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NDT Scouting's 2015 NFL Draft Prospectus

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NDT Scouting's annual draft publication returns for the 2015 NFL Draft, providing readers with a complete, comprehensive look at 300 prospects eligible for the 2015 NFL Draft.  Available now, the 2015 Draft Prospectus will be completed and sent out starting on April 6th 2015.  The 2015 Prospectus is available only for purchase as a digital PDF, so please provide your preferred e-mail address in the "Special Instructions" tab upon placing your order.  

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For just $10 USD, be sure to place your order for NDT Scouting's annual publication and come mid-April receive your copy of our 2015 NFL Draft Prospectus.  Featured inside: A message from Director of Scouting Kyle Crabbs, a breakdown of NDT Scouting's scoring methods and their evaluation process, comprehensive Big Board featuring all 300 prospects showcased in this year's edition, a glossary of some commonly referenced phrases utilized in the Prospectus, positional rankings and complete reports on all 300 prospects included!   

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Left: The 2015 NFL Draft Prospectus features 328 pages filled with insight and evaluations for 300 prospects from the 2015 NFL Draft.

Right: A sample report of the 2015 NFL Draft Prospectus, featuring ECU Wide Receiver Justin Hardy; a projected mid-round selection in the 2015 Draft.

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"Getting a fresh perspective on the NFL draft that mixes analytics as well as sound film study is rare. It is clear that Kyle has put in the work, and the product he creates is a valuable tool not only for NFL fans, but for other draft pundits well." - Curt Popejoy, Bleacher Report

"I found the NDT report to be the most in depth analysis of prospects out there. He gives a true, unbiased look at what the players can do and reports it in a clear and concise manner. fantastic report." - David Schuman, NFL Agent (Inspired Athletes)

"What a great resource!  To date, I have not found a more comprehensive, detailed and informative prospectus than the one NDT Scouting puts together.  The sheer volume of information related to each player profile is unmatched.  Looking forward to following the draft with the 2015 prospectus in hand."

"I have been a “Draftnik” all of my life, and have followed the NFL Draft closely for over 50 years, even skipping work, weddings, and family functions to watch this event. I have purchased all of the other guides throughout the years like Kiper, Ourlads, Buschbaum,  as well as many of the new breed of draft guides that are now available. (The NDT Prospectus) is easy to follow, informative, but goes outside the lines from competitors with opinions that are important on various players. I love the format, easy to read and understand, but the substance is most important. No one can predict the draft, as everyone has opinions on these players, some right, some wrong, but I enjoy when people can back up their opinions with strong facts. (the NDT Prospectus) was enjoyable, and will be used as a resource for years to come"

"I've purchased Kyle Crabbs Draft Prospectus for 2014 and 2015 and each time I've been greatly impressed with the amount of information that's included for each prospect.  Each draft season, I look forward to seeing Kyle's work and always pre-order the Prospectus.  When it comes to draft guides that are available, I'd put Kyle's at the top of the list!  It's a must read for NFL Draft enthusiasts and all football fans.  Kyle will be working in the scouting department for an NFL team soon, so buy his work while you can!" - Chris Fisher, BucsBrief Podcast

"The NFL Draft Prospectus is amazing. Where others fail to deliver complete profiles, the Prospectus covers. I cover the draft for my website, and use this as my trusted companion. What's is even better is that it can be used for fantasy leagues. Dynasty and keeper leagues can start studying now!"

'The NDT Scouting Draft Prospectus by Kyle Crabbs is simply exceptional.  I look forward to getting the annual copy almost as much as the draft itself. I would be completely lost without the report and at $10 it is an absolute bargain. "

“I challenge anyone to find a more thorough, objective independent evaluator than Kyle Crabbs. His work at NDT Scouting is incredibly in-depth, and Kyle is never satisfied with his process, constantly working to refine his skills and the way he communicates what he sees. He often ends up with opinions that differ greatly from the mainstream, but sticks to his guns and trusts his system. Anyone with his Draft Prospectus won’t be the least bit surprised when he’s working in an NFL team’s front office in the near future.” - Luke Easterling, Report