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After utilizing this methodology in the 2014 NFL Draft evaluation process, I felt it necessary to revisit my methods and make some minor adjustments.  The scouting process is, after all, always fluid.  Here is my personal evaluation weights for the 2016 NFL Draft season:

In addition to the adjustments made in our evaluation weights and emphasis, 2016's NFL Draft will also bring a slightly adjusted scoring chart.                                                                                                                                                                            You can view my newest, most in depth scoring ​chart to the right, where we've further broken down the increments separating "round values".                                                                                                                                                                                   This has been done in an effort to prevent saturation in the number of prospects scoring in the same range and should help to create a more                                                                                                                                                                                     similar big board to the ones NFL fans are accustomed to seeing each year!

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Kyle Crabbs' Model of Player Evaluation

The 2014 Draft marked an evolution in how I grade draft prospects: Shifting from an objective scoring system to a numerical system totally revolutionized my approach.  This in depth approach grades prospects on FIVE factors: Film, Athleticism, Production, Size and Leadership; all with varying levels of weight on the overall evaluation score based on specific positional values and importance (included below).  So what do each of the 5 variables actually account for? 

- FILM: What you see when you watch a player on film.  This grade is based on 10 position specific variables and is scored on evaluations of in game performance of players.

- ATHLETICISM: The overall athletic ability of a prospect.  This grade is derived from a statistical analysis of the past decade of performances at the NFL Combine and based on position specific athletic testing results. 

- PRODUCTION: How well a player produces during the course of their career.  This score also factors in performance against top competition in each prospect's final 2 seasons.  This score is calculated based on quality of production (and offensive linemen receive an "experience score" based on their starting experience as an alternative).

- SIZE: The measurements of a player taken at an All Star event, the NFL Combine or a Pro Day.  Scoring is based on a series of position specific scales based on NFL prototypical sizes.

- LEADERSHIP: Based on 3 components: Was the player a captain?  How many games did the player start?  How successful was the program during the player's career as a starter?