keeps moving his hands so that the blocker cannot latch their hands on him and he can move in whatever direction he wants in pursuit of the ball carrier. Even in pass coverage, he traveled with the FB into the flats and made a very physical tackle for no gain. I don’t think that he is getting enough attention for his pass rushing expertise. Stock: up; Draft’s bargain round: 1st

Ryan Anderson, LB, Senior #22 (6’2” 253 lbs.)

He had another very solid game. He flew around the outside edge to create QB pressure during several pass plays. During one pass, he speedily rushed around the TE’s outside shoulder while swiping the blocker’s hands away to assist on the QB sack. During another rush, he quickly got around the edge and then hit the QB squarely in the back to cause a high flutter pass and interception.  Against a run play, he used fast hands to swim past TWO blockers on his way to disrupt the RB’s running path. Against each run he showed a strong on edge presence. He always contains outside leverage, and then pushes the blocker inside to squeeze the inside running lanes. He has fantastic arm, upper/lower body strength to hold up on the los and move laterally while defending off blocks. Combined with his strength, he uses great technique of arm extension. He doesn’t get enough attention for what he does as well so I feel that he will provide high value as a 2nd round pick.  Stock: up; Draft’s bargain round: 2nd

Reuben Foster, LB, Senior #10 (6’1” 236 lbs.)

I feel that he has solidified himself as the best LB in this class. There were several plays that he easily and quickly avoided the block to make the tackle. I saw him execute swim moves, jump cuts, and strong hands at the poa to avoid and defeat O linemen blocks. There were also plays that he showed he can be a slippery defender against blockers as he moves toward the ball carrier. I was most impressed with his knack for sliding in the hole despite the lineman coming through; once he meets the lineman in the hole he has the ability to get very low and then throw his shoulder through the block and into the RB. He showed great speed to travel laterally with the ball carrier. Also, he continued to show great speed when blitzing up the middle to get quick pressure. Stock: same; Draft’s bargain round: 1st

Marlon Humphrey, DB, Sophomore #26 (6’1” 196 lbs.)

This is another game where he proved he has the physicality to come up and deliver solid tackles against ball carriers. Against multiple bubble passes, he secured the tackle on the WR by wrapping their legs. When there was not an outside WR to cover, he squeezed down the edge of the los and made the tackle on the RB in the backfield. Also, his coverage was tight throughout the game. While in coverage in the slot, he got hands on the WR at the 5 yd. mark and then easily stopped as the WR decelerated. He has efficient feet work when changing direction so as to not take any extra time when driving on the route. When he had to cover a stutter shallow route across the field, he did well to stop and start quickly in reaction to the WR and tackle him for a minimal gain. Against a deep go route, he had great coverage by staying on top of the WR and then cutting him off late in the route. However, against another deep go route, he tried to squeeze the WR to the sideline too late so the WR used his momentum against him to stop, throw him by and jump up to catch the short pass. I think that he is one of the premier DBs in this class. Stock: up; Draft’s bargain round: 1st-2nd


Ethan Pocic, C, Senior #77 (6’7” 302 lbs.)

He didn’t dominate in this game but he still showed the same abilities I saw before. He uses his long arms to his advantage. Also, he shoots his hands with inside hand placement. Lastly, he continually flips his hips automatically after contact. In combination with his long arm extension, he latches his hands well while in pass protection. Even Jonathan Allen could not get off of his block while in pass protection. He still lacks movement after contact. Stock: same; Draft’s bargain round:

Josh Boutte, RG, Senior #76 (6’5” 346 lbs.)

He has raw skill and power but he needs to clean up his mechanics. There were multiple plays that displayed his power when run blocking. During one outside zone run, he pushed back the D lineman and turned him completely around. During one pull block, he got around the corner and smashed the LB to the ground. His lower body is powerful enough to withstand powerful D linemen, however, he continuously attacked blockers with wide arms which limited his ability to take control of blocks. He was pushed back a few plays in pass protection because the rusher got underneath his pads. Another example that he needs to clean up some details of his game was when he didn’t take enough time on the 1st level to help his teammate before peeling up to the 2nd level. He needs to clean up his mechanics in pass blocking because there were multiple times that he either had his hands swiped or was ran over. Stock: down; Draft’s bargain round: 4th-6th

Leonard Fournette, RB, Junior #7 (6’1” 235 lbs.)

He didn’t have much running room as usual when going against the Alabama defense. However, I still feel that he is worth a first round pick. He still showed plays where he mauled defenders to the ground with his stiff arm. During another play, he showed his athleticism with a spin move while simultaneously jumping in the air. I was most impressed with his pass protection. During one pass play, he physically lowered his shoulder and ran full speed into Jonathan Allen to stop the rusher’s momentum. Stock: Same; Draft’s bargain round: 1st


Dwayne Thomas, DB, Senior #13 (6’0” 200 lbs.) for LSU

He was all over the field making play after play. He made the very first tackle of the game and didn’t stop until the final play. Against a RB screen, he shot the crease to defeat a premier offensive lineman’s block and then broke down in preparation to tackle in any direction. He finished the play by wrapping up the ball carrier’s ankles. Against another screen pass, he literally dove around the lineman to make the tackle. He showed good speed to travel sideline to sideline, especially when tackling bubble pass catchers. He rapidly rushed off the edge on multiple plays to cause pressure, disruption, and chaos. For instance, when the offense was backed up in their own end zone, he flew off the edge to bring constant pressure into the QB’s face. During one rush on 3rd down, he again blitzed off the edge and then quickly jumped to deflect the QB’s pass.  During another blitz off the edge, he made the tackle on the QB during a read option.  He was very active the entire game and I am interested in watching more film on him. Stock: up; Draft’s bargain round: NA need to watch more film

Duke Riley, LB, Senior #40 (6’1” 230 lbs.) for LSU

He made several key tackles in the backfield by shooting the gaps. During one series on the goal line, he made the tackle 3 plays in a row. I had not noticed him before this game but he made enough plays to make a flash. Stock: same; Draft’s bargain round: NA need to watch more film

Shaun Hamilton, LB, Junior #20 (6’0” 232 lbs.) for Alabama

As soon as he sensed a run play, he would attack downhill. Once he filled the hole, he was strong to make the tackle on Leonard Fournette. He was also strong when he got hands on to disrupt the WR’s route. Stock: same; Draft’s bargain round: NA

Bradley Bozeman, C, Junior #75 (6’5” 319 lbs.) for Alabama

I was very impressed with his hand speed after the snap. He was consistently the first to get hands on, his hands were always tight and inside, and then he followed with short choppy steps to gain movement. He had very solid blocking all game. For instance, during a 3rd and long, he got his hands on very quickly and then drove the defender into the ground. I was very impressed with his consistency and overall game. Stock: up; Draft’s bargain round: NA more film needed but solid 4th right now


Davon Godchaux, DT, Junior #57 (6’4” 299 lbs.) for LSU

Calvin Ridley, WR, Sophomore #3 (6’1” 188 lbs.) for Alabama

Malachi Dupre, WR, Junior #15 (6’4” 195 lbs.) for LSU

He showed that he is not quick enough at the top of his routes to be a slot receiver. There were multiple times that he ran 5 yd. out routes but because he glides through his routes, he could not get much separation. Stock: down; Draft’s bargain round:

Travin Dural, WR, Senior #83 (6’2” 207 lbs.) for LSU

He didn’t have much of an impact in this game. During one pass he reacted very slowly to a pass that was minimally outside of his frame despite him having enough time to adjust. Stock: down; Draft’s bargain round:

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